Please Sign a Petition to Demand St Kilda Penguin Killers be Brought to Justice


Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn!
Robert Burns

I would like to add that man’s inhumanity to the other creatures with whom we share this world likewise makes thousands mourn. Today I was shocked and greatly saddened by the following notification in my e-mail box which I have included below along with a petition which I hope as many of you as possible will sign and share.

Please sign the petition to Demand St Kilda penguin killers be brought to justice

“Sign this petition with me, let us save these penguins from any more terror and death. We must insist that action is taken now for their protection. If you are as horrified as I am that anyone would want to inflict such horror on a small defenceless creature, and you want to help – sign this petition and pass it on…”

Please read more and sign the petition

“An unknown man brutally kicked to death a little penguin on the St. Kilda Pier in Melbourne, Australia. Two weeks later another two penguins were stomped and kicked by a group of men.

The colony of about 1,000 small blue fairy penguins living at the St. Kilda Pier are a beloved attraction for Melbourne tourists and locals alike. They have become so accustomed to the crowds of people strolling along the pier, picnicking, and fishing, that they have grown to trust humans. Sadly, this makes the penguins an even easier target for ruthless thugs.

Michael was so angry when he found out that people were jumping the fence and purposefully hurting these poor, defenseless penguins that he knew he had to take action. Will you sign his Care2 petition demanding that city officials do more to protect the penguins from these horrific attacks?

On the night of the most recent attack, a park volunteer saw a group of young men climbing on the rocks near the penguins and harassing them. The volunteer yelled at them to stop, but he wasn’t able to do much else. Needless to say, the group of men ignored him.

20 minutes later, a tourist found the volunteer and told him that two penguins were bleeding. When he arrived on the scene, he discovered to his horror that one penguin had a deep gash under its right eye and that its mate also had blood on it. Unfortunately, the volunteer didn’t have authority to move the birds for medical attention that night. He came back the next morning with help, but he couldn’t find the injured penguins.

There is still hope that these latest attack victims have survived, but the same cannot be said for the penguin kicked to death two weeks earlier.On that night, German tourists reported one man inside the penguins’ nesting area repeatedly kicking a little penguin while a large group of men cheered him on.

City officials cannot just stand by and do nothing while these horrifying acts of violence against defenseless animals continue on St. Kilda’s Pier. The area needs to be patrolled regularly by park officials, and the current fencing should be reinforced so that it keeps people out of the penguins’ nesting area.

Please sign Michael’s petition demanding that the city take serious measures to protect the penguins from further harm. The more people who speak out, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to stop these violent attacks from happening ever again.”

Please share widely

This really shocked me, the sickening brutality of harming a helpless and defenceless creature is cruelty horrifying and it turned my stomach and made me feel like crying . How can people be so cruel, what the hell is wrong with them????? What kind of person does such a thing to a defenceless animal. In addition to the unimaginable suffering of these tiny helpless penguins it is disturbing in the extreme that such vile ruthless and frankly wicked people walk among us. Yes I know there are many horrors perpetrated in the world towards both human and non human animals and many may consider that the death and injury of these penguins is insignificant. However an animal’s life is important to that animal as our lives are to us, no creature wishes to be harmed in such a way and suffering , pain and death is the same for an animal as it is for a human being. Helping to save the life of even one animal either human or non human reduces the misery and suffering in the world.

The famous quotation “Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn!” also applies to man’s inhumanity towards his fellow creatures for the sake of perverted pleasure.Consider that no other animal behaves towards other animals in quite the same way as this cruel element of human behaviour in some people. No animal other than man kills or maims for pleasure.

Time for stiffer penalties for those who abuse and kill animals, Leonardo Da Vinci once said:

“I have from an early age abjured the use of meat , and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”

I do not think that this is in the least extreme, an animal’s life is as important to the animal as our lives are to us. No one should have the right to wantonly kill any animal, to kick a helpless creature to death and get away with so doing, receiving a fine or a couple of months in prison is no deterrent at all.

4 thoughts on “Please Sign a Petition to Demand St Kilda Penguin Killers be Brought to Justice

    • “I have deliberately avoided reading the details, as there is only so much an animal-lover can bear, isn’t there?”

      I do so know what you mean , the whole is so shocking that it does not bear thinking about.

      Thanks for sharing and signing.xx

  1. This is horrendous. Signed and shared, with the comment: “Penguins are highly sensitive, social animals who feel pain and family bonds every bit as much as humans. If we allow people to harm them, we are not just sanctioning horrific cruelty but degrading ourselves. It’s well documented that violence towards animals leads on to violence towards humans later. Don’t ignore these symptoms of a sick, degraded element in society.”

  2. Thank you for signing and sharing. I agree violence to animals leads to violence to humans and as you say this sick element of society should not be ignored, but sadly it so often is or at least not given the attention it should get or more appropriate punishments given.

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