Is There Goodness in the World – See For Yourself

The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers & lovers of all kinds.
Dalai Lama

The world right now seems so empty of compassion and genuine kindness, even in our daily lives people seem indifferent at best, aggressive and hostile at worst. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves there are good people in the world.

Here are a few examples, some are just small acts of kindness in this impatient world of haste, selfishness and greed.

A cashier patiently helps an elderly man count out his change.

A man lovely cares for an injured fox nursing him back to health

This next act of kindness will restore your faith in humanity. A homeless man uses all the money he has to help a woman stranded alone by the roadside without patrol.

Woman raises £300k for homeless man who gave her his last £15

“Kate McClure, 27, started the page when she became stranded on the Interstate 95 in Philadelphia and homeless man, Johnny Bobbit Jr walked a few blocks and bought her some with his last £15.

Ms McClure did not have any cash to repay him that night, but returned to the road with cash, clothes and food to say thank you.

She then set up the fundraising page in the hopes of getting £10,000 to help towards housing for Johnny, reports the Metro.”

Continue reading the full story

This woman saves the life of a faun by giving her CPR – so good to know that there are people who care about animals and will go the extra mile to save a life.

This adorable little bear won’t let go of the person who saved him from a fire.

Rescuers risk their lives to free a cougar caught in a trap

This man saves the life of a Bengulea dolphin

In this final good deed story a man risks his life to save a goat.


You can always give something, Even if it is only kindness.
Anne Frank


Reasons to Vote Labour

“When Labour wins, the British people win. The nurse, the teacher, the small trader, the carer, the builder, the office worker win.”
“take our wealth back”
Jeremy Corbyn

If the Tories win , the rich and powerful win and the average person loses. Not only people of course but wildlife and the environment will lose as the fox hunting ban is repealed and the badger cull/massacre continues as does fracking which is now taking place in Yorkshire, Lancashire, the midlands and elsewhere  in some of our most scenic places, including our national parks.

Reasons to vote Labour

Firstly this election is about more than Brexit, at least it should be.

“This election isn’t about Brexit itself. That issue has been settled. The question now is what sort of Brexit do we want – and what sort of country do we want Britain to be after Brexit?
Jeremy Corbyn

For anyone who is in any doubt concerning Labour’ position on Brexit please read the following:

Labour “accepts the referendum result” and intends to build a close new relationship with Europe “not as members but as partners”.

“Labour will always put jobs and the economy first”

“We will prioritise jobs and living standards, build a close new relationship with the EU, protect workers’ rights and environmental standards, provide certainty to EU nationals and give a meaningful role to Parliament throughout negotiations.

We will build a close co-operative future relationship with the EU, not as members but as partners.”

Read More concerning Labours plans for Brexit:

It is likely that a Tory Brexit will be of benefit for only the few. Any money saved will be handed to corporations as tax cuts.

New trade deals sought with the USA and others will drive down working conditions, food and environmental standards and I suspect animal welfare will suffer.

A Tory Brexit will erode workers rights, cut taxes to corporations and isolate the UK from our closest allies and trading partners.

Consider the following:

…Brexit will impact more than just the 70 millions human animals living in the United Kingdom. It is also a devastating blow for the approximately 1 billion non-human animals per year who are killed in the UK for food, trade, and experimentation.

Approximately 80 per cent of UK animal protection laws originate from the EU, and these laws have prohibited some of the worst aspects of industrial livestock production. Veal crates have been banned from 2007, barren battery cages for egg-laying hens from 2012, and sow stalls from 2013. The EU ‘constitution’ also contains a declaration that animals are sentient beings and that all EU and member state legislation must take into account the effect on animal welfare.

Brexit has put all of these advances at risk. The UK will no longer need to comply with these rules, and it appears unlikely that they will do so voluntarily.

Labour  include a number of positive animal welfare pledges  in their manifesto – more about this further down.

Labour commits to the following:


Labour pledges to  increase NHS funding by 6 billion annually.   The party will ‘commit to over £6 billion extra in annual funding through increasing income tax for the highest 5% of earners’

Here are just a few highlights of Labours proposals for our NHS

“We will invest in our NHS for world-class care”

Labour guarantee “access to treatment within 18 weeks, we will take one million people off NHS waiting lists by the end of the next Parliament.”

