Time to Ban Zoos Worldwide.

Further down you will find actions you can take to help zoo animals – please take as many as you can. 

Isn’t it time to close all Zoos permanently! Close them forever, consign them to history where they belong. 

Time to close zoos worldwide, for good. Imprisoned, tortured, neglected, abused, this is the reality of life in a zoo for most animals.  Zoos have no place in the modern world. Recently there has been one report after another.  A hippopotamus attacked with metal bars, knives and rocks at El Salvador zoo, a rhino in a Paris zoo who was killed for his horns, Khan Younis Zoo reported to be the worse zoo in the world where just 15 animals were still alive—the survivors from what had once been a collection of hundreds of animalsPoor Conditions Plague Indonesia’s Zoos , the shocking neglect right here in the UK at South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria … well it is just such a long list and these are the tip of the iceberg among the thousands of zoos throughout the world.

You can help animals at South Lakes Sufari park by signing this petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/199/978/201/?z00m=28922031&redirectID=2348144321 – scroll down for other actions concerning this and other zoos. 

Below are some shocking facts about zoos which many people are not aware of.

In the UK there are 400 zoos –  more than three-quarters of which are failing to meet minimum animal welfare standards – and over 10,000 worldwide.

Each year in zoos throughout Europe 3,000 and 5,000 healthy “surplus” animals are killed. Elephants imprisoned in zoos live only half their life span as compared to elephants in the wild. Eighty percent of animals engage in stereotypic behaviour in captivity.This behaviour dubbed zoochois includes pacing and circling, tongue-playing and bar-biting, neck twisting, head bobbing, weaving and swaying, rocking, overgrooming and self mutilation, vomiting and regurgitating, coprophilia and coprophagia – Playing with and eating of excrement,  smearing faeces on enclosure walls and glass. Also apathy, abnormal mother-infant relationship, Prolonged infantile behaviour,abnormal aggressive behaviour.

You can read more details concerning the effects of Zoochosis and view videos by clicking the link below to Born Free’s website.

“Bill Travers, co-founder of the Born Free Foundation, first coined the term ‘zoochosis’ to describe this obsessive, repetitive behaviour, and described zoo animals behaving abnormally as ‘zoochotic’.”

Zoochosis: Abnormal and Steriotypic Behaviour in Captive Animals.

Many of the behavious exhibted by captive animals are seen also in humans such as apathy  of course, but also rocking and self mutilation – both present in humans with depression –  and over grooming  which may be similar to some forms of obsessive compulsive disorder? Suffice it to say all animals in captivity suffer both emotionally, mentally and physically.

We have all seen captive animals behave like this, most of us not realising what is happening or why, not understanding the severe distress the animals are experiencing.

Below are examples of Stereotypical behaviour in elephants at a circus and polar bears at a zoo.

Please read the following from PETA

11 Things We Learned From ‘Should We Close Our Zoos?’ on BBC’s ‘Horizon’

Animals in Zoos: Condemned to a Life Behind Bars

Please boycott zoos, large or small all neglect their animals even if it is only to take away their basic freedom. Don’t overlook small-scale zoos tucked away behind some other form of entertainment or facility such as a cafe which I visited recently where animals were inadequately housed. Also travelling zoos hired out for parties and other social functions where small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds or exotics such as meerkats, porcupines, skunks, various reptiles and invertebrates, are taken round the country to be handled, poked and gorped at as a form of entertainment at children’s parties and the like.

Please read the following from the  Captive Animals’ Protection Society CAPS

Mobile zoos and live animal parties

Despite using thousands of individual animals for commercial purposes, the vast majority of mobile zoos are completely unregulated, making the animals used by them extremely vulnerable.

Read More:

EXPOSED: Horror as “unspeakable” conditions for animals at mobile zoo business are revealed

Be sure to watch the video below which is also included in the first CAPS article:

If you think there is a problem complain to your local authority (council) licensing department and keep complaining .I complained about the zoo at the cafe which was also a mobile zoo to the local authority in question. A visit was made though nothing much was done, the word of the owner that they would make changes was simply accepted. Nevertheless continue to complain if you are not satisfied.

