Please Help to Finally Stop The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

It’s that time of year again, the summer solstice and the barbaric Yulin dog meat festival June 21st for ten days. What should be a celebration of the changing of the seasons is used as an excuse to slaughter helpless animals. Please read the information below and sign the petition:

“Every summer, thousands of dogs — many just puppies — are killed during the ten days of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. And it’s going to happen all over again, unless people like you speak out to stop this year’s horrific festival.

One of the most terrifying things about the annual festival is that many household dogs, cats and other pets are abducted by kidnappers trying to make a quick buck as the dog festival begins. Local animal lovers often try to buy the dogs before butchers can, but dog sellers often refuse to sell to activists.

Join the Movement to Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in 2018

Please continue reading and sign and share this petition  urging Chinese President Xi Jinping to save the puppies and stop the 2018 Yulin Dog Meat Festival now.

More information

While there are less animals killed than when the event was first introduced in 2009 as a result of global outrage and protest and the work of animal charities, such as the humane society, the entire event regarding the brutal slaughter of dogs and cats needs to end, each animal’s life is important to the individual animal and no dogs or cats should be killed.

There is a lot less publicity for this year’s so called festival, maybe as a result of the reduction of the number of animals killed as explained in the petition link above. I had in fact forgotten about this “festival” until seeing the above petition today, so please remind everyone by sharing widely. Until zero animals are killed the protest needs to continue. 

One less barbarity in the world makes the world a better and safer place for us all. It is very difficult and indeed depressing to realise that in this world there are people who can so willingly be brutal towards both one another and the other species with whom we share this planet, who seem without conscience or remorse to so easily kill and maim the helpless and vulnerable simply for some perverse pleasure or as a result of misguided ignorance.

More Action

Please take the time to help end the dog meat trade by taking as many of the following actions as you can

The Dog Meat Trade


Please Take Action to Save The Larung Gar Monastery

Please take action to save Tibet’s Larung Gar monastery.


The Chinese government are in the process of demolishing Larung Gar the Tibetan Buddhist monastery pictured above. The demolitions are part of a plan to reduce the size and population of the academy and monastery:

Please read the following from the Free Tibet Society and take the suggested actions.


Larung Gar Five Sciences Buddhist Academy 2014, by BODHICITTA:

“Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institution in the world, is under threat.

Under plans issued by the local government, a series of forced removals and extensive demolition work will be carried out to cut the number of residents from 10,000 down to 5,000 by October 2017. The first round of demolitions and removals, carried out in July, reduced large areas of the site to rubble and caused widespread distress among Tibetans.

The plan is to be implemented in various stages. A series of deadlines have been imposed, with a certain number of removals and demolitions required to be carried out at each stage. The next deadline is October 2016. By then, 1,200 people need to be removed and their residences destroyed.”

Please continue reading and take the suggested actions:  – includes a simple petition and other actions such as writing to your country’s Chinese embassy and your foreign minister. All details of how to do this are included in the above link.

If you have only time for the petition please at least sign this as soon as you can but please take the other actions if at all possible and share:

Regardless of what you think about religion, this is about freedom. The right to choose your own beliefs,  your own way of life,  your own culture and ideology. Its about a grave social injustice which the world has for the most part turned its back on.

Tibet is not a part of China, Tibet belongs to Tibetans. 

For the past fifty years the People of Tibet  have lived under Chinese oppression

“The situation is now so bad that the US-based Freedom House has ranked Tibet as the second least free country in the world, worse even than North Korea or Saudi Arabia, and ahead only of the bombed shell that is Syria.”

Please continue reading:

Tragically there is little attention to Tibet Worldwide.

Why is Larung Gar Important

Why Larung Gar, the Buddhist institute in eastern Tibet, is important

Larung Buddhist Academy (also called Larung Gar) was closed to foreigners for almost a decade following the demolition of a thousand residences and eviction of numerous monks and nuns in 2001. Now, demolitions have begun once again, with as many as half its monastic residents facing eviction. What makes Larung Gar so important?

