Please Sign Petition to Help Stop Using Animals as Throwaway Prizes!

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Stop using animals as throwaway prizes!


“Animals can still legally be won as a prize in England. This means someone can take home a pet without any planning or preparation, which ultimately leads to neglect and suffering for many innocent animals. Please sign this petition to demand that Defra follow the lead of Scotland and Wales, and ban the use of animals as prizes in England.”

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Please share widely. Another 4,000 signatures are required.

I find it very disturbing that animals are given away like toys to any Tom Dick or Harry as prices. I admit I have not come across this personally with the exception of fish in plastic bags at fair grounds.  This is a worrying problem that is more prevalent than we might care to think.

Concerning fish as prizes, it matters not if the prize is a fish, a cat or a dog it is still cruel and needs stopping. A fish is a living being like your cat or dog but sadly is not thought of in quite the same way. I hate to see fish in tiny plastic bags handed out at fair grounds, their life hanging in the balance, I imagine many die or are thrown away.

Why Animals Do Not Make Good Gifts

Letter: A goldfish is a cruel prize

“These fish, are hung up waiting to see what fate awaits them. They live in a minimum amount of water, containing chemicals, possible dangerous to the fish. The water is low in oxygen and these fish try so helplessly to survive in all these poor conditions. However, some of the fish, as seen on the day, just give up and lie dead at the bottom of the bag they used to call home.”


The problem it appears is not an exclusive one to the England. However many countries now have laws prohibiting this:

I can’t format the above link to open into a new window. You will need to click the back arrow to get back to this blog post.

The UK needs similar laws to protect animals from this type of exploitation with its potential for neglect or even outright cruelty. Time to respect animals as sentient beings not items to be disposed of as we see fit given, away as prizes to suffer an unknown fate.


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