Snake Rescued From Glue Trap

Four decades later, I do not need to be reminded that rabbits are often a nuisance to farmers and gardeners. My point is that when you look at a rabbit and can see only a pest, or vermin, or a meal, or a commodity, or a laboratory subject, you aren’t seeing the rabbit anymore. You are seeing only yourself and the schemes and appetites we bring to the world–seeing, come to think of it, like an animal instead of as a moral being with moral vision.”
Matthew Scully, Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy

Just so good to see people care about animals and not only the more favoured cats or dogs but an animal who people care little about,  a tiny snake caught in a vicious glue trap where he would have died an horrific and lingering  death.

“While the rescue of any animal is wonderful, it’s always so heartwarming to see displays of compassion for the most misunderstood members of the animal kingdom – whether it be an insect, snake, or bat. All living things deserve respect and compassion, and that is just what these kind gentlemen gave a snake who was caught on a glue trap.

We can’t imagine the terror the poor little snake must have felt not being able to move”

Please continue reading – includes advice about how to humanely deal with so called pests.

I hate the word pest and vermin, no animal is a pest, all are part of nature. A rat or a cockroach does not deliberately intend to cause anyone any inconvenience, they are simply doing what they do, living life as nature intended. This is their world too. Of course you cannot allow rats, mice, cockroaches or anything else to enter your home, contaminate your food and so on but please divert them humanely.

Here are more ideas how to humanely deter unwanted animals along with actions you can take to stop the sale of glue traps :

Take Action 

Ideas about what to do if you see an animal caught in a glue trap and actions you can take to stop the sale of these cruel traps. Includes human ways to Send Rodents Packing:

The RSPCA are opposed to the sale of glue traps

“We’re opposed to the manufacture, sale and use of all glue traps because they cause unacceptable suffering and are totally indiscriminate in what they catch, often ensnaring wild animals like birds and even pets!”

The RSA ask you to do the following if you see anyone selling glue traps

What are the RSPCA doing and how can I help?

“For the past year, we’ve been running our “Wild Animals and Glue Traps” project. We agree that, as outlined in the Code of Practice Humane for the Use of Rodent Glue Boards, if these traps have to be used, they should only be used by, trained professionals. As part of this project, we’re asking that anyone who sees glue traps on sale to the general public to write to us at with:

  • Name and address of the store where the traps are being sold (include postcode where possible).
  • The manager or owner of the store concerned (if known) and the address if different to above.
  • The date you saw the traps on sale.

We’ll then write to the retailer and ask them to consider stopping the sale of glue traps at their store, remove all glue traps from their stock and not to re-stocking them in the future – to prevent the problem reoccurring. The project has been very successful and many stockists have taken these traps off their shelves. Among our success stories, we made Amazon UK aware of the sale of rodent glue traps on their site and, in line with their pre-existing policy against such traps; they then promptly had the items removed.”

Continue reading the full article:

Concerning the above: glue traps are shockingly cruel and should be banned and not used by anyone, trained professionals or otherwise.

Please NEVER use a glue trap.

Please do not subject a helpless little animal to such suffering, be it a rat, mouse, snake or cockroach.

Read the story of this person’s childhood experiences of glue traps:

How Glue Traps Ruined My Childhood:

“I grew up in the Midwest, and every so often little mice from a neighboring field would occasionally find their way into our home and set up shop. On one such occasion, we picked up a package of glue traps from the local hardware store and set them out around the house. Back then, I didn’t realize just how horrifying a little glue trap could be.”

Please continue reading       Warning there are images of small animals struggling to free themselves from glue traps which are very upsetting. 

Incidentally concerning the above quotation I find the implication that animals do not have morals rather misleading. All animals have their own standards of morality, even so called pests. Such as the rat who was reported to be leading another blind rat:

In Hans Ruesch’s Slaughter of the Innocent, he mentions two incidences where rats have been seen to demonstrate this altruism:

“When rats discover poisoned food morsels, they cover them with their faeces, to warn other less perceptive members of the community.”

“A British miner once saw two large rats proceeding slowly along a roadside, each holding one end of a straw in its mouth. The miner clubbed one of them to death. To his surprise, the other rat didn’t move, so the miner bent down to observe it more closely. It was blind and was being led by the other.”

While I do not agree with any kind of experiment on any animal for any reason however seemingly benign, and causing anxiety as in the video below, is not benign of course, I have included it here as they demonstrate that rats care about and will help other rats. The footage shows that rats have empathy and are moral creatures, empathy and offering assistance to alleviate suffering is considered as moral by human standards.

“A series of experiments tested whether or not rats help each other out in moments of distress. It turns out not only will rats work towards freeing an anxious cage mate, but they’ll even forgo a treat to do so. A recent study tested rats’ empathic behavior. In order to do so, two rats were placed in a divided cage with only a door connecting them.”

Continue reading the video’s description by clicking watch on Youtube



4 thoughts on “Snake Rescued From Glue Trap

  1. I had no idea glue traps were being used in the UK. I used to work in a workshop where the men set mousetraps for the little field mice that kept coming in, in search of crumbs and leftovers. Everyday I surreptitiously triggered the traps, and threw a rag or some such over them so my sabotage wouldn’t be noticed. I still worry about those little mice. But even though the mousetraps are deadly, the glue traps are so much worse, condemning creatures indiscriminately to a protracted and terrifying death. Thank you for sharing this information x

    • I am frankly shocked that glue traps are available here in the UK. As you point out all traps are cruel but glue traps are worse. I would have done the same concerning the traps for field mice you mention. I cannot understand how anyone can be so callous, so cruel to inflict such suffering on helpless animals.

  2. Another enlightening post, Cinnabar. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised that rats have morality or empathy, and yet it’s heartening and moving that they do, and plenty of humans could learn a lot from them.

    • I agree we could learn from the behaviours of rats and other animals. I think many people wish to avoid such facts that rats, mice and other so called pests are, like all animals, sentient creatures. The more people understand this hopefully one day things will change

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