Cockroache Milk!!!! Whatever next?

This post includes a petition to sign concerning a related issue for a kit for children to experiment and mutilate live cockroaches to be withdrawn. Please scroll down to sign.

Just when you think you have heard it all something comes along which really shocks you on so many levels for just so many reasons.

According to a scientific journal, IUCrJ,  the milk from cockroaches might well be the next new superfood.

Frankly I am not in the least interested in superfoods or any other faddy diets for the over privileged while millions starve or the yuk factor – for want to a better word – regarding the drinking of milk from cockroaches.

What really concerns me is the misconception that we need milk to thrive, whether it be cockroach milk,cows milk, sheep’s milk or even buffaloes’ milk – apparently cockroach milk is better than buffalo’s milk – I had not realised that people drank the milk from a buffalo. What next, snakes milk.

Attention all those misinformed blind followers of dubious nutritional advice concerning milk please note the following: No one needs milk to thrive be it from cattle or insects or indeed any other creature. After weaning no animal requires milk and this is so for the human animal as it is for any other  animal. Furthermore no animal requires milk from an animal of another species.

What concerns me about this – and is more important than human stupidity in such matters –  is the continuous and it seems endless exploitation of any creature which exists.

In case you do not get it, in simple terms a cows’ milk is for her calf, a cockroaches’ milk is for baby cockroaches. While the thought of drinking milk from an insect makes you cringe in revulsion – an insect who rather like a rat is much despised simply for being what he is by his very nature –  consider the following.

What I find most revolting and sickening is the exploitation and killing of countless billions of these tiny sentient beings to provide a well fed and I would imagine a fairly affluent person with a food he or she does not need.

Sentient ? Indeed cockroaches are sentient creatures, here is what  a study by the Queen Mary University of London says about cockroach sentience

A new study by scientists at Queen Mary, University of London has found that cockroaches are social beings who “talk” to one another about food and prefer to dine in groups. When presented with two identical slices of bread, the roaches repeatedly gathered around the same slice, rather than splitting up. In an earlier study, researchers used computer simulations to show that, even with their tiny brains, insects have enough neural circuits to possess consciousness, and they may even be able to count. According to professor Lars Chittka, one of the researchers, “Animals with bigger brains are not necessarily more intelligent.” If you’re not ready to roll out the welcome mat, though, here are a few simple steps to help you keep unwanted bugs at bay:

Continue reading:

The proposed exploitation of cockroaches in the way described above is by no means the only way these animals are exploited.

Take Action

Backyard Brains is selling a kit the purpose of which is for children to experiment and mutilate cockroaches

Roaches are sentient beings who exist for their own reasons, but Backyard Brains only sees them as a way to make money. The company sells live cockroaches and mutilation kits as cruel “science projects” for kids.

No matter what you think of cockroaches it is cruel and inhumane to mutilate them and moreover it is deeply unethical to teach children that it is okay to harm any creature.

Please send a message  to  Backyard Brains: Stop Mutilating Cockroaches!

Whether you like them or not, cockroaches are living, feeling animals—and it’s not OK to torment and mutilate them just because we can. These “experiments” teach kids the dangerous lesson that animals who aren’t soft and cuddly don’t deserve compassion.

Please, tell the cofounder of Backyard Brains to stop torturing roaches:

Please everyone sign even if you do not like cockroaches as they have a right not to be militated and children do not need to be taught how to be cruel. Rather children need to learn to respect life, all life.

Read more here about Cockroach milk:

Cockroach Milk Might Be The Hot New Superfood, According To Science  –   If that annoying and totally revolting graphic of someone spitting out milk makes you nauseated I highly recommend scrolling past it.

I know a lot of people hate insects, in particular cockroaches. I am phobic about certain types of insects and arachnids however this does not prevent me from being concerned about their well-being or feeling sick inside regarding the mutilation of these helpless animals who just wish to live their lives as nature intended as does every creature that lives. Writing this article has produced a certain amount of what I will call phobic anxiety yet I feel strongly that this mutilation kit is profoundly wrong in so just many ways, it not only abuses the cockroaches but it is in my opinion a form of child abuse. We need a kinder gentler world and this will never happen if we teach our children that it is okay to inflict harm on any living being. Frankly the thought of this cruelty disturbs me greatly.

More information


Be Kind to Cockroaches

Simple steps to keep cockroaches at bay with out deliberately harming them


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