Please Send a Message to ask Jaguar, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo to stop lining their cars with animals’ skins.

Please watch the video. I warn you though it is very disturbing.

“Heartbreaking footage from Brazilian ranches shows that calves are dragged from their mothers, are given electric shocks and writhe in pain as workers stamp their faces with hot brands.”

It takes an average of three cows’ hides to cover the interior of a standard car.

Please click the link below to send a message to ask Jaguar, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo to stop lining their cars with animals’ skins.

REVEALED: The Heartbreaking Abuse Behind Leather Car Interiors  Scroll to the bottom of the above page to send the message

The cruelty behind Leather

Did you know that every year the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals and tans their skins and hides, in addition to this shocking cruelty there is danger to human health and damage to the environment:
In Bangladesh, which exports leather goods to the United States, chemical exposure and equipment accidents pose such a great hazard that workers (many of them children) aren’t expected to live beyond age 50.:
Read More:

Leather is everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. Our car has it on the steering wheel, something I did not realise until recently. Why I would like to know, there is no need for leather on a steering wheel, in fact in the modern world there is no need to use leather for any reason? As a vegan it can be  a difficult task though not impossible to eliminate leather entirely. Belts, wallets, bags, briefcases, sofas, footballs, books even -yes still today you might come across a leather bound book, in fact only yesterday I came across a leather bound notebook! –  and of course car seats. Footwear and clothing are the most likely products where we can encounter leather goods. Footwear being the most prolific. Yes there are non leather alternatives, I have managed not to wear leather during the past 25 years. Recently though looking for a pair of sandals in one store, M@S , proved difficult, even canvas sandals had the leather sign, the leather I assume lined the sandals for it was not obviously apparent. I found it quite depressing to see so many shoes, most if not all were made using leather. I think people simply do not think it through, do not realise what happens to animals in order for them to wear their skins. I know that previous to being a veggie than a vegan I did not consider this very much.

While it is shocking that the interior of a car is lined with the skin of a slaughtered animal who wished to live as you or I, we need to be aware of the ubiquitous use of leather in so many products which we may buy unthinkingly.

While in some cases it is difficult to eliminate leather entirely from your life and mistakes are made, however for someone to go out and intentionally buy a car lined with leather or a settee or chair is somehow shocking. The thought of sitting on what remains of another sentient being frankly disturbs me. I feel uncomfortable when from necessity I need to sit on a leather couch or chair when I am out.

Please be aware that expensive leathers of all kinds rather like the car lining above involve an added level of cruelty:

Did you know that lambs, calves and other animals in the womb may be aborted deliberately because the skin is supposedly more soft!

Lambskin is a younger version of sheepskin and thus softer and promoted as especially luxurious. It comes from lambs (baby sheep), many who are purposely aborted because their unborn skin is “extra soft.” Calfskin is frequently misrepresented (mislabeled) as lambskin.

If you buy an expensive pair of shoes for example you are likely wearing the skin of an aborted baby animal, torn from the womb of his or her murdered mother.

“What happens when a cow is pregnant at the time of slaughter? I almost wish I didn’t know. From the calves experiencing their mother’s death from inside her, while they too suffer or die their own terrible death, to live calves being cut from their dead mother’s womb, so that their blood can be drained for science while they’re still alive–it’s all horrific, and none of it is ever talked about, even though it’s a part of the dairy and beef industries and a part of how people get their “finest” leather.”

Read More:

Just horrific!  How many  people who buy expensive leather would do so where this cruelty more widely known. Indeed who would buy any kind of leather if the horrendous treatment of these animals was made more public. You should not fall for the nonsense that leather is a “byproduct” of another industry, the meat industry of course. Slaughtering any animal for any reason, meat included, is cruel as are the miserable conditions in which they live prior to meeting such a horrific end to their existence.

Please buy alternatives to leather. With footwear, at least here in the UK and no doubt elsewhere, it is all labeled with a guide such as the following:


                                                                                                              Shoe material chart

Alternatives to leather, include “cotton, linen, rubber, ramie, canvas, and synthetics. Chlorenol (called “Hydrolite” by Avia and “Durabuck” by Nike) is a material that is perforated for breathability and is used in athletic and hiking shoes. It stretches around the foot with the same “give” as leather, provides good support, and is machine-washable.”

Nike of course is expensive. I buy what I can afford, maybe sometimes it is not always comfortable, however with shoes this can be the case regardless of the material, but frankly I can’t remember as I have not worn leather for 25 years. Comfort is yet another reason used to try to justify wearing leather, however to caring people what matters is an animal’s life, not human comfort or convenience. My husband first found it difficult to make the change and wore an old pair of pre-vegetarian leather shoes for over two decades, but finally from necessity bought a pair of synthetic shoes which he says are the most comfy he has ever worn.

I have made mistakes with other items where it is not clear, but we all makes mistakes, the important thing is to keep trying.

Here is a useful list from PETA where you can buy alternatives to both leather and fur:

PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing: Companies That Sell Some Leather and Fur Alternatives

Though disturbing  this video from PETA sends a powerful message

“Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok teamed up with PETA Asia to launch this shocking pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s hippest shopping malls to show consumers the suffering behind every exotic-skins bag, belt, jacket, and pair of gloves or shoes.” please sign the pledge.

More Action to take

Write a letter to retailers, let them know about the horrific suffering they perpetuate by selling leather. Include the information in the following Born free article:

Please avoid leather and inform others of the cruelty to animals involved in this product by sharing links to information such as the links included above. Please always be polite, aggressive confrontational approaches rarely work.

Still not convinced? Please watch the the following video:

Leona Lewis Explains Why Leather Is Hell for Animals and Children in Bangladesh

“Bangladesh produces cheap products that are sold all around the world. But what about the impact that manufacturing these products has on animals, humans and the environment? Who is paying the highest price for leather?

Watch the video to find out, and then visit to learn more.”

Warning disturbing images!

I think that it can be difficult at first for many people and mistakes are made and in some situations leather can’t be avoided such as sitting in a chair, it is my opinion if there is no where else to sit you should sit on a leather chair, not doing so appears extreme to others and may send the message that being vegan or vegetarian is simply too difficult.

Also it doesn’t help to make another person feel uncomfortable with the wrong attitude. Vegetarian/vegan shaming can make non veggie/vegans think it has to be all or nothing, and it may be seen by others as overwhelming and may drive people away.Sadly some vegans can be really aggressive in such instances, gentle persuasion is always the best course of action.

Finally please watch the following video

Surely these cows are sentient beings. We have no right to take their lives and the lives of other animals for a food and clothing we do not need.






2 thoughts on “Please Send a Message to ask Jaguar, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo to stop lining their cars with animals’ skins.

  1. As usual, you’ve done an amazing job at exposing the horrors that are so well hidden by big business. All signed, shared and tweeted. I have to scroll very fast over the videos and photos as I can’t afford any more lacerations to my heart. Nice to end with the cows enjoying their little concert. And it’s not just cows. Take a look at this – elephants have rhythm!
    Thank you again for your fantastic work for our nonhuman brothers and sisters x

    • Thank you for you for your comments and for signing and sharing. I don’t watch more than a minute or two of the videos either as they are just so upsetting. Just reading about the awful things that happen to animals is distressing enough, sometimes I am uncertain if it is a good idea to included them or not, but with a warning at least people can decide.Thanks for the link to The Man Who Makes Music for Elephants. It just goes to show that these animals are sentient beings who deserve to live, whose lives are as important to them as ours our to us.

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