New Action to Stop cull: Help VIVA’s Campaign to Save Badgers

Please help stop the killing of 32,000 badgers who were once a protected species now the victims of mass slaughter in order for misguided people to consume a food they do not need after weaning, milk.

Please read the following from VIVA and order campaign materials and take whatever action you can. If you can’t door drop or take your protest on the streets you can still share leaflets with friends and colleagues and share the campaign on the internet via social media.

“Against science, common sense and basic decency the badger ‘cull’ in England is not only continuing it is being extended to new areas. Up to 33,500 badgers will be shot this autumn in a futile attempt to control TB in cattle (the vast majority of which is caused by bad farming practices), a massive rise from the 10,000 killed in 2016.

We know this isn’t effective, humane or necessary. The dairy industry are the real culprits – and we want to let the public know that!

Please, order some leaflets today and door drop – our leaflet makes the link between the ‘cull’ and dairy farming in no uncertain terms!”

Help VIVAs Save a Badger campaign get out onto the streets door drop leaflets share them with friends and family

Order your free materials today:

There is a pdf file you can download and much information concerning the badger “cull”

Below is an extract from the leaflet:

“If you don’t support killing badgers don’t support the very industry that is driving the mass slaughter of British wildlife. The surest way to
save badgers is to stop buying meat and dairy. You will also no longer play a part in cows’ suffering, it’s healthier and you will be protecting
the environment.
“I support Viva!’s call to boycott English dairy products. By pointing the finger of blame at wildlife the farming unions and politicians are attempting to sidestep a mess of their own making. Namely a highly intensified dairy industry, scandalously bad testing regimes, fraud and mass cattle movements across the country. We mustn’t forget that these are the real reasons for the TB crisis. Yet the humble badger  will soon be in the crosshairs; a victim of political backslapping and unfounded hysteria – and that is nothing short of a scandal.”
Martin Shaw, actor and Viva! patron”

Please share widely we must not allow this atrocity against another species, badgers, to continue or for that matter the daily cruelty of the dairy industry towards cows and their calves. As human beings we do not have the right to get rid of another species who inadvertently interferes with what we want or what in this case we are led to believe we want or need, such as milk and or meat. Milk belongs to the calves, it is not produced by nature for our consumption, we like any other animal do not need milk after weaning. Neither are cows a source of food:  As mentioned in the previous post on the subject, we do we need meat, we are not natural meat eaters

Ditch milk, try any of the following plant based milk substitutes all can be used instead of Cow’s milk.

A Vegan’s Guide to Non-Dairy Milks:

My family and I use soya milk which is excellent for cooking , the results are the same as cow’s milk , also for cereals we use oat milk. Both soya and oat milk are sugar free or low in sugar and both come in different flavours such as chocolate or vanilla for an extra treat.

Please help VIVA’S campaign to save badgers and free cows from suffering in the dairy and meat industry.