Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Please Take Action

Please take the following actions concerning this horrific crime against humanity: the chemical attack on the people of Syria including at least 30 children who were the first ones to die.‘Victims reached us in different states – some had muscular and respiratory paralysis, which we tried treating with tranquilisers and Atropine. They had secretions from the mouth and nose that were white. Some were completely unconscious. Some had severe muscular pain. Children are the first ones to die, they cannot fight this back. We only had one child who, thank God, survived.’  from an Amnesty International interview with a doctor working at the specialised surgery hospital thirty miles from the attack. In one heartbreaking incident one man tragically lost 22 members of his family including baby twins

All petitions are quick sign, so will take only a few moments to complete. I am sure most people are appalled by the horrendous gas attack on these long suffering people whose lives have been torn apart by war and devastation few of us have ever experienced or can ever begin to imagine.

If you do not have time to read the information below please at least sign the petitions:

Sign now to urgently call on Europe to act.

Demand that the UN Security Council take decisive action today.

War is NOT the Answer, Don’t Bomb Syrian Civilians!

For more information about the petitions and related issues please continue reading and take the suggested actions if you have not already done so:

Please read the following from the global on-line activist network, Avaaz :

“These kids have suffered such extreme trauma that a top doctor has created a new name for their pain — ‘Human Devastation Syndrome’. For six years the world has failed to protect them. Now, with Trump’s policy unpredictable, and Putin fully backing the regime, immunity for the perpetrators of these crimes is a real possibility.

But Europe can be the world’s conscience. Already brave victims and prosecutors in Spain and Germany are using universal jurisdiction law to take cases against the highest officials of the regime. Europe can now make clear that Syria will not get away with war crimes.

The message Europe sends right now could give Assad the green light to keep gassing civilians, or let him know he will face justice. Let’s send a resounding message to Europe’s leaders fast that there will be a massive public backlash if they don’t stand up for humanity”:

Abdel Hamid, a Syrian father, cradles his two dead baby twins, reportedly gassed to death with chemical weapons by the Syrian regime — just days after Trump officials said the US will no longer go after President Assad as a war criminal.

The regime that has murdered, tortured, starved, and raped hundreds of thousands of its own people, now feels it can slaughter its way to victory, get off scot free, and stay in power.

One bloc can stop that — Europe.

The EU is deciding right now what to do on Syria, and there are rumours some countries could push for a ‘deal with the devil’. But if enough of us demand Europe’s leaders lock up the monsters who commit these crimes, it could be the only threat that stops more murder. Sign now to urgently call on Europe to act.

Please add your name to a petition to urge European leaders to act.

Action and information From Amnesty International

‘Children are the first ones to die, they cannot fight back…’
Syrian doctor describing the aftermath.

Please read the following from Amnesty International

“On Tuesday, Syria suffered the deadliest use of chemical weapons since 2013, with more than 70 people – many of them children – killed, and hundreds more injured.

This crime cannot go unpunished.

Using chemical weapons is a war crime. Russian and Syrian authorities say they are not responsible. The UN must investigate this gruesome attack now and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Demand that the UN Security Council take decisive action today.

Please sign and share the action below which is to send a message to the Secretary General of the United Nations .

More from Amnesty International

By now many of you may have seen the horrific footage and images from on the ground. Children and civilians gasping for air, unable to breathe from the chemical gas suffocating their airways, burning away at their skin.

One piece of footage, which is consistent with other available evidence, shows nine children lying lifeless in the back of a pick-up truck. The children are naked or partially dressed; they appear to have died in their beds.

Chemical weapons experts working with us have confirmed that victims are very likely to have been exposed to a nerve agent or compound, such as Sarin. This is one of the deadliest weapons of warfare, causing its victims to vomit, convulse, suffocate from respiratory failure and in many cases, lose their lives.

The conflict in Syria has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands and led millions of people – more than half the population – to flee their homes, either abroad or within Syria.

It’s time to deliver justice for victims and their families. It’s time to ensure that war crimes and crimes against humanity do not go unpunished.

Without justice and accountability, attacks like yesterday’s could happen again.”

Care2 Petition 

War is NOT the Answer, Don’t Bomb Syrian Civilians!

“Trump made an impulsive and irresponsible decision to go ahead and strike Syria with missiles. He was responding to the horrible chemical attack earlier this week, but according to experts in international relations, this move will not actually stop chemical warfare. Instead, this reactionary strike will make it harder for international coalitions to form to actually stop terrorism. And, it was an escalation tactic that will only make matters worse for those suffering the most: innocent Syrian civilians. “

Sign to tell Trump: war is not the answer, stop bombing Syrian civilians!

Please read more and sign and share the petition:

Please sign and share widely all three petitions

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