“We will ensure all NHS patients get fast access to the most effective new drugs and treatments”,

“We will guarantee that patients can be seen in A&E within four hours.”

“We will increase funding to GP services to ensure patients can access the care they need.”

“We will ensure all NHS patients get fast access to the most effective new drugs and treatments,”

“Labour will focus resources on services to provide care closer to home and deliver a truly 21st century health system.”

“Labour will set the ambition to make our country autism-friendly.”

The party also plans to scrap NHS pay cap and  ‘give our NHS workers the pay they deserve’.

Labour pledge to give “mental health the same priority as physical health means not only ensuring access to services, but also making improvements, to those services.” This will include  investment “in early intervention by increasing the proportion of mental health budgets spent on support for children and young people.”

Here is a shocking fact, Suicide is now the most common cause of death for boys aged between 5 and 19.

For full details of Labour’s proposals for the NHS please read the full section of their manifesto:
Healthcare for all

The NHS was founded by the Labour party and is one of their greatest achievements which makes available free universal healthcare to all.

Don’t allow the Tories to privatise our NHS and make health care a privilege for the few.

Labour plans to re-nationalise the railways, Royal Mail, and water and also says it will restore parts of the energy industry into public ownership.


As Franchises expire Labour pledges to return private railways to public ownership. Since privatisation prices have risen while the quality of services has decreased. Operating not-for-profit returning to public owner ship will reduce fares. Since the Tories came to power rail fares have rocketed by 27% – that’s a rise three times faster than the growth in wages. Some season tickets are up by over 40%.

Royal Mail

As soon as possible Labour plan to reverse the privatisation of  Royal Mail. Since privatisation of this national asset, which was sold off cheaply, there has been a significant increase in postal charges and a poorer service – do you remember when you got your post before going to work and a second delivery late morning. Now you ‘re lucky if you get your first and only delivery before mid day!


Since privatisation the cost of energy has increased at an alarming rate leaving many people unable to afford the cost of heating their homes while energy providers rake in massive profits. During 2015 private energy providers overcharged customers by £2 billion

Labour says it will bring energy into partial public ownership – this will begin with an immediate “emergency price cap” on energy bills to ensure that the average duel fuel household energy bill remains below £1,000 a year.


“The Tories have rigged our economy so that bill payers fund wealthy shareholders of companies which in turn pay little in tax. It doesn’t have to be this way,”

Labour plan to re-nationalise the water industry introducing a network of regional publicly-owned water companies.

Water companies make huge profits from a resource which is vital for survival, good health and quality of life. As a result of privatisation water bills have risen by 40 per cent. Profits go to share holders which could benefit all rather than the privileged few. The privatisation of water has to be among the most appalling of all the mass privatisations.

“Labour will rebalance our economy so that the many are no longer ripped off by the wealthy and powerful few. Labour will transform our energy, water and mail markets so that they work for consumers. Our plans for public ownership and greater transparency will slash bills and drive investment in efficiency and renewables.”

Read More:

Returning water to public funding could cut household water bills by £220

Following a worldwide trend Labour plan to take back public utilities into public ownership “to deliver lower prices, more accountability and a more sustainable economy. “

Read more about Labours plans to return key public services to public ownership and further proposals relating to the economy:

The Environment

Labour promises to ban fracking and supports other positive environmental intitiatives.

A huge raft of environmental reforms is promised in the Labour Party’s draft manifesto, writes Oliver Tickell. Among the highlights: a ban on fracking; a clean energy policy based on renewables and efficiency; no commitment to new nuclear power; to meet our Paris Agreement obligations on climate; to give companies a legal obligation to protect the environment; to retain all EU environment laws post-Brexit; and multilateral nuclear disarmament.

Read More: As the article points out all is not positive but will be one hell of an improvement on what the Tories have to offer.

Do you know that right now fracking is taking place in Yorkshire:

Now fracking firms set sights on beauty spots across Britain: Hundreds of sites could be approved for drilling including national parks:

Also included in the manifesto are plans to ” introduce a new Clean Air Act to deal with the Conservative legacy of illegal air quality,“plant a million trees of native species to promote biodiversity and better flood management. Unlike the Conservatives who attempted to privatise our forests, Labour will keep them in public hands.”

