Please Help Opal Another Lonely Ape


Please sign and share the following two petitions from Care 2 and Change org to persuade Mr Boswell of Boswell circus who owns the Natal Zoo (South Africa) to send Opal the 36 year old lonely Orangutan to a sanctuary.

Care 2 petition

Opal the Orangutan has spent 36 lonely years in her cage. Help her get to a sanctuary!

“Mr Boswell of Boswell circus owns the Natal Zoo (South Africa), just outside Pietermaritzburg. There the public, for a fee, can see a variety of caged animals.

As an Inspector at the Kloof and Highway SPCA, I have been involved in assessing the well-being of the caged animals in this zoo. This task never fails to wrench my emotions, leaving me desperate to find some refuge for them, which would allow far better quality of life. At the very least, a semblance of nature.

Opal is the most heart-wrenching of all. She is a 36 year old orangutan. As a species, they rank among the most intelligent of all primates. Adapted to an incredible variety of stimulating, challenging & changing elements in their treetop jungle homes. As mothers they are utterly devoted parents, the young staying with them for about ten years , learning the joys & dangers of their maze of branches, leaves & fruits. What to eat, what to avoid. How to build a nest each night, how to make a leaf umbrella for the almost daily rain. Above all, they have the gentle, constant companionship of a mother, friend, teacher & playmate. All of this – until they are old, & experienced enough to go off into the world for an adult life of equal variety.”

Please read more and sign and share the petition:

Change Org Petition

Call for Brian Boswell to release Opal from Natal Zoological Gardens

“We plead with Mr Boswell to release her to Monkeyworld in the UK- they wait for her with open arms. She will be cared for by teams of experts in the field of socialising apes which have lived lives of isolated misery.”

Please sign the petition and share

More information

World’s loneliest orangutan Opal has spent 30 years in solitary confinement as campaigners call for release

“A British animal sanctuary is offering to rescue an orang-utan kept in solitary confinement for three decades.”

Please read more, includes a video:

Opal’s story is heartbreaking. She belongs in a sanctuary with others of her species even if she has trouble integrating with other orangutans. A sanctuary will be a better environment where she can be cared for and not exposed to people who come and stare at her. Animals are not here for our entertainment. Ideally she should be in the wild, but a sanctuary is the next best thing for her with a caring environment where hopefully in time she can find some companionship.  For social animals such as Orangutans, isolation is a terrible torment.

Please sign the petitions if you have not already done so.


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