Election Results: Who Voted Tory?

While Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the USA; Theresa May is now an embarrassment to the UK . Trump with “Make America Great Again” ; May with “Strong and Stable” both worn out mantras, empty meaningless. America great for the rich; UK strong and stable also for the rich. Now to add to the travesty that yet again so many people voted for the party which supports the minority May clings to power by forming a coalition with terrorists or at least a party supported by terrorists

Theresa May should do the decent thing and resign, an alliance with the DUP Democratic Unionist Party … whatever next!  Desperation to cling to power? What a fiasco.

Why I have to ask myself did so many vote Tory, a real mystery to me as the Tories’ policies have upset most people.The dismantling of our NHS alone should have been enough to have swayed the vote towards Labour. Most if not everyone relies on the NHS, even those who use private health care will need the assistance of the NHS in an emergency and like the rest of us will want an efficient service which saves lives!

People vote for selfish reasons. Travelling through the country side I noticed many farmers displaying Tory election boards prominently. As a vegan I am not in favour of live stock farming of course for obvious reasons but this time single them out for criticism because of their selfishness regarding the election which shocks me, as clearly they are voting solely for some personal advantage, never mind the NHS, sick and disabled people, the elderly or anyone else, they just vote from self interest. Sadly this is the case for most people, but even so the under funding and deterioration of the NHS surely should be paramount in casting your vote and override other perceived advantages.

So who voted Tory – well it wasn’t the sick and disabled that’s for sure!

Watch the video below, it is shocking how something like this does not outrage people enough to vote for Labour yet not only will you find few people who know about this shameful treatment of disabled people, which has come to the attention of the UN human rights committee and been condemned, but sadly few care.

Note this is a lengthy video featuring other issues the part concerning people with disabilities is right at the beginning.

You can Listen to the woman at 47:10  or click the following link to read some of the text.


After listening to this woman’s passionate appeal to Dominic Raab how can you than go and vote Tory. Do you not hear what she is saying, thousands have died as a result of Tory austerity measures on the backs of sick and disabled people in the form of benefit cuts and cuts to services, many by their own hand.  IF YOU VOTED TORY you are complicit!

Tens of thousands have died in the name of austerity. A senior Tory’s response is utterly despicable [VIDEO]

“There were 30,000 excess deaths in 2015 alone in the name of Conservative austerity, according to an Oxford University report. Cuts to health and social care are likely to be the “main cause” of tens of thousands of British citizens losing their lives early. And on The Big Debate, senior Tory Dominic Raab’s response on the matter was utterly despicable.”

Continue reading:

It sure wasn’t young people who voted Tory. Thousands turned out to vote. I am sure they did not endorse the Tory tuition fees of £11,000 per annum!

Students inspired by Corbyn played big role in Labour surge


Neither was it parents, why would they with a 3 billion cut in school funding.

Nor was it nurses of other public workers with a pay freeze of just 1 percent

I certainly can’t imagine older people voting Tory after the abandonment of the triple lock, raising the state pension age, cuts to winter fuel payment and forcing people to use the value of their own homes to pay for social care.

It most certainly was not people who defend foxes, badgers and other wildlife, the hunt saboteurs, the League Against Cruel Sports, vegan/ vegetarians, animal rights activists. Again why would they as the Tories have been elected the Badger cull will commence once again and they will attempt to repeal the hunting fox hunting bill and have not pledged a total ban on the ivory trade.

Anyone opposed to fracking which is now taking place in our National Parks and extensively elsewhere     would surely be unlikely to vote conservative.

Who could not vote for the nationalisation of the water industry for cheaper bills and a more efficient service, the same with the railways and the postal service. Labour also promised to partially nationalise the energy industry with a pledge that no ones bill would be more than £1000 per annum, yes it is still a lot for many but better than the situation we have now.

The list of the Tories detrimental polices is extensive, add to the above the huge increase in food banks, homelessness, child poverty, low wages, zero hours benefit sanctions see previous blog post , the above is but the tip of the iceberg. There can be few people surely for whom Tory polices have not had a detrimental effect.

So who voted Tory as it looks to me as though there are few people left who the Tories have not adversely affected. The exception being big corporations with low taxes or no taxes.

