Shocking Animal Abuse – Agroscope, Fit Cows With Portholes to Test Digestion

Man’s inhumanity to the other species with whom we share this world never ceases to shock me.

At Agroscope, situated in Grangeneuve, Switzerland, 14 cows have been fitted  with portholes – cannulas –  in their sides. Cows treated this way are called Cannulated cows. The hole, which is cut directly into the cows rumen and allows access to the stomach,  is 15 centimetres in diameter and has a screwable lid made of rubber. Effectively this procedure leaves an open wound in a cow’s body for life.

The purpose of this horrendous mutilation is to test the digestion of different experimental blends of oats to create a more balanced feed for the animals.

The following videos show  unbelievable abuse of a sentient creature, not only is cannulation cruel but it treats a living being as though she is a commodity, as though she is just a hunk of flesh with no feelings.


The videos below may be upsetting to some people – well if you are a sensitive person who objects to cows having a hole cut in their sides –  in particular the last video.

Published on Feb 7, 2014

At Agroscope, situated in Grangeneuve, Switzerland, 14 cows have been fitted with portholes in their sides. It cuts through their left flank, permitting access to the inside of the ruminants’ belly. This method makes it possible to test a more balanced pasture for the animals.

One of the comments after the video asks: What kind of aberration is that? People can’t make a hole on a live being and put a door on it like nothing. It’s a open wound that expose the animal to infections, diseases, rejection…There are psychopaths on films that have done lighter things than that.

Frankly I think anyone who can do that to a living being with cold callous indifference is a psychopath or sociopath and many scientists give this impression don’t they, rather like the cold indifference with which the Danish scientist killed and cut up Marious the giraffe with comments like:

“We were open about it because we know [the euthanasia] was the right thing to do, If we’re serious about science, we can’t be led by emotion.”
Zoo’s scientific director, Bengt Holst quoted in: Time World article Did Marius the Giraffe Have to Die?

Agroscope is the Swiss Federal government agriculture, food and environmental research organization.

Please consider writing a polite letter to Agroscope and express your outrage.

This is their on-line contact form


Agroscope are not alone in this barbaric treatment of cows

In farms all over the United States, researchers have cut holes in the sides of cows.

At the University of Arkansas scientists are also cutting holes in the flanks of cows

“Hole-y” cow: weird window into research


A video showing the procedure of cannulating a cow.

Cannulation Procedure on a Cow

The animal is obviously distressed at the very least. I couldn’t watch all of this video – so shocking, words fail me.

Whether there are countries other than Switzerland and the USA that the practice of  cannulation is allowed I have yet to find out. I know the USA has no animals welfare laws that include farm animals, whether this also applies to Switzerland I am as yet uncertain,  I know Switzerland is not a part of the EU so EU animal welfare regulations would not apply.

Why is no one protesting about this?

All I can find on-line is one care 2 petition which is now closed.