Help Amnesty International fight the Muslim Ban.

President Trump has signed a new executive order banning people from six Muslim-majority countries and slamming the door on refugees. The order demonises the vulnerable – those who have fled torturers, warlords and dictators. Make no mistake, people will lose their lives because of it. A Hawaii court blocked the ban just hours before it was due to come into effect, but it’s not over yet – we need to stop this policy for good.

We’ll fight it with everything we’ve got, just like we did last time. Take action now – tell President Trump to stop this ban and to protect human rights.  – 

There are over 24,000 actions taken, the target is 40,000. Please send the above message and share widely.

There is a template which you may edit and add your own words, if this is not possible for some reason just send it as it is, but please do send and share widely.

While messages sent to trump may well fall on deaf ears you might think, by sending a message you nonetheless make a protest , we need to let him know what the world thinks of this injustice. The ban is nothing more than discrimination under the guise of a  ‘national security measure’.

“Don’t be fooled – it is a direct attack on freedom,justice and dignity and we will fight it every step of the way.

This ‘revised’ order is the same hate and fear with new packaging. It will cause extreme fear and uncertainty for thousands of families by, once again, putting anti-Muslim hatred into policy.

No amount of editing can make this executive order anything but what it is – blatant bigotry.

You can continue reading this and other information by scrolling down past the message in the above link.

Further information:

Last night we won against the Muslim ban  – here’s why we have to keep fighting

More Action

Please sign the following related petition by Amnesty International
Stand together against hate: Tell Trump to respect human rights:

Since President Trump took office on January 20, 2017, the US government has rapidly taken actions that weaken human rights protections.

  • A ban has been placed on entry to the US from countries with Muslim-majority populations.
  • Orders have been given to build a wall along the Mexican border.
  • The Dakota Access pipeline, which will violate the rights of Indigenous peoples, has received the go ahead.
  • The ‘global gag rule’ decreasing women’s access to sexual and health information and services abroad has been re-instated and funding for programs to help prevent violence against women have been cut.

Read more and please sign the petition:

Here is the latest petition concerning the plight of refugees made more urgent as a result of the shocking chemical attack on defenceless people, including children and aid workers:

Trump: Stop your war on refugee children

“Children began choking, gasping, writhing and foaming at the mouth. That’s how witnesses describe the nerve gas attack on a rebel-held town in Syria’s northern province of Idlib. It happened in the early morning hours before 7am, after warplanes rushed the town and began dropping chemical weapons. The attack killed more than 75 people, including children and rescue workers — and it is one of the worst attacks in Syria’s gruesome civil war.

The war in Syria has been going on for six long, brutal years. This is not the first attack to kill children or aid workers. According to the United Nations, 4.81 million Syrians have been forced to flee their country because of the war. In Aleppo, another city in northern Syria, the government has bombed residential areas so frequently that children now collect shrapnel and other bomb fragments as toys. Schools have moved underground. Even hospitals have been flattened.

Despite the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, Trump’s administration continues to vilify refugees and block their access to safety, security, and a feeling of home in our country

Two months in a row, he has issued Executive Orders to target refugees and block their resettlement in the United States.

We must allow this latest attack to open our eyes. Refugees are human beings caught in the midst of violence, terror, and chaos..”

Read more and please sign and share the petition  to tell Trump: “Welcome more refugees to the United States of America!”:

Trump it seems is quick to retaliate this vile atrocity against innocent children and aid workers but still unwilling to allow entry into the USA for refugees effected by these appalling crimes and the continuous ravages of war which has virtually destroyed their country and thousands of lives. It is time to take more positive action to help by offering refugees safe haven. Indeed this applies to all nations including here in the UK.

It is time world leaders including our PM Teresa May spoke out in an honest and forthright manner against Donald Trump’s shameful Travel/Muslim ban. Sadly it seems that trade agreements are worth overlooking this grave social injustice and the many others that violate human rights and are discriminatory. Is the UK so desperate that we are willing to ignore what is happening in the USA. Such bans spread hate and division and should not be the policy of any civilised progressive country and should be vigorously opposed.

We can feel hesitant to speak out about countries such as America which boast of democracy, fairness and social justice, a country that interferes with other countries concerning human rights issues – or at least purports to do so. It may seem somewhat incongruous, somehow a little surreal even now to be focused on such issues within the USA. Of course racism has always been a problem, only now it is actively sanctioned as a result of the prejudiced bile this man has spewed out since the beginning of his campaign. The USA  likes to give the impression that it is foremost concerning human rights, yet increasingly this image is not true.

It is perhaps of interest to note that Freedom House’s 2017 Report lists the USA among the countries to watch concerning human rights violations.

“Countries to Watch

“The following countries are among those that may be approaching important turning points in their democratic trajectory, and deserve special scrutiny during the coming year.”

  • United States: Donald Trump’s unorthodox presidential campaign left open questions about the incoming administration’s approach to civil liberties and the role of the United States in the world.”

Freedom in the World 2017

When thinking of human rights violations many of us tend to not consider countries such as the USA, though most of us know that despite recent progress, which is likely now to be undone of course, the USA has always discriminated against certain races and it has been a long hard campaign for black people in particular to gain the freedoms they now have.

What Trump does concerns everyone, his actions are global and a threat to us all and we all have the right and responsibility to speak out, so please do so by supporting the Amnesty International’s Campaign by sending a message to Trump and by signing the petitions.

Related Links

If Trump really cared about Syrian children, he wouldn’t ban them from entering the US

Trump doesn’t care about the Syrian people, he cares about ratings – and right now his ratings suck

“It’s tempting to believe that the President of the United States is a decent human being, moved by pictures of dead children and compelled to act by breeches of international law and human rights. Yet nothing about Trump’s long, well documented career indicates that he’s capable of compassion, let alone towards persecuted Muslims.

I don’t buy Trump’s false conversion. He has routinely tweeted that the President needs congressional approval to use military force, something he didn’t seek. He has, until now, demonstrated isolationist instincts that preclude America acting in its traditional role of world police. He has banned Syrian refugees from entering the US and demonised Muslims on the campaign trail. Considering literally everything Trump has said and done over the past several years, forgive me if it’s hard to fathom that he’s acting entirely altruistically.”

Read more about the Syrian gas attacks

“Abdulhamid al-Youssef sobbed as he carried his infant twins, wrapped in matching white shrouds, to their final resting place.

Ahmad and Aya, nine months old, died on Tuesday morning in a chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib, northern Syria, along with Mr Youssef’s wife Dalal and 16 other members of his family.

On Wednesday he had to bury them all in an unmarked mass grave.

The 29-year-old shopkeeper had been at work when the air strike hit close to his home just after 6.30am. When his wife called to tell him what had happened, he rushed home to be with them.

They appeared to be fine, but as a precaution he took them all down to the basement of a nearby building in case of another strike.

It was only then, an hour later, that they began displaying symptoms.”

Continue reading: – Warning


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