Please Sign Urgent Petition: Demand Sussex University supports student Luqman Onikosi against deportation! #DontDeportLuqman


Please sign the following urgent petitions and take as much of the suggested actions as you can to help prevent the deportation from the UK of Luqman Onikosi who faces certain death from Hepatitus if he is forced to leave the country. Please sign today Luqman Onikosi could be deported at any time.

Please also write to the university of Sussex and the Home Office – details further down.


Demand Sussex University supports student Luqman Onikosi against deportation! #DontDeportLuqman

“For Luqman, who was a student at the University of Sussex, deportation is a death sentence. He is chronically ill and the medication he needs to stay alive is not available in Nigeria, where his two brothers have already died from the same disease. If he is sent home, he too will die.

Luqman, who began at Sussex in 2007, was diagnosed with hepatitus B in 2009 and has since developed cirrhosis (a chronic liver condition). Due to his condition worsening, Luqman couldn’t work, lost his VISA and applied to stay on medical grounds. Whist waiting to hear of this outcome Luqman started a Masters. His second appeal to stay on the grounds of human rights was then rejected.

Instead of showing support for his case, the University of Sussex has revoked his student status.”

Please sign this petition to demand that the Home Office don’t send Luqman Onikosi to his death by deporting him, and that Sussex University support students who face unfair deportation.”

Please continue reading and sign and share the petition    – As is always the case with care2 petitions anyone from any country may sign. So please everyone sign.

Also please sign and share the following government petition

Stop the deportation of Luqman Onikosi!
  – Unfortunately only British citizens or UK residents can sign this petition.

Further Actions

This is such a callous decision, to deport someone knowing that by doing so he will die is shocking, inhumane … Well actually words fail me. How anyone can make such a decision and sleep at night is beyond my comprehension. There is nothing that can ever justify such a heartless decision.There is no reason why this student cannot stay in the UK and continue his studies. A student spokesperson quoted in the Guardian said  “There isn’t really any medical doubt he would die through total organ failure without proper treatment. We just can’t believe the Home Office are doing this to him. We are outraged.”

Anyone from any country may of course take the actions below, so please everyone do as much as you can.

Please write to the University of Sussex

Please write to Sussex University and urge them to help Luqman Onikosi, who faces deportation to Nigeria and as a consequence death from hepatitisB.

Contact details

University of Sussex
Sussex House
United Kingdom

Telephone numbers

UK: 01273 606755
International: +44 1273 606755


Send Sussex university a tweet

University of Sussex on Twitter

Please write to the Home office 

Home Office

Direct communications unit
2 Marsham Street

Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. The minicom service is for members of the public with impaired hearing.

University of Susses on Facebook


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