Some Comments on the The Great Wall of Mexico

“The first man who, having fenced in a piece of land, said “This is mine,” and found people naïve enough to believe him, that man was the true founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

… well its not really great is it? How many of us thought Trump would really seriously go ahead with such an outrageous project! Though of course at the present time it is only a proposal.

I know so much has been said about the wall but I want to add my two peneth.

Firstly some light relief. A spoof concerning Trump’s Mexican Wall using footage from the new Chinese film The Great Wall.

I love the following condemnation of the wall by Vicente Fox Quesada,  it is one of many tweets by the former president of Mexico.

Finally someone who is outspoken.

‘s ego monument real cost is around 25 billion USD. I ask you, America, what would you prefer instead of that ?”  

Some estimates put the cost even higher at £40 billion

It is time world leaders including our PM Teresa May spoke out in an honest and forthright manner. Sadly trade agreements are worth overlooking one of the great social injustices of our time and one of the most insane proposals to come out of the white house. I so support this recent Tweet by Vicente Fox Quesada:  “UK beware of , he likes to manipulate so he can look good to the world. You need to be united, don’t yield to him, STAND UP!”

Who the hell does Trump think he is Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China who built the Great Wall of China or the Roman Emperor Hadrian who built the defensive fortification known as The Roman Wall or Hadrian’s wall here in the UK.

Here is an interesting article comparing walls from times past, the great wall of China, Hadrian’s wall and the Berlin wall with the Proposed Mexican Wall:

Trump’s Wall Vs The Great Wall Of China, Hadrian’s Wall & the Berlin Wall:

The huge amounts of money required to build the Great Wall of Mexico could be far better spent on improving the lives of the American people, such as health care, the relief of poverty and education to name just a few more pressing needs.

Thousands of Americans are dying from preventable illness and lack of adequate health care yet there is money to build a wall.

Millions of tax payer dollars are potentially going into a wall not education, not housing.

The wall is a monument to racism, so says the former Mexican president. And he is right.

While people die as a result of lack of proper health care and veterans sleep on the street Trump plans to spend billions, some estimate as much as 25 billion, on a wall to keep out a few desperate immigrants who simply wish to find a better life. Though one has to ask if this is possible in Trump’s America.

Not only is the wall a detriment to human beings, a monument to racism and human stupidity but it is a hazard to the environment and a threat to endangered species

Nearly 2 million tons of carbon dioxide will be emitted into the air as a result of making the cement needed to build the thousand mile long wall. The wall will also cut off endangered animals from part of their territory. Also the Mexican Wall will block migration routes for jaguars, ocelots, mountain lions and deer .

The Environment

The great wall of Mexico is a detriment to the environment

Trump’s Wall Would Also Be Terrible for the Environment

“Now that this terrible idea could actually become a reality, scientists and conservationists have also voiced their concerns. In addition to allegedly blocking people from entering the U.S., a concrete wall along the border with Mexico would obstruct important wildlife migration routes for jaguars, ocelots, mountain lions, deer and other animals.

Of these animals, the wall would be the most harmful to highly endangered jaguars, according to the Center for Biological Diversity. If the small population remaining in northern Mexico becomes blocked off, the U.S. population will never be reestablished.”

Continue reading:

“Donald Trump’s Great Wall on Mexican border will damage environment in ‘insane act of self-sabotage’

Making the cement needed for a 1,000-mile concrete wall would emit nearly two million tons of carbon dioxide and cut off endangered animals from part of their territory.”

“Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico is “insane, useless” and an “act of self-sabotage”, environmental activists claim, as they say it will have a noticeable impact on climate change and threaten endangered species such as jaguars and ocelots without actually affecting immigration.”

Read More:

Here is the latest information to take into consideration. Sixty-Two miles of the proposed Mexican wall belongs to the Native American Tohono O’odham Nation. For the past 150 years their land has been divided between these two boarders. The wall will split tribal land the most of which is in Arizona with a small portion in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Wall would split tribal territory

“Our roots are here,” Richard Saunders said, standing by a border gate in San Miguel, which he and his wife pass through — when it is open — to visit her grandparents’ graves, 500 yards into Mexico. “Our roots are there, too, on the south side of this gate.”

The Tohono O’odham — they call themselves “desert people” — have been around since “time immemorial,” Jose likes to say; they and their predecessors were nomads in the region for thousands of years, roaming for water and food on mountains and lowlands.”

Read More:

Better things 25 billion could be spent on.

Health Care

“We doctors have many new ways to prevent deaths from hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease — but only if patients can get into our offices and afford their medications.”
It’s estimated there are between 20,000 and 45,000 deaths a year due to lack of health insurance.

This is the face of health care in America, yet Trump’s priority is to build a wall in addition of course to repealing Obamacare also called Affordable Care or Affordable Health Care Act.

