Please Sign Petition. Tell Congress: Save the sight of millions of Americans who need it the most


Tell Congress: Save the sight of millions of Americans who need it the most

Make eye care a priority. Save the sight of millions of Americans.

In the U.S, 1 in 4 kids have a vision problem, and nearly 1 in 10 adults suffer from vision loss. But most cases of blindness can be prevented or treated, beginning with a single visit to an eye doctor.

The problem is, not everyone can access care. And because of that, some members of our most vulnerable communities are losing out on more than just their sight.

When I saw this petition for just an instant I thought it referred to a developing country not the richest country in the world! It is immoral that anyone regardless of where they live loses their sight or struggles with poor vision when there are treatments, medication and in many cases simply the use of glasses that will fix the problem. It is a violation of human rights and surely any medical code of ethics… Anyone’s code of ethics!.

Loosing ones vision is more than not being able to work and contribute to society, it’s about not being able to see this beautiful world, not able to see a sunset, a flower , an animal, the faces of your loved ones. It means being dependent on others, not able to read, write or do much of anything. Blindness is one of the most profound and severe of disabilities. Sight is our most valuable sense. To spend ones life in the dark must be terrible. To leave someone to this fate when something can be done is a crime. For the sake of money 1 in 4 children in the USA either lose their vision or suffer impaired vision as do one in 10 adults. A grave injustice.

Please sign and share the petition, thirty thousand signatures needed before March

Here in the UK health care for the most part is free, you simply book an appointment to see a doctor without the need to worry about payment. However in some cases adults may pay a small fee to see an optician,  about £18 but many adults and most certainly all children do not pay. Frankly I think no one should have to pay for an eye test, any fee however small can be prohibitive if you are on a low income. Our vision is a vital part of our lives and well-being and no one should be denied medication or other intervention to improve or save their eye sight simply because they cannot afford to consult an optician.

It is difficult to imagine what it must be like to have to consider whether or not you can afford to pay for needed medical care including ophthalmic treatment.

If in the USA  it is so difficult to afford, I imagine this is the problem, to see an optician and receive treatment now, what’s it going to be like when Trump repeals Obama care?

Trump threatens to build a wall on the Mexican boarder, the cost of which will be an estimated 12 billion!!!! This money could be better spent providing the citizens of the USA with proper health care such as increasing funds to prevent blindness and poor eyesight in children and adults and “Make eye care a priority” and “Save the sight of millions of Americans.” At the present time according to the petition just $3.8 million is spent on preventive measures.




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