The toll of Damage done to disabled people by the Tories


Disability Confident by Byzantine_K


Disability Incompetence by Byzantine_K

“The DWP went from an assessment system which fairly assessed fitness to work using a doctor and other professional consultants, with information taken from relevant sources to support the claim, to a system which mostly uses random idiots with some vague health qualification assessing with the aid of a computer based system deliberately designed to find any excuse to find people fit to work. And if that fails they sometimes outright lie.

Result: over 600 people have committed suicide. Over 10,000 people (well over by now) have died after being declared ‘fit for work’. Hundreds of thousands are being plunged into deeper poverty. Foodbank use has increased at least 2000% since 2009/10 (yes that is accurate). Jobcentres have been vandalised or set on fire. Many peoples mental and physical health conditions have worsened as a direct result of the tests and the cuts.”

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Disability Confident

Disability Incompetent!

A good graphical summation of the damaging effect the Tories have had on the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. Please share. 

The treatment of sick and disabled people continues to get progressively worse, yet there are few who speak out. The more of us who do the more likely it is that things will change. Frankly the lack of outrage against the government’s welfare reforms has shocked me. The fact that few speak out shames us as a nation. The fact that the Tories are allowed to do as they please while the lives of people who already suffer as a result of illness and disability ,which includes the mentally ill , are ruined, is something that I never thought I would witness here in the UK. The fact that the government gives concessions to corporations, ignores tax which is owed by big business while disadvantage people on benefits are plunged further and further into poverty is a grave social injustice that has no place in the modern world. Not to mention the psychological torment which has scarred many beyond anything that could ever have been envisioned a couple of decades ago.

Contact your MP and demand a return to a more fair system of assessment and a standard of living for sick and disabled people that allows them to live as full and as meaningful a life as possible.

Contact your MP

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6 thoughts on “The toll of Damage done to disabled people by the Tories

  1. The Tories are heartless – they don’t care and don’t listen. I hate everything they are doing, but I’m unlucky enough to have George Osborne for my MP. My vote counts for nothing in a Tory safe seat. Democracy – huh!

    • So sorry you have George Osborne as your MP! Though I don’t agree with all my MP (Labour) does she is mostly a good MP and it’s worth writing about most things and getting a positive response. I used to live in the area of a safe Tory seat and at times it didn’t feel like it was worth bothering to vote, I agree this is not much of a democracy and in recent years it feels even less so. They do not care, I rather think they intend to make life difficult for the poorest and everything they do is with the intention of causing harm to the most vulnerable as they intend to destroy our welfare state, the NHS and all the progress that has been made in the last sixty years taking us back to a time we thought had been consigned to history.

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