Disgusting Callous Tories Set to Massacre 33,000 Badgers

What gives the vile disgusting Tories the right to massacre 33,000 defenceless badgers who have as much right to exist as any other creature. A total of eleven new licenses have been issued.

The majority of people oppose the massacre of badgers but yet again the Tories do what the hell they like regardless of democracy,
ethics -sadly an alien concept to the Tories – or plain and simple common decency.

Huge increase in badger culling will see up to 33,500 animals shot

Up to 33,500 badgers will be shot this autumn in an attempt to control tuberculosis in cattle, a huge rise from the 10,000 killed in 2016.

The government has announced that 11 new badger cull areas have been licensed, adding to the 10 already in place. Devon now has six badger culls under way, with Somerset and Wiltshire having three each, with others in Cheshire, Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

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As usual it’s all about money, they don’t give a damn about the cows. It is simply killing one animal, badgers, so that there are more of another animal, cows, to kill to satisfy the palates of meat eaters in order for them to eat a food that is not natural and eaten simply for pleasure, while making a profit of course. That’s what it is all about these days profit profit bloody profit at the expense of most people, other animals and the environment.

Take Action

I waited a couple of days before posting but so far there are no current petitions, at least none that I can find, relating directly to this new round of killings, if anyone knows of a petition please leave a link in the comments.

Update Sept 16th – Thank you to Animalista Untamed for finding the following petition and information concerning the latest culling.

Please sign and share:

Stop the UK Badger Cull




“In 2013 the British Government started its current and unrelenting campaign of badger culling to counteract the devastation and spread of bovine TB in cattle. In response to the mass opposition by over 300,000 members of the public, badger groups, and wildlife campaigners DEFRA appointed an Independent Expert Panel to assess the effectiveness of the culls; the IEP assessed the culls as ‘ineffective and inhumane’.”

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Here is a related petition

Demand those responsible for the illegal snaring and shooting of badgers in the Peak District area of England are prosecuted.


In any circumstance a letter or e-mail is helpful to leave the government in no doubt concerning public opinion.

Write to your MP particularly if he or she is a Tory expressing politely your objects to the cull/killing

Contact your MP:

Labour have pledged to end the cull/killing but it might be an idea to write to them anyway and make your protest as it will show the level of public opposition to this disgusting massacre of animals who have a much right to inhabit the countryside which is their natural environment as we have.

A message from Bill Oddie

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The government has just admitted the badger cull isn’t working. But it’s going to kill another 30,000 of them anyway.

On Monday 11 September, the government released a report [pdf] showing that the so-called ‘Badger Cull’ hasn’t actually worked. But at exactly the same time, it also announced a sharp increase in the cull; which could mean up to [pdf p13-14] another 33,841 being killed (more than a 200% increase on 2016).

Read more and do check out the report by clicking the link report [pdf]

League Against Cruel Sport

Stop the badger cull



Keep an eye on what’s happening and join the action if possible:

Hunt Saboteurs Association on Twitter https://twitter.com/HuntSabs


Stop the Badger Cull Vote Labour June 8th

Badger cull death toll hits 14,829

Only Labour will bring an end to the cruel killing of badgers who are a protected species. Badgers have as much right to live as you or I. We cannot kill them simply because they are deemed inconvenient. This is even more so when the reason involves killing them to exploit and abuse another animals, namely cows.

Bring an end to this barbarity which has no place in any ethical society by voting Labour on June 8th.

Labour have pledged to bring an end to the badger cull and propose to vaccinate instead of kill:
“We will cease the badger cull, which spreads bovine TB. Labour ended fox hunting, deer hunting and hare coursing.Only a Labour government will maintain the bans.”

For the sake of badgers and other wildlife  – foxes, hares mink – which will be under threat if the Tories return to power, Please vote Labour June 8th.

Apologies to international visitors and followers of this blog, but until June the 8th I hope to focus on the UK’s general election which is so crucial to the well-being of most of our citizens, particularly disabled people and the NHS. The outcome of this election is also vitally important for our wildlife and the environment. With the threat of the repeal of the fox hunting bill, the continuation of badger culling and  fracking in our national parks, and indeed anywhere and everywhere, it is vital that the Tories do not get re-elected.

Also apologies to followers if I have not visited your blogs as much as usual but I am been so involved with on-line campaigning that my time is more limited than usual. I hope to read all your blogs soon.

Demonstration To End the Badger Cull

Urgent Action  – if you don’t live in the UK or live too far away from London to attend you could write to David Cameron and or send him a Tweet,  details further down.

Join a demonstration March 13th 2014 to bring and end to the Badger Cull

A House of Commons debate to review the future of the badger cull to be supported by a public demonstration.


This debate is perhaps the most important badger debate in Parliament, and is absolutely critical in the campaign to stop the badger cull, with the possibility that the Government could announce two new cull zones in early April, initiating the national roll out of the badger cull.

Please also write to your MP, details about this can be found further down.

Lets show this government we mean business,  please attend if you can, but at the least please contact your MP. This is a peaceful demonstration which I hope many will attend

Date & Time

13 March 2014
12.00pm – 2.00pm


Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London

“To coincide with an all-day debate on the badger cull on Thursday 13 March, we are going to be attending an anti badger cull Demo at Old Palace Yard, Westminster between 12-2pm.

League Chief Executive, Joe Duckworth and Wildlife Expert and League Vice President, Bill Oddie will be speaking alongside other high profile anti cull campaigners and MPs.

We are hoping to gather a ‘Badger Army’ to show MPs and the media how opposed the public is to this cruel senseless slaughter of Badgers.”

More details including a map

badger cull march 188x20

Click the link above to view and download a larger pdf version of the above which you may use as a poster to display in your window or elsewhere.

Be sure to write to your MP and ask him or her to attend:


There is a similar request and draft letter for you to send from the  IFAW International Fund for Wildlife

Please try to personalise if possible as individual correspondence gets more notice but if you cannot for some reason please just send either of the above as they are.

You can also use the following link to find your MPs contact details if you prefer to use your own e-mail or write a letter:

Contact David Cameron:

Cameron’s Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/david_cameron and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DavidCameronOfficial

The government need to be reminded about the strength of public opinion on the matter. The majority of people do not want the cull. I don’t care for the use of the word cull as it tends to mitigate the fact that this is a massacre of innocent defenceless animals. It is barbaric cruel inhumane and totally unnecessary and not worthy of any country that wishes to be considered as civilised. Badgers are a  protected species, yet when they are deemed an inconvenience by this callous and undemocratic government it seems they can be murdered regardless.