Please continue reading

Larung Gar: China ‘destroys buildings’ at Tibetan Buddhist academy

Larung Gar is said to be the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world but more importantly it is an important part of a culture, a religion and a way of life important to the Tibetan people. Freedom to do as one pleases in life unless it harms others is surely a human right. As an occupier of Tibet the Chinese it seems can do as they please with little opposition from western countries. Countries such as the USA and the UK which are only to quick to use oppression and human rights as a justification to invade other countries when it suits their own agenda while ignoring the plight of the Tibetan people because doing so interferes with relationships with China.

Other actions you can take for Tibet

Tibet Know the facts

Since 1950 Tibet has been occupied by the Chinese while in the same space of time more than 100 other countries have achieved their freedom.


More facts and information for you to share:

More information

Please help the Free Tibet Campaign to defend religious freedom in Tibet and ensure that any Chinese-appointed Dalai Lama is shunned internationally.

Below is a message from the Free Tibet society concerning China’s plans to appoint the next Dalai Lama. It was inevitable that China would take this step in its campaign to subjugate the Tibetan people. Please read the following information and sign the petition and share widely. We must not allow this to happen, the nations of the world must not accept China’s interference in the religious beliefs of the Tibetan people, an obvious manipulation by the Chinese government to strengthen its power in Tibet.

Take Action

Please sign a simple petition:



This campaign has been around a few months but is still on-going so please do sign the petition and share.

China sees the present Dalai Lama as a threat because of the support and reverence shown to him by Tibetans and also his popularity world-wide. The Chinese government’s claim that it is only they who can select the new Dalai Lama is erroneous and manipulative. Who would believe such an obvious deception is difficult to imagine but like everything else in time people would accept this in much the same way as many of the nations of the world accept that Tibet is part of China. The choosing of the Dalai Lama is a religious matter not a secular one. According to the beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism the Dalai Lamas are a succession of reincarnations only identified some years after their death by certain appointed religious authorities through meditation, divination, written instruction, examination ( the reincarnation reliably recounting his previous life and speaking about it; identifying possessions belonging to the predecessor and recognizing people who had been close to him) and other religious practices . In other words the current Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of the previous one. Therefore the Dalai Lama is not chosen but rather he is found.  Considering this the Chinese government has no legitimate authority in the context of Tibetan Buddhism than for example the Italian government or any other has to choose the Pope.

For more information from Free Tibet concerning this campaign please continue reading.

b1adc160-c0a5-4a7c-ba36-a72a83e830e9 (1)

“This week (May ) saw the 21st anniversary of the notorious abduction by China of Ghedun Choekyi Nyima, the six-year-old boy who had been chosen as the Panchen Lama, one of Tibetan Buddhism’s most senior figures. Within months of his disappearance, China had appointed its own Panchen Lama, the son of Communist Party officials.

For China today, persecuting monks and nuns and exercising suffocating control over every aspect of religious life in Tibet is not enough: now it plans to appoint its own puppet Dalai Lama after the current Dalai Lama dies.

Free Tibet is launching a major new campaign to defend religious freedom in Tibet and ensure that any Chinese-appointed Dalai Lama is shunned internationally.

The selection of the Dalai Lama is of the deepest importance to Tibetans and a fundamental issue of religious freedom. They will reject a Dalai Lama forced on them by the Chinese government. Please, sign our petition calling on religious authorities and governments to support the Tibetan people and publicly declare that they will not recognise any Dalai Lama appointed by Beijing.

Please sign the petition

For more on our Beyond Belief campaign see our news story here. For more information on China’s control of religion in Tibet see our website.”

