Is This the Face of a Just Society

“You put the small thief in prison, but the big thief lives in a palace.”
Graham Greene, Orient Express


Queen – It’s Time for a Republic

If we don’t stand up to this government,more people are going to descend in to poverty, and worse, and this country will sink in to totalitarianism faster than you can say ‘Iran’.


Frankly I despair if people cannot appreciate the grave social injustice of our monarchy, any monarchy, when the vast majority of the population struggle on meager benefits which have been savagely cut and facing further cuts, low wages, zero hours, benefit sanctions, high rents, the bedroom tax, the soaring cost of living…

If only this pampered over privileged puppet of the ruling classes spoke out for the people maybe, just maybe all the years of living off the state could be forgiven.

On 27th May last year,  the state opening of parliament, this automaton sat on her throne and read a prepared speech that condemned thousands to poverty and the scrapping of the human rights act. She did so with her usual robotic emotionless voice, without expression or remorse.

Why I have to ask?

The Queen is over eighty years old, but what has she got to show for her life? What good has she done? What difference has she made? Has the world been improved by her presence? She has so much power why does she not wish to be remembered in history as having stood up for what is right instead of being an accomplice to some of the greatest social injustices of modern-day Britain.

I am fascinated in some bizarre way, what makes a person of this calibre tick. This woman could have with but one act of decency in her entire life swept away this abhorrent government by refusing to read out this speech, a speech which has condemned many to more deprivation and misery and which will bring in an era of injustice hitherto not seen in our life time.

Prior to the election there was rumour that the Queen would pull out of giving the speech if Cameron tried to lead the country with a minority government. Sad isn’t it that she couldn’t consider pulling out of giving the speech because of the harm it will do to British citizens. The woman is either a coward or she condones the proposals of this vile government.

Time to end this grave injustice.

The progress from an absolute to a limited monarchy, from a limited monarchy to a democracy, is a progress toward a true respect for the individual.
Henry David Thoreau,

Things must change

Watch the video of the demonstration that took place on 27th March 2015 against the governments austerity measures:

Up coming protests and other information

Check out the The Activist’s Calendar

Community Organisation

A calendar of protests, rallys, sit-ins, strikes, petitions, occupations, meetings, talks, film screenings & all other forms of non-violent direct actions.  – note this comment :

They have us all in the prisons of our work, working to pay off imaginary debt that we get deeper into as prices rise and wages fall. No wonder more were’t there. And with the met jack boots there to kettle and arrest i can understand even more. I despair sometimes as the game has been rigged so well now that apathy and sheer exhaustion has created the perfect environment for the authoritarian barstards to push through the worst modern tyranny in this ruined country.
Benjamin Fastidious Tyler

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4 thoughts on “Is This the Face of a Just Society

    • I so agree. In Fact the entire ceremony and the anachronism in the twenty first century of a monarch is an embarrassment, something from a bygone age which should have been consigned to history long ago.

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