You can read more details concerning Labour’s environmental plans:

Tuition Fees

Labour intends to abolish tuition fees and reintroduce maintenance grants.This goes without saying is a more fair system and opens opportunities for everyone with the necessary ability to advance his or her education rather than only those who can afford it. Who really could not consider this a fair just policy.

Labour plans to give “everyone the opportunity to access education throughout their lives.”

Labour “will create a unified National Education Service (NES) for England to move towards cradle-to-grave learning that is free at the point of use. The NES will be built on the principle that ‘Every Child – and Adult Matters’ and will incorporate all forms of education, from early years through to adult education.”

Read more about Labour’s pledges for education at all stages of life:


During their time in government the conservatives have slashed social security plunging millions into poverty and increased the need for food banks. In the UK today one of the richest countries in the world 4 million children live in poverty.

Among the many plans Labour has to undo the misery of rising poverty as a result of the conservatives failed attempts on the backs of the poor to reduce the deficit is to scrap the bedroom tax , reinstate housing benefits for the under twenty-ones,  scrap the cruel and unfair sanctions regime .

Labour will also:
” reform and redesign UC, ending six-week delays in payment and the ‘rape clause’.

“commit to tackle child poverty with a new Child Poverty Strategy.”

  • Increase Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by £30 per week for those in the work-related activity group, and repeal cuts in the UC limited capacity for work element.
  • Increase Carer’s Allowance by £11 to the level of Jobseekers’ Allowance.
  • Implement the court decision on Personal Independence Payment (PIP) so that there is real parity of esteem between those with physical and mental-health conditions.
  • Scrap the Work Capability and Personal Independence Payment assessments and replace them with a personalised, holistic assessment process that provides each individual with a tailored plan, building on their strengths and addressing barriers. Labour will end the privatisation of assessments.
  • End the pointless stress of reassessments for people with severe long-term conditions.
  • Commission a report into expanding the Access to Work programme.

“We will change the culture of the social security system, from one that demonises people not in work to one that is supportive and enabling.”

Watch the video of May as she is challenged by a lady with learning disabilities who frankly was not fooled by May’s repetitive vague promises

Animal Welfare

Keep the fox hunting ban

Labour will keep the fox hunting ban, a ban which the overwhelming majority approve.

You can sign a Labour Party petition directed at the Tories to tell them you wish to keep the ban   However the most affective way to ensure the ban remains is to vote for Labour

The Tories on the other hand fully intend to reinstate this horrifically cruel blood sport

“Theresa May sensationally confirmed she hopes to bring back fox-hunting after the Mirror exposed a secret Tory plot to repeal the ban.

Speaking in Leeds today, the Prime Minister admitted she has “always been in favour” of the cruel blood sport and will press ahead with plans for a free vote of MPs after the election.”

Read more of this story which includes a video

Theresa May confirms she wants to bring back fox hunting after secret Tory plot exposed:

Stop the badger cull – vaccinate instead.

“I am opposed to Badger cull. No to killing tens of thousands of these protected animals. Vaccinate against BTB”
Jeremy Corbyn Twitter:

The Tories tend to extend this cruel massacre of badgers and have already killed 10,000 of these animals who have as much right to their lives as you or I

You can read more detail in the following article:

More than 10,000 badgers have been killed to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in cattle, the Government has announced, as it revealed it is considering extending the culls.
Read More:

Concerning animal welfare Labour pledges the following:

“Labour’s vision is for the UK to lead the world with high animal welfare standards”

“Labour will increase the maximum sentence for those convicted of committing animal cruelty.”

“Labour  will prohibit the third-party sale of puppies, introduce and enforce a total ban on ivory trading, and support the ban on wild  animals in circuses.

As with fox hunting Labour banned, deer hunting and hare coursing and only Labour will maintain these bans.

In order to protect bees the Labour  party will promise to ban neonicotinoids, an insecticide that has led to a decline in population.

“Labour promises to “protect our bees by prohibiting neonicotinoids as soon as our EU relationship allows us to do so.”

Read Labour’s plans concerning the environment and animal welfare :

The above are highlights of Labour’s plans for the UK

Read the entire manifesto here:

Please vote wisely at this most crucial election. It is easy to be led astray by empty Tory promises but check closely the last seven years under the Tories with the rise in poverty, food banks, poor services, austerity for the few while the wealth of the rich increases. Ask yourself do you really want to see more children in poverty, longer queues at food banks, more cuts to benefits for our most vulnerable citizens, fracking in our countryside, the return of fox hunting, the continuation of the killing of badgers and the Tories lack of support for a total ban on the trade in ivory.

