Save Our NHS

“No society can legitimately call itself civilized if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”
Aneurin Bevan

 The NHS needs just £300 million for it to cope

We surely all agree that this is drastic action which should under no circumstances be considered ever.

Nor drastic action like this:

Jeremy Hunt considers barring walk-in patients from A&E:

or this

We need to talk about NHS rationing so says Dr David Turner

No we need to talk about the tax payers money adequately funding the NHS rather than spending this money on other less important things – after all what the hell is more important than our health. Certainly not all the roads that are tearing up what little countryside we have, did you know that on average a mile of motorway costs a whopping £30 million!  The M74 extension opened in Glasgow at a cost of £692m, which works out at £138.4m per mile or £78,000 a yard (£86,500 a metre). 

I can’t find any information regarding the total amount of money spent for the last year or any other information about annual expenditure on roads which the Tories seem over zealous in building in recent years. However as any motorist knows road building has been prolific in the last two or three years involving new roads and extensions to existing roads. Many in my opinion unnecessary. Money going straight into the bank accounts of private contractors no doubt.

We also need to consider the enormous amount of money spent on so-called defence – when were we last attacked –  For the fiscal year ending in March 2018:
UK Defence spending was reported to be £45.4 billion.

In addition there is money from tax avoidance, click the arrow below to see what revenue collected from tax dodgers would provide for the NHS:

We need to talk about taking tax from those who can afford it, big corporations and other tax avoiders and dodgers. It’s time to increase the tax for the rich.

It is estimated that that big business potentially underpaid £25bn in UK taxes last year.  The government it seems are going after poor people who top up low wages or benefits by selling on ebay, dog walking and other odd jobs rather than target corporations. Again as is always the case, the government is working ‘for the few’ while penalising the many, but that is another blog for another time perhaps. Some estimates put this figure much higher at £34 billion.

We are the sixth richest country in the world, surely there is money for healthcare, if there is not the government must find it, reduce the road construction budget and “defense”spending  which since 9/11 has rose from £28 billion to £45 billion, take it from the wealthy with higher taxation. Why should someone live in a huge house, an expensive apartment, have zillions in the bank, yachts, holidays, second third homes while others die unnecessarily while our health service flounders?

The NHS needs just £300 million for it to cope with the winter crisis – well a third can be found by cancelling the £118 m Parliament fire safety upgrade allocated as funding for tower blocks refused

Maybe a drop in the ocean you might think but add all these drops add up and they become more significant. There is sufficient resources in the UK to provide the best healthcare for everyone. Ask most people what is more important than health, I doubt if anyone will say more road building.

Frankly I think the government intend to deliberately send the NHS into crisis to prepare the ground for full privatisation which could well pave the way for an American style healthcare system with disastrous consequences of which I am sure most people are aware.


“We are on a precipice: the NHS has been severely damaged by underfunding and privatisation”
Quote from:

Keep Our NHS Public

Information and actions you can take to save our NHS

Defend our NHS. 

Write to your MP

Contact MP

Demand a fully funded NHS where the latest in health care is available to everyone and where the staff are paid a decent wage in keeping with all the hard and stressful work they put in caring for us all.

Check out the following on Twitter for lots of the latest information and actions you can take

Keep Our NHS Public

Stand With Our NHS

NHS Million

If we do not do something now, our free healthcare provision will be a thing of the past.

Here is an example of what awaits you when the NHS is gone:


2 thoughts on “Save Our NHS

  1. Terrible that taxpayers money is being spent on all those roads and a replacement for Trident instead of our health service. I don’t know who to feel most sorry for, the sick and injured, or the demoralised, grossly overworked NHS staff in a collapsing system:(

    • I had forgotten about Trident which we could well do without. Time to spend money on saving lives not destroying them. The whole situation is sad, we cannot allow the NHS to be destroyed. Yet people voted for the Tories again, this I will never understand. I think many people are ignorant of what is happening to our health care.

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