Demand to Know the Truth About the Cuts Affecting Sick and Disabled People


If you do not have time to read anything else at least please sign the petition:  – this petition which has been round for a while needs a further 1000 signatures. International visitors please add your name to the petition, it is time this vile government is made aware of what the rest of the world think of its treatment of vulnerable people. There are more suggestions for actions you can take further down.

The injustice of austerity measures to reduce the supposed deficit has fallen disproportionately on our most vulnerable citizens and it has to stop. We cannot allow this gross injustice to continue unchallenged for another four years, though even by that time it may never be challenged! We cannot accept the vile attack on sick and disabled people as part of the normal state of affairs in this country, we cannot allow the clock to be turned back to a time before the inception of the welfare state when sick and disabled people were left to the mercy of charities which however well-meaning cannot adequately provide the appropriate financial support and other requirements. There is no place in any just society for charity. Sadly the UK is not  a truly just society, it never has been but it was hell of a lot better than what we have today. I would have hoped that the previous decades of progress would continue – this is surely what most reasonable people would expect . It has never been easy living on state benefits but now the situation is even more dire since Tory cut backs and punitive changes to methods of claiming.

People with disabilities and long-term sickness have been targeted 9 times more than most other citizens and people needing social care 19 times more than most other people:

While the rich here in the UK have seen their finances rise and their tax cut, people on disability benefits have been driven to poverty as a result of vicious cuts to welfare including sanctions leaving many with no income at all.

Yet who cares? Who stands up for the sick and disabled, the homeless, the unemployed and the low paid? Few it seems led astray by biased Tory led media propaganda.

I would like to believe that if the majority knew the truth of the matter that they would be outraged and more willing to take action to bring about change before it is too late.

Please take action and sign the following petition if you have not done so already.

Come clean about cuts affecting disabled people

“As disabled people we’ve spent the last five years enduring attack after attack-we’ve fought back in any way we can. But fear and anxiety are now part of everyday life. Over the past five years we’ve seen our support and whatever security and peace of mind we once had being slowly and methodically being stripped from us .Through a combination of ‘reform’ and the notion of austerity we have been hit by cuts and have borne the brunt of the Coalitions ideological determination to reduce the welfare state.”

“Please, oppose any further cuts to vital support for disabled people and those with chronic health conditions by signing with us below.”

Read more and please sign the petition:

Please scroll down for more suggested action

While it might seem futile to petition this vile man (Ian Duncan Smith) who is leading the onslaught of cuts it is time he knew that there are some of us who care, who want a fair deal for our most vulnerable citizens and who are not about to keep quiet and allow this grave social injustice to continue without at least speaking out. 

So please sign the above petition, it’s time that people knew the truth, the Tories are determined to destroy the welfare state, reduce sick and disabled people to poverty and destitution in order to set the clock back to a time we all thought had been consigned to history. I see a time when the welfare state will cease to exist whittled away little by little by new waves of cuts, such as the planned £12 billion benefits cut and proposed cuts of 21 billion by 2020.

One poster in the graphic above asks “Where are the United Nations?” Indeed where the hell are they, what became of the bedroom tax inquiry by UN special rapporteur Raquel Rolnik on the right to adequate housing. Ms Rolnik said the bedroom tax had left poor tenants facing “hard choices between food, heating or paying the rent”, resulting in them feeling “targeted and forced to give up their neighbourhoods, their carers and their safety net.” Note: Two thirds of households hit by the Bedroom Tax include a disabled person.

What become of the UNs condemnation of the UK regarding human rights in connection with their policies concerning sick and disabled people. Back in 2014 the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities said it was conducting a confidential inquiry into the “grave and systematic violations” of the human rights of disabled people in the UK. https://www.opendemocracy. net/ourkingdom/stuart-weir/ britain-faces-un- investigation-over-systemic- violations-of-disability- rights

Here is the most recent information that I could find which says that: Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ confidential investigation into effects of coalition’s welfare cuts will not publish report until 2017

UN inquiry considers alleged UK disability rights violations

The findings of a UN inquiry investigating alleged violations of disabled people’s human rights in the UK as a result of welfare reforms will not be published for two years, the Guardian has learned.

The UN launched its confidential investigation at aclosed hearing in London on 14 October, at which UN officials took evidence on the effects of welfare cuts from UK campaigners, lawyers and disability service users.

The inquiry by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(CRPD) marks the the first time a country has been investigated by the committee over human rights breaches.

Read More:

Twenty-seventeen!!!!!  The process was initiated in May 2012. What takes them so long, this is only the publication of the report, goodness knows when any real action if any will finally be taken. What about the devastation misery and suffering to vulnerable people in the meantime?????  – note the following from the article above: “Although the UK government has to accept the findings of the final UN report, there is no legal obligation for it to act on it.”

Don’t hesitate to write to the UN and ask to know what is happening regarding the UN inquiries into the bedroom tax and the UK’s violations of human rights. You might not get a response but write all the same.

Contact Details:

Instead of blaming the bankers and the greedy rich whose wealth has grown while the rest of us suffer austerity, this corrupt government have targeted the most vulnerable in our society labelling them scroungers in what amounts to Nazi style propaganda against genuinely sick and disabled people whose lives are already difficult and who deserve support not condemnation, poverty and destitution. Shame on this government of millionaires which supports the rich at the expense of the poor, the sick and the disabled.


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