More Actions

Please sign a petition to help a zoo elephant

Zoo Elephant is So Lonely She Holds Her Tail for Comfort – Sign Petition to Get Her Transferred to a sanctuary in Tailand

Mali was just a baby elephant learning how to swim and find her own food, when she was taken away from her mother and sent to the Philippines, as a gift for the President at the time, Ferdinand Marcos. Her home was once the grasslands of Sri Lanka but now she is forced to live in a barren enclosure of concrete walls and floors at the Manila Zoo in the Philippines. For forty long years, Mali has lived alone at this zoo, never allowed to see her mother or another elephant.

Understandably, Mali’s mental well-being has suffered greatly from this life of solitude. She appears clearly depressed and spends her days pacing back and forth in her concrete enclosure

Please read more and sign and share the petition:
http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/zoo-elephant-is-so-lonely-she-holds-her-tail/? or sign the petition directly here:


This petition has been around for a while now but still requires about 7,000 signatures. The petition concerns the most appalling case of neglect in a zoo that I have ever heard about here in the UK. In only four years 486 animals have died at South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria. The photograph below of an emaciated kangaroo was taken by a visitor to the zoo.

“Please Support this Petition to close down This Zoo and hold David Gill accountable for Neglect! In February 2017 a report found 486 animals had died in This Zoo in Cumbria in just four years.

Also Tragically In 2013, keeper Sarah McClay, from Glasgow, was mauled to death by a tiger and the zoo was later fined for health and safety breaches.

David Gill had his bid for a fresh licence unanimously rejected after councillors previously rejected his claim to renew the licence, However, the closure is delayed if an appeal is made, which Mr Gill has 28 days to lodge.
Below are details from a report prepared by officers at Barrow Borough Council:

  • Three animals died after being run over by a miniature railway train
  • Sixteen animals were attacked and killed by members of their own species
  • A tortoise died after being electrocuted by electric fencing
  • Seven healthy lion cubs and five young baboons were “euthanised” because there was not enough space
  • Mr Gill shot 18 Sacred Ibis birds after he was threatened with prosecution for letting them fly free
  • A giraffe was shot by its keeper after collapsing
  • Two snow leopards were found partially eaten
  • A pair of squirrel monkeys were diagnosed with septicaemia”

Read More and please sign and share the petition if you have not already done so at the beginning of the post. Also please take the further action suggested below:

Further action concerning the above petition

Included in the petition there is also an email address to where the petition is to be submitted : customerservices@barrowbc.gov.uk  you may like to write to the council personally in support of the petition which is “to demand councillors not grant a licence to South Lakes Safari Zoo and for the animals that remain there to be relocated to somewhere they can live out their lives in appropriate living conditions and to receive the care they fully need.”

Click this link for full the council’s full contact details includes postal address and phone number: http://www.barrowbc.gov.uk/contact-us/  

Urge the Cherokee Bear Zoo to Close Cruel Bear Pits

CAPs have a number of actions you can take to help captive animals. Check out their current campaigns:


Related Links

Five reasons why you should boycott the Zoo

Our fascination with wild animals is nothing new. Since as far back as 1250 B.C., zoos have entertained millions with exotic animals behind bars, but we’re not living in the dark ages anymore.

Despite claims that zoos play an important role in conservation and education, they are unnatural and inherently cruel. To put it simply, they do more harm that good.

A life in a cage is no life at all. Here are just five reasons why you should boycott the zoo:

Read about all five reasons why you should boycott zoos:


If we really love animals, we should close all zoos now:



One thought on “Time to Ban Zoos Worldwide.

  1. Horrific. I had no idea there were 400 zoos in the UK. Three quarters failing to meet required standards too. It’s unbearable to think of the suffering of all these poor creatures. All humans need to learn that nonhuman animals are persons not property so all this dreadful abuse can stop. All petitions signed. Thank you for your very thorough airing of this tragic issue.

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