Support Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day June 14th

Watch the following videos if you are unaware of the cruelty of the live export trade and please take as much of the following actions as you can, most require only adding your name to a petition.

These hard-hitting TV ads are speaking up for live export victims

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Now please visit: Stop Live Transport

Stop Live Transport:
International Awareness Day

Stand up for farm animals on 14 June 2018.

United we can force change.

All the different ways to get involved

You can share campaign action selfies, sign a range of petitions from different groups, take to the streets, organise a social event with friends, or… try all of the above

Other actions and petitions

Animals Australia: End sheep ship terror NOW

“A live sheep isn’t ‘cargo’. He breathes. He thinks. He can suffer.  This simple fact may be lost onwealthy live export companies. But it wasn’t lost on one concerned crew member who was horrified by the suffering he witnessed on live export voyages…”

Read more and please sign and send a message       you will need to scroll down to send a message.

Also from the above website

“While live exporters continue to send shiploads of frightened animals into harm’s way — no act of kindness, no e-mail, phonecall or message you send on their behalf, will be wasted. These simple actions can help change their world:

  1. Letting the Prime Minister know what you think of live export (click here)
  2. Donating to support our work (click here)

Anyone worldwide can take the above actions , you don’t need to be an Australian citizen

Avaaz: Stop Animal Death Ships

“A whistleblower has secretly filmed thousands of sheep, crammed on a filthy ship, cooking alive in the blazing heat.

It’s a giant floating death camp — and MILLIONS are transported like this every year. But now we have a rare chance to save them!”

Read More and sign a petition

Action to stop live transport from the SumOfUs

“Around 40,000 sheep and 23,000 young calves are exported from Britain every year by the livestock industry, destined for slaughter on the continent.

Suffering and death plague animals on these cramped long-haul journeys. And many of those sheep end up slaughtered by painful and illegal practices, investigators have found. ”

Please read more and sign a petition to:
Michael Gove: ban the export of live farm animals after Brexit!

Action from Compassion in World Farming concerning animals exported from the UK


Discussions are underway in governments across the UK about the possibility of a ban on live exports. But the positive impact of any ban will be compromised if it only prevents exports for slaughter, and not for ‘production’ (fattening).

Will you take a moment to email your elected representative(s), and call on them to ensure a comprehensive ban on the export of live animals for both slaughter and fattening?

It is essential that any ban should cover slaughter AND fattening.

Please read more and send a message to your MP.

If you live outside the UK, please click here to take action to end live exports:

Take Action with Animals international


“A live animal is not a sack of potatoes. He breathes. He thinks. He can suffer. But to the live animal export trade his suffering is just a cost of doing business. Every day, right across the world, vulnerable animals are enduring dangerous journeys on trucks and on ships, just to be killed for their meat — often horrifically — at their destination.

An 8-month Animals International investigation has revealed a global animal welfare crisis that requires a global response.

Stand with us against animal cruelty”

Please sign a petition calling on the OIE (World Animal Health Organisation) to oppose live animal export globally and a pledge:

Change Org -Ban Live Export

Live Export it’s a Crime Against Animals

“I started this petition because I have seen a lot of evidence involving incredibly cruelty to livestock that leave Australian Soil.  If we do not speak up and take action these horrendous acts will continue. The latest pictures I have seen involve cows being hit numerous times on the head with a sledgehammer. I have seen video footage of cows and sheep having their throat cut without being sedated before the slaughter.”

Please read more and add your name to the petition:

Help stop long distance transportation of Horse from Wild Horse Welfare

“Every year around 50,000 horses are needlessly transported thousands of miles across Europe to slaughter. These mares, stallions, youngsters and geldings are given little chance to rest, eat or drink during arduous journeys which can last for days on end.  They arrive at their destination severely dehydrated, in pain, stressed, completely drained of energy and broken in spirit.”

Please read more and sign petition

More information and video:

Referring to the above petition concerning horses.

Shorter journeys would be better but no journeys is the ideal. In fact ending the breeding and rearing confinement and slaughter of over 56 billion animals worldwide would be ideal.

I have to say that changing from an omnivorous/carnivorous diet and becoming vegan is ultimately the most effective way of ending the abuse cruelty and exploitation of just about every living creature on the planet.

