Reasons to Go Vegan

The following from PETA was in my e-mail box a while back.

Chicks Burned to Death for Eggs

“There’s only one industry in which throwing babies into a blazing fire, crushing them alive in packed drums, and pouring soapy water into a bucket of them to drown them slowly is standard practice: the one that uses animals for food. What these hatcheries in India do to baby chicks is beyond sickening and must stop now.”

The Indian egg and chicken meat industry—just like in the U.S.—kills millions of unwanted chicks every year. These are some of their stories.

Please read more and sign the pledge to go vegan.  – Warning! Disturbing images. I could not watch the video, just reading about what happens to these helpless tiny birds is horrifying enough. The pledge is right at the bottom of the webpage if you cannot cope with seeing the suffering inflicted on helpless creatures.

I have seen via the internet some shocking abuse to animals that makes my heart ache, such as the Gadhimi festival (now banned as a result of intensive campaigning) and the day-to-day abuse in abattoirs, it never ends and you think there can never be anything more awful until you see the next shocking cruel treatment of helpless animals. Burning alive baby chicks is vile, it turns my stomach makes my heart sink ..well it not easy really to described how awful this makes me feel. The agony of these baby animals cannot be underestimated.

It is important to note that it is standard practice here in the UK and elsewhere for baby male chicks to be ground alive along with other horrific abuses.

Please read the following article, be aware that there are disturbing images and video

In China baby male ducks  are caught in a net and spooned into hot water, in which they are scalded to death.

Be outraged at China for killing male ducklings, but remember it happens here too:

“Thousands of baby ducks are caught in a net and spooned into hot water, in which they are scalded to death.

This horrific, mass-scale killing is all because they are deemed useless to the commercial egg industry.”

Sound familiar?

If not, it should – because everyday on British farms, thousands of male baby chicks are ground up, suffocated and gassed to death for exactly the same reason.”

Warning! Shocking horrifying. The fact that people can do this to tiny chicks is beyond my ability to comprehend. Heartless, callous, inhuman.

“Baby chicks’ first day of life is hell. Experience what it’s like from their perspective.”

In all cases thousands… well it has to be millions world-wide of these defenceless animals are horrifically killed because they are considered useless to the commercial egg industry – they can’t lay eggs. This happens also here in the UK, the USA , Australia and most other countries

Thinking about this –  and yes it is often hard to shift such images from ones mind, such thoughts of dreadful cruelty linger a long time – I thought it might be useful in considering why it is important to go vegan. The more of us who become vegan the less suffering there will be for animals, obvious right?

Go vegan for the sake of helpless animals, the environment, other people and for your own personal well-being.

Take Action

Please sign the pledge but most importantly consider going vegan. Cut eggs from your diet today. It is easier than you think. It will stop this cruelty and will improve your health and is a factor against heart disease.

Here are some links to help you make the transition:

Go Vegan  be sure to click this link which tells you how to become vegan:

Free Vegan Starter Kit


Choose Compassion – Go Vegan!

How to go Vegan
Vegan Australia:

There is just so much help and advice available to you, it is not possible to include it all here. Just enter Go Vegan, Vegan recipes or similar into your favourite search engine and you will find an abundance of advice along with delicious recipes.

Try some of these tasty egg free vegan recipes:

Roasted Tomato and Herb Quiche [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

This recipe for blueberry muffins is my favourite:

More recipes from the vegan society:

There is no need to feel deprived. You can still cook cakes which satisfy even a very sweat tooth which tastes like any other cake. Try this yummy trifle my family and I enjoyed this last Christmas:   –  it’s really delicious with the use of thick Soya cream instead of dairy cream . I used SoyaToo! Soy Whip.

Even if you don’t like vegan alternatives, please think of the animals. Really should tiny defenceless chicks and other animals be so cruelly treated so you can have food that you do not need to sustain you, so that you can have a brief moment of pleasure?

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3 thoughts on “Reasons to Go Vegan

  1. People really need to know what goes on so they can have eggs. You would have to be a psychopath to think it acceptable. It’s a great idea to give egg-free recipes to show people how easy it is to eat well without cruelty. Thank you x

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