A final comment about Brexit

How many of us can really say we understand what the hell is going on with Brexit, yet when asked people cite concerns about Brixt like some well-worn mantra the essence of which I fear few understand. Brexit in my opinion is in any case one of the biggest disasters in recent times brought about  largely as a result of ill-informed people voting either under the misconception that the money saved would go to the NHS or for racist zenophobic reasons and anti-immigration bigotry – I wonder how people will react when stricter immigration rules hit services. Yes NHS needs EU employees to avoid collapse  However the rights and wrongs of Brexit are not the point of this blog. Article 50 has been triggered Brexit will go ahead, yes the form it will take will depend on who is running the country, the Tories who support the rich and powerful or Labour who support a fair society for all. However Brixit is not the only issue and in my opinion not the most important by a long shot.

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Jeremy Corbyn promises a ‘reckoning’ for Britain’s unscrupulous elite

Jeremy Corbyn speech at Labour’s campaign launch

‘The next Labour government will reverse privatisation of our NHS and return our health service into expert public control. Labour will repeal the Health and Social Care Act that puts profits before patients.

Read further pledges:

  • Labour “accepts the referendum result” and intends to build a close new relationship with Europe “not as members but as partners”.
  • Retain benefits of single market and customs union.
  • Immediately guarantee existing rights of EU nationals living in Britain and secure reciprocal rights for UK citizens living in another EU country.
  • No “no deal” option at the end of Article 50 negotiations, with “transitional arrangements” negotiated instead to avoid cliff-edge.
  • Scrap Great Repeal Bill and replace with EU Rights and Protections Bill.

For full details of Labours proposals for the NHS please read the full section of their manifesto:
Healthcare for all




Another Vicious Attack on UK Benefits

We are a step closer to the end of the welfare system in the UK as this vile government once again deals a savage blow to sick and disabled people as £30 is cut from Employment and Support Allowance ( ESA), a benefit given to disabled people in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) whom the government considers may be able to work at some future time. I must point out that many in this group deemed fit to work at some point are not necessarily able to do so and are in many cases seriously sick and disabled.

The planned cut was delayed by peers in the House of Lords but finally and inevitably this government got it’s own way and yet another social injustice comes into being which will seriously affect the lives of people for whom day-to-day existence is already a huge struggle as the existing benefit is already inadequate. The government says that the cuts will incentivize disabled people to work!  Disabled and sick people may well wish to work but are too ill to do so, incentives, or more like coercion,  cannot make seriously ill people work if the are just too sick or disabled to do so. In fact charities have warned that the cut will make it more difficult for people with illness or disability to find work and many struggle to afford the basics of food, heating and shelter even on the current rate of benefit.

“We’re deeply disappointed that the Government is pushing ahead with its plans despite opposition from the House of Lords and many MPs.

“Half a million disabled people will be affected by this proposal – losing around £30 a week – at a time when they are already struggling to make ends meet.

“Reducing disabled people’s incomes won’t incentivise them to find a job. It will just make life harder
Elliot Dunster Scope

More information

Tories force through ESA disability benefit cuts as Lords run out of options to block them

“One peer described today as a “black day for disabled people” as Peers were forced to accept cuts to Employment Support Allowance”

Cruel cuts to benefits for sick and disabled people will now go ahead, after Lords were forced to back down in their opposition to Government plans.

Ministers were twice defeated by Peers over plans to slash Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by £30 a week.

But the measure was today pushed through the upper chamber, in what Lord Low described as a “black day for disabled people.”

Welfare Secretary Iain Duncan Smith wants to cut sick and disabled peoples’ ESA from £102.15 to £73.10 a week from April 2017 – equal to jobseeker’s allowance – if they are deemed fit for “work-related activity”.”

Read More:

The government are simply hacking away at our welfare system bit by bit until it exists no more and the progress of the last sixty or so years will be gone and forgotten.