Why you might ask. The simple answer is greed. When the money hungry capitalists realise that more profit can be made from producing vegan foods, the cruelty will stop.

However to be realistic it will take many many years before enough people adopt such a diet so that animal farming and other exploitation will beome a thing of the past. In the meantime animals are suffering in the most shocking and appalling ways imaginable and it has to stop now!  It is bad enough that people continue to eat meat and animals continue to suffer in factory farms confined, abused and slaughtered, however the additional cruelty of shipping these poor creatures overseas in appalling conditions only to be brutally slaughtered when they arrive at their destination adds an extra dimension of suffering and misery for these helpless animals.

Also keep in mind that methods of slaughter in destination countries are much more cruel than takes place in the country of origin such as the USA, UK and Australia. In the exploitation of animals for their meat and other derivatives there are of many degrees of cruelty and one of the worst is the live export of animals to countries where there are no animal welfare laws whatsoever and where these animals are treated with appalling cruelty after spending a grueling hellish journey by sea to their destination.

Note – there is no such thing as humane slaughter when an animal does not want to die, and no animal wishes to die, survival is one  of the most powerful of all instincts present in both human and non human animals.

If you are a meat eater please take action, if you are a vegan or vegetarian please take action. Whether you eat meat or you are an abolitionist vegan who consider petitions and similar actions hinder the progress towards worldwide veganism, you cannot stand by and allow this appalling suffering. These animals are suffering NOW! They cannot wait. Take action now and help prevent the suffering of countless millions of gentle helpless animals.

Please share these actions widely – Remember June 14th 

Stop Live Transport:
International Awareness Day

Meat eaters please consider going vegan, try a vegan recipe and you will know you can live well and enjoy good food without harming an animal. Here are some ideas to help you make the transition.


Frankly even if vegan food tasted lousy I could no longer condone eating meat. It’s no good saying that its okay as long as the animals are cared for. Beside the fact that in the huge majority of situations to varying degrees few animals live a good life and all are slaughtered at the end, no farm animal dies of old age, no not even free range chickens, all farm animals face execution – yes execution for that is what it is except no crime has been committed.

Live Export and its cruelty is not a new, though it has become increasingly more cruel and abusive, in the early 1900s W.H Davis in this poems Sheep and A Child’s Pet describes the hardship of live exportation.


When I was once in Baltimore
A man came up to me and cried,
“Come, I have eighteen hundred sheep,
And we will sail on Tuesday’s tide.

“If you will sail with me, young man,
I’ll pay you fifty shillings down;
These eighteen hundred sheep I take
From Baltimore to Glasgow town.”

He paid me fifty shillings down,
I sailed with eighteen hundred sheep;
We soon had cleared the harbour’s mouth,
We soon were in the salt sea deep.

The first night we were out at sea
Those sheep were quiet in their mind;
The second night they cried with fear —
They smelt no pastures in the wind.

They sniffed poor things for their green fields,
They cried so loud I could not sleep:
For fifty thousand shillings down
I would not sail again with sheep.

A Child’s Pet

When I sailed out of Baltimore,
With twice a thousand head of sheep,
They would not eat, they would not drink,
But bleated o’er the deep.

Inside the pens we crawled each day
To sort the living from the dead;
And when we reached the Mersey’s mouth
Had lost five hundred head.

Yet every night and day one sheep,
That had no fear of man or sea
Stuck through the bars its pleading face,
And it was stroked by me.

And to the sheep-men standing near,
‘You see,’ I said, ‘this one tame sheep?
It seems a child has lost her pet,
And cried herself to sleep.’

So every time we passed it by
Sailing to England’s slaughterhouse,
Eight ragged sheep-men — tramps and thieves —
Would stroke that sheep’s black nose.

The situation is more dire nowadays and the cruelty and abuse more extreme and extensive.There are most likely few people such as Davis who made some attempt to avoid cruelty when possible. I cannot understand the mindset of any person who participates in such abuse of another living being.

The barbarous cruelty of the live export trade needs to end now consigned to history where it belongs.

Read more about W.H. Davis and live export:


URGENT ACTION: Please help 19-year-old Noura sentenced to death for killing her rapist.

Please take the two actions below from Amnesty International and Change Org to help get justice for Noura Hussein by sending an email and signing a petition. 