I admit to not know a lot about the Affordable Care Act, it is so complicated. What really is needed is a universal system of health care like we have here in the UK. However as it appears to me Obama Care is thus far the best option.

This is how American health care kills people:

Key Facts about the Uninsured Population

What is needed is a publicly funded universal health care plan, the USA is a rich country there is no reason why people should die simply because they cannot afford insurance, the cost of which gets higher as people become chronically ill, have a preexisting condition or as they get older.

Poverty and Hunger in the USA

In the USA 17 million children go to bed hungry. Forty-Five Million Americans Struggle to put food on the Table More than 1 in 5 children is at risk of hunger. Among African-Americans and Latinos, it’s 1 in 3.

What Urban Hunger Looks Like Now

In 2015 there were 43.1 million people in poverty. 19.4 million Americans live in extreme poverty. This means their family’s cash income is less than half of the poverty line, or about $10,000 a year for a family of four”

Click the link below for more facts and stats, while there has been some improvements over time in some areas the huge number of people suffering hunger and poverty in one of the richest countries in the world is extreme. Frankly it is a grave social injustice that anyone anywhere dies of hunger when in the right circumstances enough food can be produced to feed everyone, however anyone suffering such deprivations in a rich country where food and other of life’s essentials is readily available in abundance is just appalling.

Here is a shocking and shameful statistic
Majority of Holocaust survivors in US live in poverty, charity says


Tied in with poverty and hunger is of course homelessness

There are an estimated 1.56 million people who are homeless in the USA though these estimates vary. Estimates show that nearly 1.4 million children are homeless in the USA every year.

Number of homeless children and adults in America has increased:

Millions of people in the US are evicted every year because they cannot pay the rent.

No place like home: America’s eviction epidemic

Soaring rents and low wages have hit the poorest families in the US hard. Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond introduces an extract from his heartbreaking book about the crisis

“In America, families have watched their incomes stagnate, or even fall, while their housing costs have soared. Median rent has increased by more than 70% since 1995. Meanwhile, only one in four families who qualify for housing assistance receive it, and in the nation’s biggest cities the waiting list for public housing is not counted in years but decades. The typical poor American family does not live in public housing but receives no government assistance whatsoever. The result? Today, the majority of poor renting families in America spend more than half of their income on housing, and at least one in four dedicates more than 70% to paying the rent and keeping the lights on.

It is estimated that millions of Americans are evicted every year because they can’t make rent…”

Please read the complete article:

Homeless Veterans

Shocking fact around 47,725, or about 8% of the homeless population, are veterans. 

“Homeless veterans have served in several different conflicts from WWII to the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Washington, D.C., has the highest rate of veteran homelessness in the nation (145.8 homeless veterans per 10,000). 45% of homeless veterans are black or Hispanic. While less than 10% of homeless veterans are women, that number is rising.”

A further1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness. This may be due to poverty, overcrowding in government housing, and lack of support networks. Research indicates that those who served in the late Vietnam and post-Vietnam era are at greatest risk of homelessness. War-related disabilities or disorders often contribute to veteran homelessness, including physical disabilities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, depression and anxiety, and addiction.”

Read More:

I don’t know about putting America first, but its time to put people first, all people regardless of race, creed, nationality, rich or poor – though frankly it is time that there were no rich and no poor, it is greed and capitalism that is the root cause of poverty, hunger and homelessness.   It is time for equality, genuine equality including material equality. It is time to do away with greed and the struggle for power, the roots of all the evils of this world. We do not need to be building more walls that’s for sure.In the twenty-first century whether it be the USA or Africa no one should die because they cannot afford to eat because others have more than their needs, because others have so much power they can squander resources to bolster their own prejudices and egos and destroy lives including that of other animals and the very planet itself.

If anyone is in any doubt concerning the sheer stupidity of such a huge project as the Mexican wall, the following video may add some perspective.

Here’s the entire US-Mexico border in 6 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Some Comments on the The Great Wall of Mexico

  1. If he isn’t brought down in the next 4 years, he will singlehandedly bring on the apocalypse for people, for wildlife, for farmed animals, the environment, the planet itself. Oh, and what happened to his plan of making Mexico pay for the wall? Since he and his cabinet are wealthier than 39 sovereign states put together, perhaps they could dip into their back pockets if they’re so keen to build this monstrosity.

    • Indeed you are so right, you have put it in a nutshell. The fact that one man has the power to bring about such detriments to the well-being of everything that lives and the very earth itself is disturbing in the extreme. Yet so few world leaders really speak out. Our PM more interested in dubious trade deals than social justice.

    • I agree our thinking is far less enlightened and instead of the continued social progress we should be making we are taking steps backwards. Recent events are something I never thought would be possible. Disturbing times,the situation it seems gets worse each and everyday.

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