Please take Action for Tibet

“Tibet today is one of the most repressed and closed societies in the world.”
Senator Robert Menendez, Chair of US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, 2012


March the 10th commemorates the 1959 unsuccessful uprising in Tibet when thousands of Tibetans rose up against China’s invasion and occupation of their homeland. There are protests, marches and other events worldwide to commemorate this day. Please show your support for the people of Tibet by attending some or all of these events. Below you will find information about events in the UK and worldwide. Other action includes sending an e-mail to your country’s foreign minister – details further down.

2016 Tibetan Uprising Day

Please stand in solidarity with the people of Tibet and join a protest near you. Please share this information. 10 March marks the anniversary of the 1959 uprising in Tibet against the Chinese occupation. On this date,  fearful of plans to abduct the Dalai Lama, 300,000 Tibetans surrounded the Potala Palace to offer protection. The Chinese responded with widespread brutality and one week later the Dalai Lama fled over the mountains to India. Tibetans have resisted China’s rule ever since.

Every year, Tibetans and their supporters all over the world mark this date in their countries to show their support to Tibetans in Tibet.

Read more, includes information about the events:

While the above has a more detailed list of events in the UK there is also information concerning events worldwide. So please either scroll down the webpage linked above or click the links below.

What’s happening outside the UK?

“The International Tibet Network will be updating this map with links to events happening around the world – you can add anything you’re planning there too. If there isn’t a listing for your area yet, it’s possible the organisers haven’t yet informed the Network. You could also try Googling or checking the websites of Tibet groups in your country.”

10 March Tibet uprising day 2016  Map

Find a Tibet Group

More Action you can take to help the people of Tibet – if you are unaware of the situation in Tibet please Scroll down for more information.

You can stand up for the Tibetan people by sending an e-mail to the foreign minister in your country.

Please send an e-mail by clicking the link below

Ask Your Government T0 Stand Up For Tibet

“The Tibetan people’s courageous resistance to occupation and oppression needs international support. Can you send a message to the foreign minister in your country, asking them to take action to support the people of Tibet?”  – please edit if possible using your own words, if this is not possible for some reason please just send the template message as it is. 

Governments worldwide including the UK turn their backs on the situation in Tibet including China’s violation of human rights. Please take as much action as you can and share.

If you are unaware of the situation in Tibet,  and many people are as the treatment of Tibetans in Chinese occupied Tibet rarely gets reported in the mainstream media, please watch the videos and click the links which follow.

The atrocities in Tibet include the deaths of more than one million people as a result of China’s occupation. This number continues to rise.

Read More

Please be sure to watch the following videos

Is Tibet free? An introduction to Tibet

“An overview of Tibet today under China’s rule.”

Why There is No Free Tibet | China Uncensored

“Will there ever be a free Tibet? After decades of cultural genocide, religious persecution, murder, and disappearances, tensions between China and Tibetans are boiling. On this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell tells the bloodstained history of modern Tibet, from the invasion by the Chinese”

Please take as much action as you can. Every action helps to bring about awareness of the plight of the Tibetan people. Even simply sharing information will help, the more people who know what is happening the more hope we have that things will change.


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