Please read the following and take the suggested action to help 19 year old Noura Hussein who has been sentenced to death for killing her husband who helped by two brothers and a cousin raped her. At only 16 years of age Noura was forced into marriage.

From Amnesty International

Please read the story here from Anmesty International and take Urgent Action to help prevent Noura’s execution by sending an email to the Sudanese Authorities  :

“Noura Hussein had already endured rape by the man she was forced to marry. Her husband and rapist, Hammad, got his two brothers and a male cousin to pin her down while he did it.

When he tried to rape her again, she used a kitchen knife to protect herself. In the ensuing struggle, Hammad sustained fatal knife wounds.

Now, at just 19 years old, Noura has been charged with murder and sentenced to death.”

We can’t allow this injustice to happen – please click the following link and help by  sending an urgent email now to try and get justice for Noura:

Please help, after sending the urgent email please share widely. 

“Noura Hussein was 16 years old when she was forced into marriage by her family.

When she defended herself against her husband and rapist, resulting in his death, Noura went to her family and told them what happened. Her father took her to the police station, and her family disowned her.

A medical examination report from the fight with Hammad indicated Noura had sustained several injuries, including a bite and scratches. But at her trial, the judge applied an outdated law which does not recognise marital rape. She was charged with ‘intentional murder’, though she was clearly defending herself.”

Tell the Sudanese authorities to repeal Noura’s death sentence, and allow her a retrial considering her mitigating circumstances

Every email sent helps, please ask for justice for Noura now. – Please always be polite, abusive messages do not help. 

From Change Org

You may also wish to sign the following petition from Change org

Free Ms Noura Hussein from death sentence, DEATH BY HANGING

Petition to the United Nations and the European Parliament

“The terrified girl’s lawyers have 15 days to appeal the decision.”

“Petitions appealing for Norma’s release have gathered thousands of signature please sign and show your support”

Please read the information and  please sign and share this petition widely

Please take as much action as you can.

Anyone who has read my blog will know I am opposed to the death penalty in all cases. However my objections are even more strong in cases such as Noura Hussein who was merely defending herself. These are mitigating circumstances that cannot be ignored. Please take action and help get Noura’s death sentence repealed.




Help Stop the killing of live Octopuses in Canadian restaurants

What the hell is wrong with people eating live animals, callous, cruel disgusting. Please take action Tell Canadian restaurants to STOP mutilating and serving live animals.

Please send a message to Tell Toronto restaurants to stop mutilating and serving live animals! includes video which some people will find distressing.

If you don’t believe octopuses are intelligent please read the following:

Alien intelligence: the extraordinary minds of octopuses and other cephalopods

“In captivity, they have learned to navigate simple mazes, solve puzzles and open screw-top jars, while wild animals have been observed stacking rocks to protect the entrances to their dens, and hiding themselves inside coconut shell halves.”

Read more

Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life by  Peter Godfrey-Smith. I have almost finished this fascinating book ,which after reading you will be in no doubt that octopuses are intelligent fully aware conscious beings.

Are octopuses smart?

“On Thursday morning, workers filing into the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium in California were surprised to find 200 gallons (750 liters) of seawater soaking into their spanking new, ecologically sensitive flooring. It turns out that a curious two-spotted octopus had disassembled a water recycling valve and directed a tube to spew out of the tank for about 10 hours, according to the Los Angeles Times.”

Read More:

Whether intelligent or otherwise all animals with a nervous system, feel pain and suffer. Therefore the cutting up and eating of live Octopuses and other animals is just appalling cruel and needs to come to an end.

Please Take action and share widely


Take action to stop the executions of torture victims

Life is precious. Life is sacred. And it ought so to be observed.
Gordon B. Hinckley

In just a few days the names of over 17,000 people will be delivered calling on Bahrain to stop the executions of torture victims.  This weekend, May 12th the King of Bahrain will be in the UK to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show. His regime’s human rights record will be under scrutiny – the petition will be delivered to the Bahraini Embassy in London just as he arrives.

The following information and petition comes from the human rights organisation Reprieve

“One of the people we’re trying to save is Maher Abbas al-Khabbaz. He was beaten, whipped and electrocuted before he was forced at gunpoint to make a false ‘confession’. His execution is now imminent, awaiting only a signed death warrant from the King.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is also targeting those who dare to speak out against the regime for arrest, torture and illegal death sentences. Please join us in urging the King to put an end to these abuses.

