Thought Provoking Quotes: All beings Hate Pains

All beings hate pains.wp.

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This is one of a series of posts which includes a quote concerning human rights, animal rights, and the environment which will focus on anything motivating, uplifting or informative concerning these issues. Here is the first which includes an introduction:
Thought Provoking Quote

Today’s quote is from the Sutrarikga Sutratan from the Jain religion.

“Of all the world’s religions Jainism has to be foremost with regards to its compassionate and non violent approach to other living beings. The Jain Ãgamas – canonical texts based on the teachings of Mahavira who, although he was the last of 24 Tirthankaras, (enlightened beings), is recognised as the founder of Jainism, – teach great reverence for all life forms and practice strict vegetarianism, asceticism and nonviolence, Ahimsa.

From the tiniest insect unseen by the human eye to an elephant all life is sacred including the lives of plants, and all beings should be respected. The environmental awareness that we have today was long known to those who practice Jainism, as is also our rightful place in the universe, not as having dominion over the earth and its creatures but as part of an interconnected network with all beings, all of whom according to Jain belief are equal and have as much right to life as you or I or any human being. Human beings are merely a part of the natural world and are neither separate from it, above or beyond it. Jainism is a religion of love and compassion, the principle of ahimsa – non violence – is central to its philosophy and codes of conduct.”

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“The heart of Jainism is non-violence to all beings, it is a religion of compassion, universal love, it considers the welfare of all living beings, and not of man alone. One of the basic virtues of Jainism is ahimsa, non-violence. A Jain world would be free from violence or exploitation of any creature and the environment. Jainism teaches us to look upon all beings as we would upon upon our own self, thus Inflicting injury to them is inflicting injury to one’s self.”

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4 thoughts on “Thought Provoking Quotes: All beings Hate Pains

  1. Great post and quotes! A lot of work has gone into this. I believe Ahimsa is the very essence of veganism. I think that Gary Francione was having dialogue with the Jains a few years back to encourage them, or explain to them why they should, move from being vegetarian to vegan. It is a beautiful religion. Thank you for this. Lovely photo too:)

    • Thank you. I think that the Jains do not have far to go and are more or less vegan. They are certainly the most animals friendly religion, valuing the lives of even the smallest creatures.

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