Quotations and Slogans: Animal Rights – Update two new graphics 22/01/20

Below are animal rights quotations, many with slogans. All have a public domain license and may be used on-line or elsewhere for campaigns supporting animal rights and veganism.

The photos are either my own or originate from either a similar Creative Commons licence or are public domain.

More will be added soon


The main source for public domain photos used below:


                  For animals For the environment Live Vegan
                  Save lives go vegan

Pig behind wire fencing

Stop Contributing to the deaths of billions of animals Go Vegan

photo of a man hunting carrying a rifle,

Ban all Blood Sports

sleeping fox

Fur is a product of cruelty: keep fur out of your wardrobe

Cat and dog lying together in snow.

Speak out for animals


The fur industry kills more than 110 million animals a year

Swaledale sheep crammed together.

Each year 56 billion farm animals are abused and mistreated:Stop the cruelty change to a plant based diet.

Close up of a cows eye.

Respect the lives of all animals by changing to a plant based diet. Go Vegan

Cages of battery hens stacked one on top of the other.

End the suffering of chickens

Guinea pigs animal rights poster

Ban Animal Experiments

Baby wild rabbit eating Animal rights poster

Love:Animals Go vegan

two cattle bulls with long horns

Love animals Go Vegan

 rack of rifles

End Hunting Shooting and all Blood Sports

Milk being poured black background

Go Vegan

pleasant in heather.

Ban Shooting


A line of four adult elephants and a baby elephant

Save Elephants This is how elephants should live wild and free

A close up of an animals eye

Respect all Life Go Vegan

Circus with elephants

Boycott Circuses

One Fish

Fish deserve to live. Keep fish off your plate

Two piglets one pink one black

Change to a vegan diet


Stop the Cull

Baby rabbit sitting in grass and wild plants

Respect the rights of animals Go Vegan


Stop the Badger massacre