Jobseeker’s allowance of just £ 73.10 is not adequate for the unemployed to live on, it is not adequate for disabled and sick people to live on. No one can exist on such a small income. While greedy MPs many of whom are millionaires accept huge pay rises they dock the income of people who are already poor and struggling to make ends meet. It is disgusting, bloody outrageous and I cannot understand why few voices are raised condemning this injustice! As a result of government welfare reforms it’s a frightening time to be sick and disabled in today’s UK. What is even more frightening is the lack of support from the public as so few speak out against this gross injustice to our most vulnerable citizens, rather in the same way that few spoke out against the Nazis attack on disabled people prior to World War 2. The UK is a rich country, the problem is the wealth is in the hands of a few greedy individuals and things have to change, it is not right that some people accrue millions and are fabulously rich while others have nothing, are hungry, cold and often destitute. Four more years of this hell and we can wave goodby to the our welfare system and turn the clock back to Victorian times

We must not allow this to happen. Make your outrage known –  if you are not outraged why not????? This could happen to anyone at anytime, sickness and disability can befall us unexpectedly, no one is exempt from this possibility.

Please Take Action

Click the link below for a list of the names of all the MPs who forced these cuts through and voted for this unfair reduction in income to vulnerable people. If one of them is your MP or even if they are not please write and tell them what you think concerning this deeply unfair and unjust cut in benefits for people who are sick and disabled. Please write to as many MPs as you can, politely but strongly convey your outrage

These are all the MPs who voted to force through the ESA disability benefit cut:

Please click the above link for the complete list and write to as many MPs as you can

You will find contact details of all MPs on the list by clicking the link below:

Contact your MP

Be sure to write to David Cameron:

Email Number 10

“The Prime Minister’s office is interested to hear from you and you can email us using the link above. All emails are read and we will do our best to ensure you receive a response. Where appropriate, we will forward your email to the relevant government department for the matters you raise.”

You can also write to the following address:

10 Downing Street

Not all Tory MPs approve the cut

Tory MP Heidi Allen explains why she’s defying her party to oppose ESA benefit cuts

Tory MP defies Iain Duncan Smith to vote against ESA welfare cuts – and begs colleagues to join her

If you look at the list of MPs Heidi Allen’s name is not included. This gives some small hope that even for Tory MPs there is a limit to which they will not go beyond. So it is worth writing to MPs on the list.

In the comment section of the Independents MPs list someone raises the following question:

Although this cut will only impact on new claimants, how long until we’re all re-assessed and found fit-for work?

This is something I have considered myself and no doubt everyone on ESA will be thinking along the same lines. Will future assessments be rigged to make sure people are found fit for work so when they next apply for ESA they will only get it at the reduced rate.

Here is more of this person’s comment

They’ve already attacked means to appeal and financial support during appeal, many of us can’t claim JSA due to severity of our disabilities, and now even if we get back on ESA we’re going to see a huge loss to our income. Just remember that £30 is a LOT of money to us…for example after paying minimum to priority bills that would leave me with ZERO for food, travel to appointments, assistive technology, etc. so how does that help me into work?! 

Animals Enjoying Themselves

“…the lower animals, like man, manifestly feel pleasure and pain, happiness and misery. Happiness is never better exhibited than by young animals, such as puppies, kittens, lambs, etc., when playing together, like our own children. Even insects play together, as has been described by that excellent observer, P. Huber, who saw ants chasing and pretending to bite each other, like so many puppies.

The fact that the lower animals are excited by the same emotions as ourselves is so well established, that it will not be necessary to weary the reader by many details.”
Charles Darwin The Descent of Man

Sadly the fact that non human animals are “excited by the same emotions as ourselves” is not well established though things are improving in this regard.

Indeed animals feel pleasure, are capable of play and enjoying themselves as the video below demonstrates.

Everyone Deserves Joy  –   From Animals Australia this video will warm your heart


“Who says that animals don’t experience pleasure?

They feel remarkably similar emotions to humans – including euphoria, love and mischievousness”
Jonathan Balcombe

Yes indeed animals experience pleasure but for anyone with any doubt please read the article below from my website think differently about sheep and consider the accounts, anecdotes and personal stories which strongly suggest that they do.
Animal Sentience Stories: Pleasure

Indeed everyone deserves joy, sadly the lives of most animals are anything but joyful. Please visit the websites below to see how you can help animals to have a better happier life.

Animals Australia


PETA UK   Scroll to the bottom of the page for more international websites


End Captalism Before it Ends You

Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.
John Maynard Keynes


Graphics by Flickr user Byzantine_K

Pound Fascism

Capitalism goes hand in hand with the politics of the right, and the far right, and has long since moved into outright fascism.

