Please Send a Message to Tell Kathmandu: Stop Paying for Duck Torture!

Tell Kathmandu: Stop Paying for Duck Torture!


“To be clear, there is no ethical way to rip birds’ feathers out—how could that ever be OK? Yet Kathmandu claims to use “100% ethically sourced” down in its products. Puh-lease.”

Please support PETA’s campagin to ask  Kathmandu to stand up for animals and stop selling—and lying about—down.

Please continue reading and send the message. Edit if you can do so, but please send the message as it is if you cannot. Please be polite.

For anyone who does not know Kathmandu is a retailer of outdoor wear and camping equipment.

In addition to the PETA message you may wish to write to them using your own e-mail account or send a letter. You can use the PETA message as a template. Please be polite.

You can find contact details for the UK here:

Below are the contact details ( e-mail and telephone) for the following countries:

New Zealand:


The postal addresses of all three countries are available here:

As always please share widely.

If you don’t live in any of these countries you can of course write using any of the contact details above or use the “Get in Touch” form in the above link.


Warning very distressing imagines of appalling cruelty to Geese

“Investigators saw workers violently rip feathers out of fully conscious geese—leaving open, bloody wounds. Many struggled to escape and screamed as their feathers were torn out, while others froze, paralyzed with fear.”

There is no way to ethically acquire down. Keep in mind that the use of feathers from birds killed for meat is of course not ethical or humane, death is never humane, how can it be all beings wish to live. Animals have a right to their lives. The right thing to do is not to use down, refuse to buy garments or bedding which contain down.

There is no need to use down, there are plenty of synthetic materials which are just as warm if not warmer. As I often say I cannot understand how people can be so cruel, it takes a callous emotionless person to rip feathers from a living sentient creature who feels pain and suffers as we do. The fact that there are such people in our society that can do this without much concern or hesitation disturbs me greatly. You cannot be a good caring person towards your fellow man if you can so callously without remorse deal so cruelly with helpless animals.

The quotations below say it all

“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”
Arthur Schopenhauer (philosopher)

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
Immanuel Kant

The Story of an African Elephant

“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”
David Attenborough


Scroll down for petitions and other actions to help elephants.

Shocking fact: African elephants could be extinct in our lifetime!

As a result of the actions of a minority of human beings in the name of superstition and greed elephants face imminent extinction unless we act now!

Poachers slaughtering  these highly intelligent animals as a response to the demand for ivory is the greatest threat to these iconic animals. Both the legal and illegal trade in ivory is devastating many elephant populations.

Click the link below to follow the story of one little elephant and learn how you can help save her species.

The herd into which this little elephant was born amounted to thirty animals, now only 12 remain. She is only 7 years old yet during her short life elephant populations have plummeted by 30 per cent!

According to the Great Elephant census poaching is wiping out these animals to the point of extinction. From a population of 1.3 million in the 1970 elephants have dwindled to just  350,000 animals

Learn more about poaching and ways to help save these highly endangered animals by following the story from the African Wildlife Foundation of this baby elephant and also taking some or all of the suggested actions further down:

We can at times feel so helpless, signing petitions seems so little, so distant from the problem. How can this help we may ask ourselves? The fact is every signature counts. The more people who sign the more hope there is that things will change You may be but one voice, one signature but that joins thousands even millions of others, like drops of water every single signature adds up.

Robert F Kennedy said:“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”

Every action helps to improve the situation and bring about change. Every signature counts towards “making things better” so please sign as many petitions as you can.

Pleased do not be put off if asked to comment or personalise a message. All well and good if you can but not everyone is up to the task, it not,  just add you name that is the most important action you can take.

Take Action

(Apologies for the last minute notice on some of these petitions however this post was written a while ago and the publication has been delayed) Please sign as many of the suggested actions as you can

Bloody Ivory Campaign Petition

“Elephants are still being killed in their thousands for Bloody Ivory. Illegal ivory is still being smuggled out of Africa.
We must stop this happening and support improved protection for elephants.”

Please Sign below now!

Petition: Shut down the domestic ivory market in the UK.  This petition can only be signed by residents in the UK. – There are more petitions and actions everyone can take further down.    Important: Please note this petition has reached over 100,000 signatures this means parliament has to consider the petition for debate.  Parliament has set a date for the debate on 6 February 2017. But please keep signing and sharing, the more people who sign the more pressure there will be on the government to stand by their manifesto pledge for the past two elections to shut down the UK’s domestic ivory market . 