The more people who sign, the stronger our message will be.”

Please add your name and share

For more information please read the following from Reprieve

“Maher Abbas al-Khabbaz was beaten, whipped and electrocuted before he was forced at gunpoint to make a false confession to killing a police officer in 2013. On 30th January, Maher’s death sentence was finalised by a Bahraini court – his execution is now imminent, awaiting only a signed death warrant from Bahrain’s King.

Last week, Bahrain’s Attorney General recommended that two other men on death row have their cases retried after it emerged that their convictions were based on false confessions extracted through torture. Petition calls upon the Bahraini authorities to build on this and grant retrials to all victims of torture on death row, including Maher.

You can sign the petition here with just two clicks.

This petition comes from the human rights organisation Reprieve – they were key to encouraging the Bahraini government to recommend the latest retrials, and if we work together, they hopefully will be able to help Maher too..””

Please sign and share, nothing will ever change unless we speak out. I am strongly opposed to executions for any reason but in cases such as this the injustice is even more so when confessions are extracted by torture. There is no place surely in the modern world for such violations of human rights.


End Mountain Hare Cull

“As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

Please read more and share and please sign this petition:

Enough is enough: End the mountain hare killing

“This is the grim, brutal reality for mountain hares in Scotland, exposed in a new investigation by OneKind, League Against Cruel Sports and Lush. Take action now!

Military-style convoys moving from mountain to mountain, killing the hares and filling their pick-ups with dead animals as they go. A hare is shot. Its leg is maimed and it tries to run away, adrenalin helping it overcome the pain. This is the grim, brutal reality for mountain hares in Scotland, exposed in a new investigation by OneKind, League Against Cruel Sports and Lush.”

Help end the culling/slaughter of #MountainHares IN ONE YEAR ALONE 25,000 were killed. Enough is enough, it’s time for the #Scottish Government to end the mass-killing of mountain hares #HareCare Watch the video and please sign the open letter and share :

Take this one small action to make the world a better place for all creatures , all that is required is for you to add your name. Please share widely. Another 1500 or so signatures required to reach the target of 10,000, but even more would be good of course.

This brutality towards helpless animals shames us both as a species and as a nation and should be stopped. The well-off upper classes and equally affluent tourists come to Scotland, and indeed the rest of the UK, with the purpose of killing defenseless animals including grouse, pheasant, deer and of course hares. The fact that governments do little to stop this is disgusting, it is time such barbarity and the encouragement of violence for sport or indeed any other reason should be consigned to history where it belongs.

It is time we asked the questions: What is wrong with the mentality of people who find pleasure in killing an helpless animal? Should we as a nation allow this to continue?  Why isn’t this barbarity and cruelty recognized for what it is, the sickening violence towards a weaker species with whom we share this world.

No wonder there will never be peace in the world while governments allow their citizens to indulge in violence and cruelty to animals as though it is some kind of birthright.

Related Link

First Minister shares ‘anger’ over hare culling footage:

Mountain hares estimated to have been killed in 2006/07

Mountain hare killing is not monitored in Scotland, however a Scottish National Heritage study estimates 25,000 mountain hares were killed in 2006/07.

This is understood to be between 5-14% of the total population.

Animal campaigners say approximately 40% of those killed are shot for sport shooting, and 50% as part of organised culls.”

Time to end the killing of these creatures, all killing, no licenses for anyone for any reason.  Time not only to end mass culls but all killing of defenseless animals. No Killing full stop! Not one single hare should die for any reason. We have no right to take the life of any creature, it is not our world, we share it with millions of other species. 

Help Stop The Cruelty, tell American Express to replace the items with exotic-animal skins in its rewards store with others that don’t cause animals horrific suffering.

“There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals’ backs. Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torture and  gruesome deaths of millions of animals each year.”
Natalie Imbruglia

Fur and leather are of course the same thing, the skin of a dead tortured animal.

Sometimes I think we are taking steps backwards in our ethical progress to times a lot of us thought had been forgotten or at least consigned to history. I recall my mother speaking nonchalantly about how expensive crocodile handbags were and how desirable a mink coat was without much realisation as to the cruelty behind these items. She was not heartless callous or didn’t care about animals she simply did not think it through. Not that this is any real excuse, however there is absolutely no excuse in the modern day – least of all ignorance. Most certainly not for companies such as American Express.