Our civil rights are being stripped away, employee rights that previous generations fought for are being destroyed, our political systems so corrupted that fewer and fewer see any point of voting for evermore self-serving, compromised politicians who increasingly ignore public will, unless it suits them, or try to corrupt public opinion to suit them.

Immigration scaremongering, anti-Muslim scapegoating and rampant attacks on the poor or disabled: anyone in need of welfare in particular, are used to manipulate people against their own best interests, inflaming prejudice and keeping power and wealth firmly in the grip of the wealthiest and least deserving.

Read More: – you can see a graphic for Dollor Fascism:

It’s hard to believe that this is the face of modern-day Britain or increasingly the face of western countries. Yet here in the UK many people voted for the continuance of some of the gravest social injustices that I have seen during my lifetime. Others turn a blind eye to the systematic destruction of the welfare state, the privatisation of the NHS, the removal of rights at work, our freedom to protest, to strike and the abolition of the Human rights bill


This graphic says it all


By increments, bit by bit the fabric of our once ethically progressive society is being chipped away ignored by those too stupid, too selfish and too greedy to care.

Whoever you are who stand by and watch the sick and disabled stripped of their income, their rights, their dignity, think one day this could be you. Those of you who condone by your silence the erosion of worker’s rights and the end the human rights act think that one day this could affect you.

Do we really want to be the slaves of a capitalist state?

We are led to believe capitalism is the most efficient method of production and  the distribution of the world’s resources.

Think again how can this be so when the worlds wealth is in the control of the few while people die from want of basic nutrition, clean water and life saving medication.

Economics as a subject is to my mind as complex as quantum mechanics and far less interesting. And most people like me fail to understand all the economics babble – the reason that by and large it remains unchallenged. For instance try researching the question who does the UK or the USA owe money too. Whose wealth is increasing at the expense of the misery of austerity which has mostly fallen on the poor and most particularly the sick and disabled?  If you think like me you might thinking that in any case the so-called deficient, which has been around for a couple of centuries, is a red herring and an excuse to cut benefits and eventually destroy the welfare and health care systems, lower wages,  reduce public services and other detriments.

On a simple level it appears to me that we are caught within an intricate web of complexity regarding the distribution of the world’s resources represented by money from which we cannot easily extricate ourselves . Money in reality now really doesn’t exist in any real sense of the word, increasingly less so these days. With the use of bank cards coins and bank notes won’t even be there as an obvious symbol of wealth. Your finances can disappear from your bank account in the blink of an eye and you are than penniless. A very few it seems, referred to as the one percent, control the distribution of resources accruing more and more wealth while others die or are impoverished or suffer detriment, through there are many wealthy people who do not fall into this category of the super rich but are nonetheless more rich than most and may have contributed far less than most and maybe nothing at all.

Indeed the points included in the graphic above are true but also people I fear retain the notion that one day, just maybe, they will be among the rich and or the powerful. Sadly this delusion plays a role in the continuation of the unfair unjust exploitative harmful and most destructive of all economic systems: capitalism

If we don’t end capitalism now the future is grim for every being on the planet both human and non human and for the every environment itself.

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The Good That Men Do

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.
William Shakespeare

A small selection of good news stories concerning good deeds done by both human and non human animals: for this entry the focus will not only be on the good that humans do but also the good that animals do for one another.

This is one of a series of Blog entries entitled, The Good that Men Do. Here is the first.

People who care about animals

‘Snow White’ Rescued From Wintery Grave and Warmed for Days

“Caki Bravo heard only the crunch of snow beneath his boots as he approached the coiled body of a small, blond dog dusted in white. At first Caki thought he might too late. The air had plummeted to -11 degrees for two consecutive nights and the dog was reported to have been lying motionless throughout. But it turns out that the little dog given the name Snow White was very much alive. She had given up, choosing a secluded concrete area away from pedestrian traffic. As Caki gently wiped the snow from her back, Snow White looked up at him weakly. She was nearly weightless in Caki’s arms as he carried her away.”

After 20 Years of Exploitation, This Donkey Has Finally Found Sanctuary


Fernando the donkey was found lying in a field in the middle of nowhere with a nasty bite on his hind leg, unable to stand up, dehydrated, and his life hanging in the balance.

