Petition:Please Help our Baby Boy Charlie to Stay Alive

If you do not have the time to read further please at least  sign and share the following petition: 

Please help our baby boy Charlie to stay alive


Please sign this petition and help a tiny baby who is fighting to stay alive. Doctors it seems are playing God and denying this child life saving treatment.

Please help our baby boy Charlie to stay alive

Our gorgeous little baby boy Charlie was born on the 4th of August 2016 (the best day of our lives). We had the happiest 8 weeks at home until he lost weight and we took him to our local hospital. Nobody knew what was wrong at that point but things went downhill from there.

After an anxious wait for the results we were told that our baby had mitochondrial depletion syndrome (we had never heard of it either) which is a progressive fatal disease which unfortunately has no cure.

Despite Charlie having one of the worst results that the doctors have ever seen Charlie is, against all the odds, fighting to stay alive when he, on paper, and in the eyes of the doctors ‘should have died weeks ago’ so we are starting a petition to keep him alive.

His trunkle muscle’s are too weak for him to breathe by himself for longer than a few hours so to keep him here with us he would have to have a tracheostomy. The drs here are so far in disagreement with this as they think he ‘wouldn’t have a good quality of life’ but Charlie in our eye’s deserves to have a life and we will give him the best life possible. Why should he die just because he needs assistance with breathing!?

Our baby still looks at us, he loves having baths (coz he can kick about), he loves sucking his dummy etc but most importantly he’s not in any pain!!Please help us in fighting for his life.

Continue reading and to sign the petition

Please help our baby boy Charlie to stay alive:

Read more about Charlie on Facebook  More information, photos and videos about Charlie

Please share widely. While it is an old saying  that “while there is life there ‘s hope” it is true nonetheless and children have survived against all odds. No one has the right to deny this child or any other the right to life. Life is precious to all, all struggle to survive and many do so against all hope or expectation.

Once again as a result of personal unfortunate circumstances I have not been posting in this blog or any of my other blogs or websites for two or three months.

I hope this year things will change. But where to begin after so long, it can be difficult to pick up the threads. A good place to start is by asking that you please sign this petition and help a tiny baby who is fighting to stay alive.


9 thoughts on “Petition:Please Help our Baby Boy Charlie to Stay Alive

  1. What type of MDS has Charlie got? Are you sure it’s him you’re thinking about? The form/type of MDS your son has will not change

    • I do not have any details concerning this baby’s medical condition. He is not my child. I blogged only to share the petition hoping to gain more signatures. I do not know the parents.

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