Goodbye to the Jails in Paysandu

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.


The only zoo in the capital of PAYSANDÚ Department in western URUGUAY (since now a First World City in animal rights activism) has closed down a few weeks ago.

All the animals of the zoo, about two hundred animals which include birds, mammals and reptiles, were recently released from their jails, after many years of being kidnapped in order to amuse humans. Some of those animals have already been freed in the wild, others were sent to the sanctuary Bioparque M’Bopicuá in Uruguay, and the most domestic ones were found homes at the Uruguayan animal rights organization Animales Sin Hogar’s farm.

Some years ago, a lion and a lioness from that same zoo were sent to the American sanctuary Wild Animal Sanctuary.

The place where the zoo was will be transformed into a botanical garden with recreational and sports.

Thank you very much to the Uruguayan animal rights organizations Amigos de los Animales and Animales Sin Hogar, to the thousands of animal rights activists of Uruguay, and to the authorities of Paysandú, specially its intendant, Guillermo Caraballo.

Finally, in name of the decadent human race, I ask those animals for forgiveness.

Goodbye to the jails in Paysandú (In Spanish)

Amigos de los Animales on Facebook

Animales Sin Hogar on Facebook

The Uruguayan animal rights organizations Amigos de los Animales and Animales Sin Hogar are releasing the animals from the Paysandú zoo. These two videos documented the liberation.




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