Please Sign a Petition to Help Elderly Dolphin to Retire


Dolphins are social mammals, capable of enjoying their lives. They form close bonds with other members of their group.
Peter Singer

Sadly dolphins in captivity do not enjoy their lives confined in an unnatural environment unable to do much of anything that is natural for their species.

Please send an urgent message to Dolphin Marine Magic demanding Bucky’s immediate retirement, and freedom to live the rest of his days in peace with his pod in an accredited sea sanctuary  – there is more action you can take for Bucky and other dolphins further down.

Bucky has worked entertaining people for many years confined and restricted from living a full and normal life. He is a highly intelligent animal and deserves better, he has been seriously ill with cancer and he is also getting old, surely it is time now to for him to retire and spend the remainder of his life in peace. He deserves this surely after so many many years of captivity.

Bucky, a 47-year-old dolphin at Australia’s Dolphin Marine Magic, is forced to perform tricks and participate in swim-with-dolphin programs daily despite the fact that he is recovering from cancer. Although Bucky is equivalent in years to an 80-year-old human and has been sick, he is regularly forced to jump through hoops, do flips, give guests “dolphin kisses,” and even carry tourists across the water on his back.

Please read more and sign and share the petition:

DMM: Retire Bucky, the Elderly Dolphin With Cancer Forced to Carry Tourists on His Back!

More information

“Since the day he was found, Bucky has spent his entire life in tiny concrete tanks. Bottlenose dolphins typically live 40 to 50 years, which means Bucky will likely die soon, without ever seeing his ocean home or his pod again.”

No animal should be kept in captivity, no creature should be forced to entertain fickle minded people. Dolphins belong in the sea free to roam ,free to live the life that nature intended. Help free Bucky from enslavement by sharing this petition widely.

Further Action

You could also write polite correspondence by either e-mail or letter to Paige Sinclair, Dolphin Marine Magic

Dolphin Marine Magic contact details  also includes telephone Number

More information This link includes a further petition concerning dolphins in Australia.

You may also be interested in –  note that there is a comment which states that Bucky’s cancer is back

“Buckys Cancer is Back. The Veterinarian at Dolphin Marine Magic told AFD recently.
Bucky is still WORKING, doing shows!!!!!

We have also heard that the park has also NOT been issued a license to hold dolphins……the future is unwritten. These dolphins deserve a sea sanctuary.”


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