You’ll be able to watch online at

Send a message

Also please take the following Take action from IFAW and send a message to your MP ( I am not sure but I think that this message can only be sent by residents in the UK)

Ask your MP to help ban the UK ivory trade:
There is a template letter please edit if you can, but if for some reason this is not possible send it as it is. This needs to be sent straight the way as the debate takes this coming Monday Feb 6th.

African Elephants are not the only elephants under threat, Asian elephants also face a fight for survival as a result of human impact on their forest homes, poaching and disease.

Save the Asian Elephants

Read more about the plight of Asian Elephants and take the recommended actions

Save the Asian Elephant:    –  Please at least sign the petition:
Petition to end the cruel treatment of elephants in India – by Save The Asian Elephants

More action you can take from Save the Elephants:
  – Scroll down this page to access ideas of how to help, please take as many of the suggested actions as you can.

Save the Elephants: STOP BLOODY IVORY  This is a quick sign petition

Action from WWF: Adopt an elephant

“The magnificent Asian elephant is threatened by extinction in the wild, its habitat is shrinking fast.

Asian elephants used to roam across most of Asia, but now they’re restricted to just 15% of their original range. Asian elephant numbers have dropped by at least 50% over the last three generations, and they’re still in decline today.”

Read more about adopting an elephant

More Information

Why are Elephants Important?

“Elephants are among the most intelligent of the creatures with whom we share the planet, with complex consciousnesses that are capable of strong emotions. Across Africa they have inspired respect from the people that share the landscape with them, giving them a strong cultural significance. As icons of the continent elephants are tourism magnets, attracting funding that helps protect wilderness areas. They are also keystone species, playing an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the ecosystems in which they live.”

Action for Elephants UK

Photo Credit:

By Rob Hooft – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


One in Four People in The UK Live in Substandard Housing

Again this is another delayed blog post which was written back in October last year, however as before in such matters little has changed.

Other than being homeless there can be few things in life more depressing than living in substandard housing, yet here in the sixth richest country in the world the UK one in four people spend most of their time in cramped unhealthy and unsuitable homes. It seems even worse when the people concerned are elderly, like the couple in the video included in the article below, or children.

“More than four in 10 homes in Britain do not reach acceptable standards in areas such as cleanliness, safety and space, housing charity Shelter says.

Shelter’s new Living Home Standard considers affordability, neighbourhood, decent conditions, stability and space.

It said affordability was the biggest problem, and people should “live and thrive” in homes, not just “get by”.

The government said housing was an absolute priority and its affordable housing budget was doubling.”

Continue reading  – Please be sure to watch the video

The government’s idea of affordable homes leaves much to be desired. With low wages it is difficult to save a deposit never mind the repayments. Below is an example of what you might be expected to pay for the least expensive properties  in the northeast usually considered one of the cheapest locations. Though you can find cheaper there may be a lot of work required to bring it up to standard.

Last year the average price of a house or flat in the North of England was £123,914  –  A deposit of 5 or 10 percent is usually required.

I don’t have exact figures as it is very complicated but a house with the price of £99.950 you will need a deposit of £4,998 and keep in mind houses that cheap which are worth buying are few and far between.

A deposit of nearly five thousands pounds is hardly affordable, it is not easy to save that kind of money on a basic minimum wage while paying high rent in the meantime. Apparently affordable housing includes rented property… Where I would like to ask? Where is there a house or a flat that is really affordable. Even social housing is not affordable and takes a huge amount of your income, as for the private sector with an average rent of £764 a month, private rent is unaffordable for those on a low income and is furthermore  insecure. Rents in general are expensive, even more so in certain areas of the country, London in particular

Rents continue to rise across the UK and in London

Latest figures show average rent outside London rose to £764 a month, while within the capital it hit £1,543

House prices are ten times the average wage

According to the following article house prices are 10 times the earning of people in England and Wales

Rising house prices drove the cost of buying a home in England and Wales to more than 10 times the average salary in over a third of local authority areas, official figures show.

Analysis of median salaries and prices by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) underlines how the growth in house prices has outpaced the increase in earnings in recent years.

