Do Animals Die Differently in Organic Slaughter Houses?

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.


The images filmed underground at the certified organic slaughterhouse of the commune Vigan in the Gard department in southern France, show the extreme violence in that animals are killed in the same way as in any standard abattoir.

For Nili Hadida, singer of the group Lilly Wood and the Prick who presents the video, “even in a slaughterhouse turned to organic, animals die in suffering. The happy meat does not exist.”

There are very few instances of suffering that can be compared with that which one of these innocent and defenseless animals suffer before dying in this and any slaughterhouse in order to satisfy the consumption of animal flesh by humans.

Warning: Graphic and extremely upsetting images 

Please sign the petition – Written in French please use Google or other translator.





12 thoughts on “Do Animals Die Differently in Organic Slaughter Houses?

  1. I just took photos last night of the chicken packing from our local, cage and cruelty free, chicken farm. The photos are so disturbing. They actual loading process was hidden from my view, but unfortunately I could hear it. The chickens crammed in the cages, awaiting transfer to the truck for the drive to the slaughter house, were in full view of my lens. About 40% of the chickens were alive and looking in my lens. Most were dead and or severely injured. They were crammed so tightly into the cages that none of them could move.
    We are a cruel species.

    • Thanks for commenting and sharing this. What an awful experience, so shocking. Is there anywhere you can report this? Just shows cruelty free farms can be anything but, besides there can never be cruelty free farms, death is always cruel and it most certainly seems these poor chickens were treated inhumanely. I think if more people knew what animals suffer to provide us with a food we do not need and is not natural hopefully things would change. There should be legislation to at least ensure a reasonable standard of welfare to ensure these poor animals suffer as little as possible though I would like to see an end to animal farming and the consumption of animal products.

      I agree we are a cruel species – at least if left unchecked some of us are.

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