Stop Tory Punitive Welfare Cuts: Vote Labour

“The moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life . . . the children; those who are in the twilight of life . . . the elderly; and those who are in the shadow of life . . . the sick . . . the needy . . . and the disabled.”
Hubert Humphrey

Here is how the conservatives have treat disabled and chronically sick people since 2010

I must first say how shocked I was that so many of the audience in last night’s BBC Question Time where more concerned about Jeremy Crobyn’s reluctance to use nuclear weapons to kill millions rather than show concerns over the Tories shameful treatment of sick and disabled people and cuts to the NHS, including the disgusting treatment of nurses!

In this or any previous debates no one has mentioned the UN inquiry concerning the Tory government’s shameful treatment of sick and disabled people; the resulting report is one of the most damning assessments of a Western government in modern times. The government had already been warned once by the UN in 2012 regarding this – but the Tories chose to ignore it.

“The UN report confirms that, despite Theresa May’s warm words, this government is failing sick and disabled people.”
Shadow work and pensions secretary Debbie Abrahams

A United Nations inquiry into the treatment of disabled people here in the UK found that Tory changes to welfare had resulted in grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights.

Among other concerns, the committee said the UK government had helped to create a public perception where disabled people:

have been… negatively portrayed as being dependent or making a living out of benefits; committing fraud as benefit claimants; being lazy and putting a burden on taxpayers, who are paying ‘money for nothing’. Persons with disabilities continue to experience increasing hostility, aggressive behaviour and sometimes attacks to their personal integrity.

The report was highly critical of how government reforms had affected disabled people’s right to live independently. It specifically noted the UK government had violated rights due to:

  • The Bedroom Tax.
  • Changes to Personal Independence Payments (PIP).
  • Cuts to social care.
  • The abolition of the Independent Living Fund (ILF).
  • Caps on benefits.

Theresa May’s government fobbed off the UN findings, saying it “strongly disagreed” with the report.

More about the UN’s Report:

BURIED: UN slams Tories over UK human rights abuses  

Please read the above carefully, it is not only the UK’s treatment of disabled people which comes under fire but also the following:

“The UN also slams the government over its treatment of migrant workers, in terms of exploitation, low pay and health care access.

The government comes under criticism for its sales of weapons to foreign countries

The UN is also critical of the practices surrounding government-backed private companies’ conduct in foreign countries

  • the number of self-employed, part-time and zero hours contracts jobs, and the effect on marginalised people.
  • the housing crisis in the UK, including the lack of social housing, sky-high rental prices and rogue landlords.
  • the “exceptionally high” levels of homelessness and the Conservatives’ inadequate response to this.
  • the government’s record on education and failure to address inequality affecting pupils attainment levels.
  • a failure to address food poverty and the heavy reliance by millions on food banks.
  • the rising levels of poverty among marginalised groups, and the government’s failure to tackle child poverty.”


The UK government has just been slammed for violating human rights, and Theresa May doesn’t care

The UN was critical of the government’s assumption that people are better off in work. It said that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) “processed rather than listened to or understood” disabled people during Work Capability Assessments (WCA). In particular:

the needs, views and personal history of persons with disabilities, and particularly those requiring high levels of support such as persons with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities, were not properly taken into account or given appropriate weight in the decisions affecting them.

Continue reading:

If you sincerely wish to know the extent of the damage to our society under Tory rule it is important you read the above articles.

I am frankly staggered about the extent of the violations cited in this report. I never would have expected this of the UK even under a Tory government. The rights of disabled people have never been under such a vicious, sustained, prolonged attack in Britain since the foundation of the welfare state in 1945!

Please read the information below and remember it when voting June the 8th and vote Labour. Even if you do not like Jeremy Corbyn – why I can’t imagine as he is a decent principled human being, a true socialist and advocate for equality and a better life for everyone – please vote Labour and not be tempted to vote for the LibDems, the SNP or the Green Party.  Voting for these or any other including independent candidates splits the vote and will help secure another win for the Tories. I admire both the Green Party and the SNP but Labour is the only party with any hope of winning this election and bringing about change and a better life for all.

If you care about sick and disabled people, about children and the elderly your only chance of stopping the on-going violations to their human rights and their right to a better quality of life is to vote Labour.  At the very least sick and disabled people young or old  require enough money to feed and cloth themselves, to have suitable shelter, the money for disability aids and the best opportunities available for them to live as full a life as possible within the limitations of their conditions. All children need an education, the quality of which is now under treat as a result of Tory cuts. NO ONE should live in poverty, particularly in one of the richest countries in the world.

Yet in the last seven years the income and services for disabled and sick people has been severely reduced and continues to be chipped away at piece by piece resulting in poverty, isolation, neglect, worsening conditions, death -including death as a result of suicide.

