Take action to stop the executions of torture victims

Life is precious. Life is sacred. And it ought so to be observed.
Gordon B. Hinckley

In just a few days the names of over 17,000 people will be delivered calling on Bahrain to stop the executions of torture victims.  This weekend, May 12th the King of Bahrain will be in the UK to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show. His regime’s human rights record will be under scrutiny – the petition will be delivered to the Bahraini Embassy in London just as he arrives.

The following information and petition comes from the human rights organisation Reprieve

“One of the people we’re trying to save is Maher Abbas al-Khabbaz. He was beaten, whipped and electrocuted before he was forced at gunpoint to make a false ‘confession’. His execution is now imminent, awaiting only a signed death warrant from the King.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is also targeting those who dare to speak out against the regime for arrest, torture and illegal death sentences. Please join us in urging the King to put an end to these abuses.

The more people who sign, the stronger our message will be.”

Please add your name and share


For more information please read the following from Reprieve

“Maher Abbas al-Khabbaz was beaten, whipped and electrocuted before he was forced at gunpoint to make a false confession to killing a police officer in 2013. On 30th January, Maher’s death sentence was finalised by a Bahraini court – his execution is now imminent, awaiting only a signed death warrant from Bahrain’s King.

Last week, Bahrain’s Attorney General recommended that two other men on death row have their cases retried after it emerged that their convictions were based on false confessions extracted through torture. Petition calls upon the Bahraini authorities to build on this and grant retrials to all victims of torture on death row, including Maher.

You can sign the petition here with just two clicks.

This petition comes from the human rights organisation Reprieve – they were key to encouraging the Bahraini government to recommend the latest retrials, and if we work together, they hopefully will be able to help Maher too..””

Please sign and share, nothing will ever change unless we speak out. I am strongly opposed to executions for any reason but in cases such as this the injustice is even more so when confessions are extracted by torture. There is no place surely in the modern world for such violations of human rights.



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