Please read the following from PETA and take the suggested action

American Express Offers Animals’ Skin as a Reward

Behind every ostrich, crocodile, and alligator skin item is an animal who endured a miserable life and a violent death.


Yet American Express encourages its cardholders to redeem their rewards points
for items made from these animals’ skin.

Workers hacked open these animals’ necks, trying to dislocate their vertebrae. They shoved metal rods into their heads to try to scramble their brains—all while they were still conscious. Minutes after these often failed attempts, their legs and tails were still moving on the bleed rack and in the ice bins.

American Express needs to stop allowing its cardholders to “reward” themselves with the skins of tortured animals.

Read More and please take action and send a message to tell American Express to replace the items with exotic-animal skins in its rewards store with others that don’t cause animals horrific suffering.

It is hard to believe that still today with so much information to hand that there are people who are happy with owning something made from the skin of a dead animal.

Consider whether the animal is an alligator or a cow an animals skin belongs to the animal who was born with it, all leather is a product of cruelty. If you truly love animals don’t wear their dead skins, fur or wool.

Vegan Activism The Right Way

“I made the choice to be vegan because I will not eat (or wear, or use) anything that could have an emotional response to its death or captivity. I can well imagine what that must feel like for our non-human friends – the fear, the terror, the pain – and I will not cause such suffering to a fellow living being.” 
Rai Aren

This article is about how to help people make the choice to change to a vegan diet.

Below are ideas how to engage in vegan activism, how to convince people to change to a plant based diet.

The article explains the pit falls of aggressive activism and explains the correct way to approach people.

What Kind of Activism Convinces People to Go Vegan?

Vegan activism is a divisive topic, and the jury’s still out on which tactics are most effective at convincing meat eaters to change their ways.

But I think you can go too far in the wrong direction, with an end result that’s not what you’re aiming for. Two incidents in the last week or so came to my attention, causing me to revisit this question.

Read More:

If you don’t have the time to read the whole article above here are the main tips for successful activism

“1. Focus on progress not perfection. There is no way to be 100% vegan. A lot of people are afraid to go vegan, because they’re afraid of making a mistake. Let people feel that mistakes are a part of being vegan.

2. Keep in mind all the negative stereotypes people have had of vegans, i.e., negative, self-righteous, pushy, etc. Not falling into any of those categories as a vegan activist is some powerful sh**.

3. Let people address the info on their own terms. People appreciate it and are more likely to change.

4. Look professional or at least mainstream. Scientific research has shown that people take you more seriously. When people take you more seriously, animals don’t die.

5. Don’t argue or debate. If someone gets upset at you, listen to them. Then put out your hand, introduce yourself, and ask them questions about themselves and their life. Then try to find something to relate with them on. Only bring the conversation back to the animals if the conversation flows there. People are more persuaded by you when they like you and feel they can relate to you.

6. Don’t compare factory farming to slavery or the holocaust. It offends people. And then they leave and go eat meat.

7. Internalize that eating vegan is easy as f***. People like easy things.

8. Internalize that eating vegan is normal and mainstream. People are more inspired by what’s normal than by what’s ethical. People want to follow the crowd.

9. If non-vegans hate you, you’re doing it wrong. You will inspire people to change. And you will piss people off. Your goal is to minimize the number of people you piss off, and increase the number of people you inspire to change.”

I don’t entirely agree with all the points raised but most of it is sound advice, for instance to my way of thinking it is acceptable to point out that factory farming is comparable to slavery however one should do so in a non aggressive and diplomatic way. I admit I hesitated to publish my post here on the subject of animal slavery because of the sensitivity surrounding this issue. I think the key to successful persuasion is to always be diplomatic and sensitive, never insulting or intimidating. Most of the arguments I have had with people here on line have been with vegans who throw around insults and push their point of view with, shall we say, a less than amiable approach.

Often simple thought provoking information gets people to think, such as pointing out that if meat was a natural food we would not have to cook it and we would not need an implement to kill it. Natural carnivores and omnivores do not cook their food,  and they don’t use a weapon to kill it either – so obvious I know but few people, including myself at one time, think this way. This was an argument used right back in ancient times.

Plutarch challenges the idea that man is naturally carnivorous; an excuse so often used today to justify the eating of meat appears to have been used for its justification in ancient times.