The Tories have waged seven years of failed austerity on the backs of disabled people. Since 2010 welfare reforms have devastated the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens, including people unfortunate to be unemployed by no fault of their own. Thousands of disabled people have died after being declared fit for work as a result of punitive assessments. Cuts have been made to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) with reduced weekly payments from £102.15 to £73.10 (£57.90 if you’re 24 or under) – this cut or any other was not introduced to incentivise people as is claimed but rather to save money on the pretext of paying back the deficit. Changes to PIP (Personal Independence Payment) have meant that 50,000 disabled people have had their  mobility vehicles seized.   The bedroom tax has affected  420,000 disabled  people, each of whom lost an average of £728 per year. Note for many disabled people a “spare” room is used for medical equipment, or for carers to sleep in. The Independent Living Fund has been closed down, meaning 19,373 people with severe disabilities lost their direct entitlement for money to support their independence.
Between December 2012 and September 2016 “85,112 people on ESA benefits  had their income docked after being “sanctioned” for failing to meet Government guidelines.”

More disability facts

19% – of families with one disabled person live in poverty

I don’t care for the word reform as in the use of the phrase “welfare reforms” when used to describe the disastrous changes in benefits since 2010 as to most people reform means improvement, which the Tory changes are  most certainly not!

Finding information that lists cut after brutal cut since the Tories began their assault on our most vulnerable citizens has proved difficult therefore the information here does not reflect the entire extent to which the Tories have in one way or another seriously destroyed lives, so much so that the UN undertook an inquiry

When you vote on June 8th please consider the following

A list of some of the abuse to sick disabled people as a result of Tory Benefit changes including: The deaths of thousands of people after being declared fit for work. The reduction of ESA by £1,500 per year/£30 per week . The WCA’s (Work Capabilities Assessment) regime’s discrimination against people with mental illness and slashing PIP payments by 33 per cent

Read more information concerning the shocking abuse of sick and disabled people:

The systematic Tory abuse of disabled people

Degrading and demanding disability assessments

“Pushing people to the brink of suicide: the reality of benefit assessments

Can you tell me why you haven’t killed yourself yet?” As she speaks to me from her home, Alice Kirby is not recounting abuse shouted at her in the street but the question put to her in a disability benefit assessment.”

“Kirby subsequently had her PIP cut: both the part of the benefit that pays for her care, like a support worker to help her at home, and for her extra mobility needs. It means she’s lost more than £250 a month and can no longer afford a regular carer.

Read More:

Benefit Sanctions

It was my job to impose cruel benefit sanctions – that the DWP can’t justify

As a jobcentre adviser I was once told to call in a “customer” to get them on to the Work Programme. I explained that he was about to be admitted to hospital for major surgery, but I was told he must be called, otherwise he would face a sanction that could stop his benefits for four weeks.

Continue reading:

Half of disabled PIP claimants have had benefits cut by DWP

…nearly half (45%) of PIP claimants who had a planned review of their award in 2016 either saw it cut or lost it entirely.

Continue reading:

Here are the stories of real people affected by draconian Tory welfare cuts

People Reveal The Shocking Reality Of Cuts To Disability Benefits

“…three people affected by cuts to their disability benefits reveal how the reforms have impacted their lives.”

Continue reading:

More than 40,000 disabled people have had their benefits docked since 2012

More than 40,000 disabled people receiving Employment Support Allowance (ESA) have had their benefits docked since 2012, new data released by the Department for Work and Pensions reveals.

The figures, released quarterly, come as the Government prepares to cut ESA benefits for new disabled claimants from April by £29 a week in the work-related activity group (Wrag). It is estimated to affect around half a million new claimants and has been criticised by campaigners for making it harder for disabled people to find work.

Comment at the end of the above article: “You ain’t seen nothing yet ,wait until the Tories are free of Europe ,some nasty plans in the pipeline

I can well believe it! A lot of the rights we now enjoy are a result of our membership in the EU

Disabilities minister quietly ‘blocks PIP benefit payments to 160,000 people’

‘Life costs more if you’re disabled – on average £550 a month,’ says policy and research director Anna Bird

Conservative ministers have introduced emergency legislation which denies 160,000 people from receiving benefits that are “rightfully theirs”,

Continue reading:

What the UN Says about the UKs treatment of disabled people (includes video):

!The report’s findings were rejected by the current government, with little sign of major reform in response that would bolster support for people with disabilities.”

What will Labour do

Please read carefully the following excellent articles concerning the Tories treatment of sick and disabled people.

The Labour Party manifesto is fantastic for disabled people

The systematic Tory abuse of disabled people

June 8th for the sake of sick and disabled people vote Labour . Only a Labour government has any chance of winning over the Tories. It is imperative that we do not have another conservative government .If you vote conservative you are responsible for the continuing violations of the rights of disabled people. If you vote conservative you shame our country. The UK was the first to be investigated under a UN convention it signed up to since 2007.The fact that the UN has to investigate a country such as the UK concerning the rights of disabled people is outrageous. A socking reality which seems to have been swept under the carpet or perhaps people now are so callous and uncaring that his outrage passes them by.  I would like to think not. I hope that the on June 8th the UK electorate will show that we are still a caring nation.


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2 thoughts on “Stop Tory Punitive Welfare Cuts: Vote Labour

    • I don’t think people realise the true extent of Tory nastiness, so much forgotten , so much generally not known. it was quite a shocking researching this. I fear this is but the tip of the iceberg

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