Update November 4th. Urgent Action: Please sign a Petition to Help Save Mentally ill Man From Execution.

Update November 4th

Update: Imdad’s execution has been stayed until the Supreme Court reviews his case again in the second week of November. Please continue to sign the petition, as Imdad’s stay of execution is only temporary and he is still at risk of execution.



More details further down

Urgent Update 29 October  2016.


Please sign the petition if you have not already done so and share widely.


“There’s no time to lose: Imdad Ali, a severely mentally ill prisoner in Pakistan, is now scheduled to be executed at dawn on Wednesday (November 2nd) after the Supreme Court ruled that his execution could go ahead despite prison doctors confirming that he has severe paranoid schizophrenia. The Supreme Court argued that the execution could proceed because paranoid schizophrenia is “not a mental disorder”.

Please sign the petition and Share “we need as many people as possible to call for his execution to be halted. Can you share the petition on social media if you haven’t already?”


Please read the following from Reprieve and sign the petition to President Hussain to stop the execution.


The Pakistan Supreme Court refused an appeal to stop his execution, meaning only the Pakistani Government can now halt Imdad’s execution. International law prohibits the execution of mentally ill prisoners.

Please share as widely as possible.

Emergency Appeal: Stop the execution of mentally ill prisoner in Pakistan

“Imdad Ali, a Pakistani former electrician with severe mental illness, is due to be executed at dawn on Tuesday over a 2002 shooting. Despite a family history of mental illness, Imdad did not receive a proper medical assessment at his trial and was instead convicted without his mental illness being properly considered.

During his time on death row, Imdad was diagnosed as suffering from severe paranoid schizophrenia. Imdad has spent over 16 years in prison, where his mental health has significantly deteriorated. Pakistan has signed international agreements which prohibit the execution of mentally ill prisoners.

Executing a mentally ill prisoner would be deeply inhumane and a travesty of justice which cannot be undone. We don’t have much time to save Imdad, and we need your help. Join our call on President Hussain to honour Pakistan’s international agreements banning the execution of mentally ill prisoners and show mercy by staying Imdad’s execution.”


More information about Imdad’scase

Stephen Fry: Pakistan’s courts must not ignore mental illness
by Stephen Fry
Imdad Ali

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