Petitions: Fight Against the Cruel Dog Meat Trade!


The first is a pledge rather than a petition.  Pledging to end the trade in dog meat sends a clear message that this cruelty must end.


“Much of the world sees dogs as their trusted companions, but in parts of Asia they suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption. In some Asian countries, dogs used for this industry are mostly stolen pets and they are sometimes tortured before being slaughtered. The dog meat trade is not only cruel, but is also linked to the spread of rabies and other diseases.

Millions of dogs are victims of this cruel trade every year.”

Please read more and sign and share the pledge.


Please help end the dog meat trade by signing and sharing the following petitions

Help Shut Down The Illegal Dog meat Trade in Thailand

You can save thousands of dogs from unspeakable pain by adding your name to Soi Dog’s global petition. It calls on Thailand’s leaders to crack down hard on the criminals who profit from the agony of animals.

More information and to sign the petition:

Below is a link to a number of petitions, please sign as many as you can and share this link

Dogs and Cats off the menu

Time to end the trade in dog meat.It is hard to believe but  in Vietnam alone about 5 million dogs are slaughtered each year, many of whom were once people’s pets.  A further 2 million in Korea.

Once stolen or collected from the streets, the dogs are taken on a journey – often lasting for days – tightly packed into small cages with no food, water or rest. Many die from suffocation, dehydration or heatstroke before they reach their final destination. For those who survive, the gruelling journey ends at a slaughterhouse, market or restaurant.

Read more about the dog meat trade

Important Please consider that it is now time time to end the consumption of all meat from any animal.

While the trade and consumption of dog meat and also cat meat is horrifying to people in the west we should keep in mind that all meat trade and consumption is equally appalling, cruel and unnecessary.

A pig is more intelligent than your dog. However regardless of degree of intellect all animals are sentient beings, sheep, pigs, cattle, fish. All flesh that is consumed as meat without much thought was once a sentient thinking being whose life was brutally prematurely ended to provide you with a food that is not natural and not necessary.


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