The following is indeed a very persuasive argument against meat being a natural food for humans and will often leave even the most ardent meat eater lost for words.

“We declare, then, that it is absurd for them to say that the practise of flesh-eating is based on nature . For that man is not naturally carnivorous is, in the first place, obvious from the structure of his body. A mans frame is in no way similar to those creatures who were made for flesh-eating; he has no hooked beak or sharp nails or jagged teeth, no strong stomach or warmth of vital fluids able to digest and assimilate a heavy diet of flesh. It is from the very fact, the evenness of our teeth, the smallness of our mouths, the softness of our tongues, our possession of vital fluids too inert to digest meat that nature disavows our eating of flesh. If you declare that you are naturally designed for such a diet, than first kill for yourself what you want to eat. Do, it however, only through your own resources, unaided by cleaver or cudgel of any kind or axe. Rather, just as wolves and bears and lions themselves slay what they eat, so you are to fell an ox with your fangs or a boar with your jaws, or tear a lamb or hare in bits. Fall upon it and eat it still living, as animals do. But if you wait for what you eat to be dead, if you have qualms about enjoying the flesh while life is still present, why do you continue, contrary to nature, to eat what possesses life? Even when it is lifeless and dead, however, no one eats the flesh just as it is; men boil it and roast it, altering it by fire and drugs, recasting and diverting and smothering with countless condiments the taste of gore so that the palate may be deceived and accept what is foreign to it.”

Another good way to encourage people to go vegan is to share with them some good vegan cooking as suggested in this PETA article:

7 Friendly, Fun and Easy Ways to Persuade Others to Go Vegan

Cook and share vegan food

“It’s easy to overcome any prejudices against plant-based food by showing people how delicious it is. You could try throwing a dinner party for friends, offering up a menu for your family dinner, cooking an evening meal for your housemates or bringing tasty animal-friendly food and drink to parties and festive events. Perhaps you could cook a delicious vegan cake to share with your co-workers and only reveal that it’s vegan after the compliments have come flooding in.”

Read More:

Note the emphasis on friendly, I cannot emphasis enough that insults and aggression will not persuade anyone to change their way of thinking and frankly often makes them more determined to continue their present eating habits.

Finally advice from the Vegan society

4 great tips to help your friends go vegan

Read our positively upbeat personal stories explaining how we’ve supported our friends to go vegan, and get some advice on doing the same.

“There are few feelings that are better than one of your friends announcing that they’re going vegan. This is partly because we may have played a part in their making such a positive decision – it reminds us that each of us is instrumental in growing the vegan movement. Whether you stay up late with your friends having philosophical debates about animal rights and applied ethics, or you share the message by wearing a vegan T-shirt, there’s no best way to help other people make the connection. Anything which opens another person’s eyes to the possibility of going vegan is a good thing. ”

As veganism is such a big part of my life, sometimes I worry that my friends see me as ‘the vegan one’. Despite the fact that veganism is hugely important to me, for this reason I sometimes find myself staying quiet. I’m sure there are many people out there who feel similarly – nothing would make us happier than our friends going vegan, but we can be hesitant to share our views with them due to stereotypes of the ‘preachy vegan’. If this resonates with you, here are some tips to boost your confidence, as well as ideas about how to encourage your friends to go vegan.

Read more:

It is nowadays a lot easier to change to a vegan diet and lifestyle and more and more people are changing to a plant based diet.

‘Going vegan’ is predicted to be the biggest food trend of 2018

International delivery service Just Eat reported an increase in vegan and vegetarian orders in 2017.”

“The most recent survey conducted in the UK found that over 542,000 people are following a vegan diet – an increase increase of more than 3.5 times the number of vegans over the past decade, making veganism one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements. The movement is being driven by young people making more ethical and compassionate choices – 42 percent of all vegans are in the 15-34 age category compared to just 14 percent who are over 65. This indicates growth is likely to rise further in the future. In total an estimated 3.25 percent of the British population, around 1.68 million people, are either vegetarian or vegan.

Meanwhile in the USA 6 percent of the population now identify as vegan, showing a increase of 500 percent since 2014 according to research provided by GlobalData.”

Read more:

For the sake of animals, your health and the environment change to a vegan diet and help others to do so.