Please Sign Urgent Petition: Shut Down Indonesian Zoo


President Widodo, Shut down Bandung Zoo now.

“Sun Bears kept in Bandung Zoo, West Java, Indonesia are so hungry they eat their own dung. These are not the only animals discovered in horrific conditions in this zoo.”

Please continue reading and sign the petition:

This will break your heart, poor animals you can see how thin these poor bears are, their ribs are protruding. In addition their environment is barren, no enrichment whatsoever. I could not watch all the video it was just so distressful to see animals treated so shamefully.

“This video shows the zoo’s sun bears standing on their hind legs, begging for food from visitors. They are visibly emaciated and in desperate pain.”

Please click the link below for more information from One green Planet and to sign the petition if you have not already done so – More petitions and other actions further down including action to close down the Surabaya Zoo, also in Indonesia. Please take as many actions as you can.


Urgent! Sign This Petition to Shut Down Indonesian Zoo Where Animals are Starving

“It is a wonder how Bandung Zoo, located on the island of Java in Indonesia, is still in business. The zoo gained infamy when Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, a non-profit that fights illegal wildlife trafficking and for the living conditions of zoo animals in Indonesia, , released a video where starving sun bears in a concrete pen are begging for food from visitors. Just seeing the sorry condition of these animals is enough to bring tears to your eyes. This is just one of Bandung Zoo’s many offenses against their captive animals. In May of 2016, Yani, the zoo’s 34-year-old captive Sumatran elephant, who had been unable to stand for over a week, died shedding tears with chains shackled to her feet. Prior to that, the zoo’s resident giraffe died unexpectedly. When an autopsy of his body was performed, 40 pounds of trash were discovered in his stomach. Animals in Bandung Zoo live in sad, filthy concrete pens with little to no enrichment.”

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Please click the link to sign and please share and encourage others to do so.

President Widodo, Shut down Bandung Zoo now.

According to the following update a sanctuary in the USA has agreed to take the animals but the zoo needs to release them first

“Found a wildlife sanctuary in the USA who is prepared to rescue these bears but they are not able to until the zoo agrees to release them and provide permit etc etc. This is the biggest hurdle. Trying hard to find an animal advocate group who will be prepared to open dialogue with zoo. Please continue to S&S. Lets do it for the bears! Thx as always!”

We need to keep up the pressure so please sign and share widely.

More Petitions

From Change Org

Shut down the Bandung Zoo now!


Please also send a message to close down the Surabaya Zoo, also in Indonesia


“Those that have been to the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia can attest to the constant suffering that occurs there on a daily basis. Animals are confined to trash-littered, barren, cramped cages that are measly fractions of the wild habitats they would call home, and there is nothing in their cages and pens to occupy their keen minds. It is a virtual hell on Earth for animals.”

Please read more and send a letter/e-mail to your Indonesian embassy   – There is a template letter/ email  which you may edit, but if this is not possible just send the letter as it is.

Below is a list of Indonesian embassies if instead you would like to use your own e-mail account or write a letter. You could still use the PETA template as a guide concerning the Surabaya Zoo  – As with the PETA form if your country does not appear on this list please send your e-mail or letter to the Indonesian embassy in Australia.

More Information

Information from Peta, includes another video

Bears in Hellhole Zoo Filmed Begging for Food, Eating Feces

Bandung Zoo

Elephant Cries While Dying & Chained Up In Zoo – Sad Moment


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