Between 2002 and 2015, prices have risen by 88%, but median earnings have increased only by a quarter. As a result, the median price paid by buyers across England and Wales rose to six times average salaries in 2015, up from just four times earnings in 2002.

Continue reading:

The lady in the video  included in the BBC article above , sorry I can’t include the video here directly, says she doesn’t want to die there however she and her husband and others like them do not want to live there either.  My sister and brother-in-law lived in very similar accommodation, though there was an additional spare room the accommodation was cramped and dark, the radiator did not work, the housing association who owned the property did not bother to fix it. I recall a similar curtain dividing the tiny kitchen from the tiny living room. All the rooms were small with no access to a private outside area. I thought this was appalling,  which it was but for the couple in the video it is even worse, so claustrophobic.  No one should live in unfit accommodation. Space to live a full life is vital for well-being, to have room to participate in hobbies, to study, to work and to fulfill the need for privacy is essential, one of the reasons that the bedroom tax is a great social injustice.In an ideal society each person should have a room of his or her own, even children value their privacy. As a child I shared a room with my aunt and my sister , although this was some time ago now nothing much has changed it seems.

My present home has a huge problems with damp, a highly unsuitable living condition which is a significant detriment to health and wellbeing. Water running down your wall from October to March, and in recent years occasionally during the summer, is awful to live with as is the black mould that grows as a result, not only is it unhealthy it ruins your soft furnishings, your wood, your cloths, books and is so unsightly and smells just awful. If you ‘re not well it can become overwhelming to clean, it always returns and the black stain it leaves behind can only be painted over. Many homes in the UK are riddled with mould. It is expensive to fix. We do not have the finances to fix the problem so each year we have to face this on an ever-increasing intensity as the mould get worse with each passing year. There are no grants to help people to get this fixed, the cost of doing so is astronomical and the council loans are expensive

The photograph in the article below shows what it is like with black mould growing on the wall yet this is not mentioned in the substandard criteria, as you can see it is a significant detriment, no one in this wealthy country of ours should have to live with this sort of thing whether you rent your home or own it. Owning your home does not mean you ‘re well off, quite the contrary in fact. You struggle all your life to pay the mortgage subsisting on low wages and working long hours only to find that, even if by some miracle you manage to make your final payment, as you get older and have to subsist on a pension or you become sick or disabled or unemployed you cannot finance repairs such as a damp course or other damp proofing or roof repair all enormously expensive. Also if you get sick or disabled and cannot work you may not be able pay your mortgage and may end up homeless. Such is the insecurity of housing here in the UK.

Four in 10 British homes not up to standard, says Shelter

Also see

The Living Home Standard

I suspect in a short while the dust will settle. This story got a brief mention on the BBC news but I had to track it down on the internet. Things will continue much as before and people will continue to live out their lives in miserable homes while others live well beyond their needs . Such shames our country and our society. We need to demand a fair standard of living, decent wages for everyone, regardless of the job we do – we all have to live, we all contribute, everyone’s work is important, everyone’s life is important and everyone should have a good standard of living . You would know how vital a shelf filler’s work was if people who filled the supermarket shelves went on strike, yet they get poor wages. This also applies to people who through not fault of their own either as a result of sickness or disability are unable to work. All regardless of circumstances should have decent housing.

Note this comment on the Guardian article above

“It’s time the government called a halt to all regeneration schemes such as the Winstanley York Road behind Clapham Junction where 600 council flats are to be demolished to make way for a couple of thousand luxury flats starting at £1m+.

Wandsworth Council is suggesting tenants on the Winstanley give up their secure accommodation decamp to privately rented accommodation in… Birmingham.”

This is happening all over the country, and especially in London. We’ve already had the Heygate, West Hendon and Aylesbury fiascos, with the Winstanley, Alton and St. Johns already underway in just Wandsworth alone.

Maybe a different topic but related. The very idea of moving people away from their secure council homes to private rented properties  is appalling. Besides the cost of moving would take much of the puny financial incentive, it is never easy moving to another part of the country where you do not know anyone or have any family.

The article says the policy is a form of social cleansing and gentrification

The policy has also been slammed as ‘social cleansing’ and critics claim it is a back door attempt to gentrify areas of London by moving out low income families. But supporters say the incentives are being used encourage pensioners to free up larger homes for families.