I am frankly disgusted that anyone with any decency would elect them for another five years. I doubt that at the end of it the NHS will be recognizable. Is it ignorance, selfishness or greed and gullibility, believing the the Tories represent prosperity for all?I wonder how many now regret this in light of the Tories parties’ coalition with the DUP.












5 thoughts on “Election Results: Who Voted Tory?

  1. Tories only got 2,200 odd votes more than Labour – because of our bonkers election system, this amounts to around 50 seats. The amount of support Corbyn gained is incredible, considering he was “unelectable” just 7 weeks ago.

    May has made a terrible mistake – even though I wanted Labour in power, we’re now in a position where even the Conservatives aren’t really in power. I didn’t want Brexit but now I want it over with – how can a minority government even achieve it now? The informal deal with the DUP is very concerning to me. There will have to be another election, probably after the Brexit negotiations, and I am optimistic that Corbyn will win that because I don’t see any way May can make a success of Brexit now (whatever form that Brexit might take.)

    I can’t fathom who voted Tory – I don’t know many that did because we tend to surround ourselves with people who already agree with us.

    • That is surprising I must say, only 2,000 votes amounting to 50 seats! I knew the system was unbalanced not representative but never imagined it being to that extreme. I think we need another election, and I rather think this will happen sooner than later, as it seems to me the DUP hold all the sway and will in the end determine far more than their ten seats should normally allow. I was disappointed that Corbyn is not Prime Minister I had hoped that he would be elected despite all the predictions otherwise. I didn’t vote for Brexit and view it as a huge mistake particularly if May is negotiating. What a mess. Indeed after this I think Corbyn is in with a good change next time of winning. I cannot understand why so many voted Tory as they have harmed so many people in one way or another. I think some people vote the way they have always done regardless of the present situation. I live in a safe Labour seat, previously a safe Tory seat and it often seemed to many not worth bothering to vote, yet this time to everyone surprise two Tory seats Canturbury and Kensington went to Labour so who knows it’s the most bizarre election I can remember.

      • Politics seems so crazy at the moment! I agree with everything in your comment. I think the worry about Labour mishandling the budget sends voters to the Tories but I’d rather have some vague idea about how much things will cost than no idea at all!

  2. I share your outrage. The response from Dominic Raab is absolutely shocking. The Tories are completely out of touch with what life is like for ‘ordinary’ people. I live in a very safe Tory constituency. It’s an extremely affluent area full of the retired well-heeled. I’m sure the Tories get a lot of self-interested votes from this particular group who aren’t in the slightest bit worried about losing winter fuel payments, or about the value of the state pension being undermined. And then you get those at the other end of the scale who irrationally absorb the lurid headlines, and all their misinformation from The Sun and The Mail. Those struggling to feed their families and immigrants are maligned as benefit scroungers and cheats. Immigrants are all terrorists or potential terrorists as well.

    I’m still hopeful though. I don’t think May will be able to make her horrible coalition stick, and if we have another election before the year is out, I think the Labour Party will do even better. Both my daughters are determined they will throw all they’ve got into campaigning for a future Labour government – and they won’t be alone.

    Thank you for your fantastic contribution before the election. It does make a difference – keep up the great work!

    • I agree there are many people for whom the present plans concerning winter fuel and so on make little difference and it seems not to occur to these people that for once they should perhaps think of someone else and how the Tories’ pernicious policies are affecting people far less well off than themselves. I once lived in an affluent area and know only too well the mentality and the way people voted from habit without much thought for anyone else but their own interests. They assumed that you were as well off as they were and it is as though they lived in a bubble and failed to notice what is happening to the rest of the population. Since moving now to a safe Labour seat the same habitual thinking remains though not to the degree it once was and even here people seem misguided and lean more to the right than they once did. As you say such indifference has further been enhanced by Tory scrounger/ terrorist propaganda.I rather think the Brexit vote for a good many was made solely on the basis of zenophobic racist anti immigration than anything else. This country is not the same place as it once was, many people seem so selfish and all that matters too many is the acquisition of wealth at all costs and success is measured by this.

      Good to hear that your daughters are campaigning to secure a win for Labour and I agree an election is likely, the situation with the DUP alliance is intolerable and I rather suspect that even among many Tories this is not popular.

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