Please Sign a Petition and Pledge to Help Stop Fur-Farm Cruelty


Please sign and share the following pledge and petition to help stop the cruelty of fur farming – there are more actions you can take further down to end the fur industry.


Tell Canada Goose to Stop Using Fur!

“Popular outerwear company Canada Goose uses coyote fur to trim their coats. Brand representatives claim their fur is sourced from certified trappers, but animal rights groups are still concerned.”

“With the availability of attractive and warm synthetic fur alternatives, there is no reason to continue using real fur and causing animals to suffer. Please sign the petition to urge Canada Goose to stop using real fur in their outerwear!”

Whether or not fur is acquired by certified trappers or otherwise the killing of an animal for his fur is wrong and deeply unethical. There is no need for fur with modern synthetics which are as warm and in my opinion even warmer. Besides fur belongs to the animal who was born with it, it is not ours to take, it’s as simple as that.

Take the Pledge

“A two-month PETA U.S. eyewitness exposé of Dillenburg Fur Farm, LLC, a massive fur farm in Wisconsin—the nation’s top mink-producing state—revealed that thousands of minks and scores of foxes were kept in rows of filthy, wire-floored cages until they were slaughtered—all so that their fur could be turned into coats and collars. Many animals were caged above piles of their own waste a foot tall.”

Please click the link below to read more and sign the “Take Action” pledge. The “Take Action” button appears right at the top so if you cannot cope with viewing upsetting photographs of animals you can go straight to the pledge.


Please sign the pledge even if you do not wear fur. Time to consign the wearing of the skins of the other species with whom we share this world to history where it belongs.There are many synthetic materials which are as warm if not warmer than fur. Fur is mostly worn because of the fickle whims of fashion by the fickle minded.

Killing other sentient beings for any reason is plain and simply wrong. The horrors of the fur industry are as horrendous as those of the meat industry and both need to come to an end now.

For more information about the fur trade and actions you can take to stop the rearing of animals for fur visit:
Fur Out of the Closet

One of the best ways of course to bring an end to this sickening cruelty is to stop wearing fur – not as straight forward as it may seem.

Keep in mind that some fake fur may actually contain real fur. If in doubt do not buy fake fur. Personally I do not buy fake fur for this reason and also I feel it promotes the trade in real fur and encourages this wicked industry.

Exposed: Real Fur Sold as Fake on British High-Street

Live in the UK? Help Stop Fur Cruelty – More actions you can take to end the fur industry.

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