Urgent Action: Help Save Fourteen Young Men from Imminent Execution in Saudi Arabia

Please read the following from Reprieve and sign and share the petition. This is extremely URGENT

“Over the weekend, we received some bad news: the Saudi Supreme Court confirmed the death sentences of the 14 young men convicted of protest-related offences. The only thing now standing between them and an executioner’s sword is the signature of King Salman.
We’re planning on handing in the petition that nearly 30,000 of our supporters from around the world have signed to the Saudi Embassy in London – but before we do that, we want to ensure as many people as possible have signed on and voiced their opposition. This could be our last chance to make the Saudi government reconsider their decision.
Please sign the petition and call on the Saudi government to stop these executions.
One of those facing execution is Mujtaba al-Sweikat. Mujtaba had always wanted to study in the US, and was thrilled when he was accepted to Western Michigan University. A keen athlete who also enjoyed acting and making his own short films, he was excited to move to America and was counting down the days until he could begin his new life there. That new life was snatched away from him when Saudi police arrested him at the airport and took him away to be beaten, tortured into signing a false ‘confession’ and sentenced to death.

Please sign and share the following petition:

“14 people sentenced to death on protest charges in Saudi Arabia have been prepared for execution and could face beheading within hours. They include a disabled man and two sentenced to death as juveniles.

Munir Al-Adam was born with impaired sight and hearing. In their efforts to extract a “confession” from him, Munir’s captors tortured him so badly that he was rendered completely deaf in one ear. Mujtaba’a al-Sweikat was just 17 when arrested at the airport on his way to take up a place at university in the US. He was burnt with cigarettes and tortured so savagely that his shoulder was broken. He was denied medical care and sentenced to die on the basis of the forced “confession”.

The world must tell the new Saudi Prince that these 14 executions are unacceptable and cannot be allowed to go ahead.


Please share widely. I find it shocking that any government is willing to take the lives of anyone, let alone a disabled person and other young men for any reason. These young men should have their whole lives to look forward to, please sign the petition.

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Fourteen men at imminent risk of beheading as Saudi Arabia continues bloody execution spree
“The Saudi Arabian Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the death sentences of 14 men after a grossly unfair mass trial is a worrying reminder of the country’s lethal crackdown on dissent, said Amnesty International today. The men who were found guilty of protest-related crimes now face imminent execution.”
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