I am certain that moving to another part of the country is not a good idea for pensioners who need the support of friends and family. Why should anyone move to some pig in the poke like the couple in the BBC article simply because they are old. Suitable accommodation is a must for everyone with space to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. As people age and become less active they do not wish to be shut up in some cramped accommodation looking at the same four walls day after day, living in the same room in which you sleep. This is what it is like in purpose built homes for the elderly. In a village where I lived I knew an elderly lady who lived in council sheltered accommodation for single people which consisted of a tiny bed sit with room for just a chair a TV and a table, behind a curtain at the end of the room was the single bed. A tiny kitchen and bathroom was all that there was. There was no private outside space or even a communal garden.

This country is now riddled with social injustice it hard to know where to start , I could rant on here indefinitely, it seems that poor people are shunted about from pillar to post at the whims of the wealthy, discarded when they are no longer useful or become an inconvenience.

Rabbit Petitions


I don’t know what it is about rabbits but I have a soft spot for them, since adopting three rabbits all of whom had been inadequately cared for, I have got to know them as the delightful intelligent creatures they are.

Unfortunately rabbits are one of the most exploited and abused of animals, along with rodents they are the animal of choice when it comes to experiments, in the USA alone every year more than 170,000 of them are abused for research. Though they are the UK’s third favourite pet,  many rabbits end up living alone in a cramped hutch at the end of someone garden, only visited once a day or twice  a day if they are lucky to be fed and that is not always the case as many are left to die. Many rabbits live in squalid conditions in the own excrement, neglected abandoned. Still others are released into the countryside where they are eaten by predators.

Below two  petitions concerning rabbits. Please sign and share.


Petition 1

Refuse application for pet rabbit breeding shop in Crowland

This Petition is to South Holland District Council, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 2XE, United Kingdom asking them to refuse an application for a unit to breed pet rabbits.

“Sadly, rabbits are one of the most neglected domestic animals. Animal rescue centres are overflowing with unwanted pet rabbits which are desperate for a loving home. A new commercial rabbit breeding facility is a terrible idea.

Hundreds of thousands of rabbits face an unhappy, lonely existence in cramped accommodation, whilst being fed an inappropriate diet and suffering from a range of painful diseases.” PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon Sean Wensley

Selling rabbits and other small animals in pet shops encourages impulse buying. There are too many opportunities for the animals to end up in the wrong hands by being purchased for cruel reasons, or simply by people ignorant to the rabbits’ needs. A good rescue centre would do a home visit to see if the person’s home is suitable to adopt an animal.”

Please read more and sign the Petition

Petition 2


Urge Avon to Stop Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals in China

“Avon used to be a stalwart on PETA’s list of companies that never tested on animals. But in 2012, PETA exposed that some formerly cruelty-free cosmetics manufacturers, including Avon, had quietly changed their policies and were paying for tests on animals in order to sell their products in China.”

Please read more and sign and share the petition   –  Rabbits are not the only focus of this petition. Other animals are also included who suffer terribly from cruel and unnecessary testing of cosmetics in China .

Again greed has replaced morality as former test free Avon capitalise on the Chinese market. It never ceases to amaze me how money is so corruptive, it seems many people will do anything to get more and more wealth, profit is all they care about. Avon is a highly successful business, surely they have made more than sufficient money and are now one of the foremost suppliers of cosmetics, yet still they want more even if some helpless defenceless animal has to pay the price with a life of suffering.

More ways to help rabbits.

Warning this will break your heart

Bunnies Need Your Help

This article discusses the cruel treatment meted out to rabbits and ways you can help to get it stopped.  Many of you will find the graphics and videos very disturbing.

Look at this shocking picture from the article, it looks like a cannulas has been fitted in this poor little rabbit, for what reason I cannot imagine. I cannot find other pictures or more information relating to this being done to rabbits. I have never heard of a cannulas fitted to a rabbit, it is a cruel contraption which is fitted to a cow and acts as a porthole-like device that allows access to the rumen in order to perform research and analysis of the digestive system .

I wrote an article about it here: Shocking for cows shocking for rabbits.


This is horrific in the extreme, an invasive test, a vile abuse as are all the abuses shown in the article. Makes me feel sick inside. It is Suffering unimaginable. It reminds me of the following quotation.

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form. ~
William Ralph Inge, Outspoken Essays, 1922

Only a cruel callous mind and yes I am going to say wicked mind could have devised such a hideous contraption to insert into the body of  living feeling sentient being.