After 20 years of exploitation at the hands of his owners, Fernando had developed a painful injury in his front hoof, and was not considered worthy of the time and money needed to treat him so he was driven into the wilderness and left to die.

Read more:

With all the negative news about China and animal rights/welfare this story makes for refreshing reading showing that there are people in China who care about dogs and other animals.


A Chinese millionaire from Gelong town in Jilin province, has spent all of his earnings saving more than 2,000 dogs from being slaughtered, reports the Metro.coUK.

The emotional story began three years ago, when Wang Yan, 29, who ran a very successful steel empire in Changchun city lost his dog. Yan searched everywhere, but to no avail. According to Sina News, Yan stated, “Finally someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there.” Tragically, the man didn’t find his beloved dog, but the horrific scene of the dog slaughterhouse disturbed the animal lover so much, he purchased the business and established a dog rescue inside of an abandoned steel factory. Since then the medical expenses and upkeep of the dogs have used up almost all of Yan’s money.

Read more:

Animals who care about other animals

Stray Dog Saves Her Puppies From Forest Fire in the Most Genius Way


“There’s nothing like a mother’s love for her newborn. That adage was proven last month when a mama dog in Chile was caught in a forest fire with her nine 2-week-old puppies.

Not able to find a way to safety, this brave and loving mama dog dug a large hole in the ground, placed all nine of her precious pups in it and covered it with a metal shield. Witnesses reported seeing her dig the hole and said she stayed nearby to monitor the situation.

Once the fire was under better control, the witnesses told firefighters of the situation. The dog, now called Negrita, courageously led them to her ingeniously created underground sanctuary. All nine were safe and sound and healthy.”

Read more:

Not only does this story show us that animals are caring but that they are intelligent sentient beings who can work things out in quite an ingenious way as is the case of the mother dog above.

Hero Dog Abandoned in Park Saves the Day for His Puppies and Mate


Hot on the heels (or paws) of a Chilean dog who rescued her puppies from a forrest fire, comes another amazing story of doggy-parent love and determination.

In Dallas, Texas, there is a park that unfortunately finds a lot of dogs dumped by their humans to fend for themselves when the humans no longer desire to maintain responsibility for them. One of those dogs was a scrappy black and white lab mix who eluded would-be rescuers for about six months.

Smart as a whip, he never allowed himself to be trapped. Last month, however, he surprised the team when he appeared and started barking at them. Marina Tarashevsce, a rescuer of many dumped dogs at this park, was amazed at what she saw. Dog behaviorist, John Miller, who accompanied Marina that day, realized the canine was trying to communicate something to them, so they followed the fellow.

Then they heard the whimpers of puppies and knew this is what the dog, whom they named Hero, was trying to say. A brown lab mix dog had just given birth to ten puppies and was discovered in a burnt out tree trunk with her precious little ones.

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Baby Dolphin is Rescued.

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.
The Uruguayan non-governmental organization, SOS RESCATE DEFAUNA MARINA (SOS RESCUE OF MARINE FAUNA), not only rescues marine animals in order to return them to the sea, in most of cases after they were healed and fed, but educates society in the respect and care of nature.

Surely, animal rights activists will always remember the images of Danish children witnessing public dissections of “surplus” animals in Denmark zoos. The aim, according to the authorities of those zoos, is teaching children that the “Real World” is not the “Disney World” wherein no person or animal ever dies. The “Real World” is a place, Danish authorities affirm, where slaughtering animals for entertainment is legitimate because they are inferior creatures with no right to life, and the humans are their proprietors because of their intellectual superiority.

This photo shows Uruguayan children watching a baby dolphin recently rescued by SOS RESCATE DE FAUNA MARINA. The dolphin, a boy with less than ten days old, was found in the coast of Neptunia, in Canelones, the capital of the department of Canelones in Uruguay, with part of his umbilical cord. He has respiratory problems and his situation “is complicated”, according to the organization’s authorities.

SOS RESCATE DE FAUNA MARINA survives with small donations of animal right activists and lowly companies.

Please watch the video included in this link.


The baby dolphin rescued by the Uruguayan non-governmental organization, SOS RESCATE DE FAUNA MARINA (SOS RESCUE OF MARINE FAUNA), has died on Tuesday, according to RICHARD TESORE, director of the organization. The animal had fishing nets marks on the body and respiratory problems.