“When I am about ninety I will consult the high Lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the Tibetan public, and other concerned people who follow Tibetan Buddhism, and re-evaluate whether the institution of the Dalai Lama should continue or not. On that basis we will take a decision. If it is decided that the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama should continue and there is a need for the Fifteenth Dalai Lama to be recognized, responsibility for doing so will primarily rest on the concerned officers of the Dalai Lama’s Gaden Phodrang Trust. They should consult the various heads of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions and the reliable oath-bound Dharma Protectors who are linked inseparably to the lineage of the Dalai Lamas. They should seek advice and direction from these concerned beings and carry out the procedures of search and recognition in accordance with past tradition. I shall leave clear written instructions about this. Bear in mind that, apart from the reincarnation recognized through such legitimate methods, no recognition or acceptance should be given to a candidate chosen for political ends by anyone, including those in the People’s Republic of China.”

The Dalai Lama

Continue reading:

The paragraph above appears at the end of the above article.

Below is a recent example of the suppression of the Tibetan people concerning religious matters


Lobsang Tsering’s protest captured on film shortly before his arrest off camera

“A Tibetan monk, Lobsang Tsering, was arrested after carrying out a solo protest in Ngaba County,eastern Tibet yesterday. The protest took place at around 4pm local time in Lhade Ghabma, a community near to Kirti Monastery.”

Continue reading

As you will read in the above article one monk was given an eighteen year prison sentence for allegedly being caught with images and recordings of the Dalai Lama!!!!


And in Ngaba a mother of two is arrested after a solo protest

“Demolition work has begun at Larung Gar, the largest centre of Buddhist teaching in Tibet. The demolitions are part of a plan announced last month to dramatically scale down the size and population of the academy and monastery, which is located in Sertar County in Kardze, eastern Tibet.”

Continue reading

Urgent Action: Help Free Language Campaigner Tashi Wangchuk


Please join Free Tibet’s Campaign to help free peaceful campaigner Tashi Wangchuk by contacting your government’s foreign affairs minister.  Also action from Amnesty International.

Free Tibet’s Campaign

“Tashi Wangchuk faces 15 years in jail after speaking up for Tibet in a New York Times documentary. Help us to free him”. Read more and take action: – scroll down the page to access details of your country’s foreign minister

“Tashi Wangchuk conducted a peaceful and non-political campaign to protect Tibetan language education in Tibet. Late last year, he was interviewed in the New York Times, talking frankly and openly about his campaign and the threat to Tibet’s culture. For that courageous decision, he has now been arrested and, if convicted, faces fifteen years in jail. Tibetans charged with political crimes are rarely found innocent in China’s courts. Many are convicted after confessions are extracted through torture…”

Please join the campaign to free Tashi Wangchuk by contacting your government now.

Further Action from Amnesty International

China: Release Tashi Wangchuk

“A young Tibetan, Tashi Wangchuk, who advocates for Tibetan language education has been detained and charged with “inciting separatism”, with no access to family and lawyer. He could face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

1) Please write immediately in English, Chinese or your own language…”

Read More information about action you can take to help Tashi:

More information

Free Tibet launches appeal for language campaigner

It is shocking the way in which human rights are violated in Tibet and indeed China itself while the nations of the world stand by and do very little other than make weak objections. More interested in trade with China and the exploitation of its people for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful such grave injustices are ignored and many people lose years of their lives and suffer torture in prisons for doing what most of us take for granted and that is the right to free speech. Simply for agreeing to an interview with the New York Time this unfortunate man has to spend fifteen years in prison!

Please take as many of the above actions as you can.



Please Help Cats and Dogs in China

Warning horrific images

Dog and cat fur used for bags, toys and clothes in China.

Please sign the following petition

Animal Equality have recently launched a groundbreaking investigation into the dog and cat fur trade in China and what they have discovered is heartbreaking:

In China dogs and cats are being killed and skinned alive and their fur is being used to make toys and clothes. 


Please help bring an end to this atrocity by signing a simple petition:

Ask the Chinese government to eradicate this cruel trade by visiting Animal Equality’s website and signing their petition now:     

There are more actions you can take further down to stop the fur trade. Please take as many actions as you can.

Please help cats and dogs today.

Please share this petition widely.

Important Please Read

If you have watched the video you will notice rabbits are among the animals who are violently thrown from the truck.

Please keep in mind that although the focus of this campaign is on cats and dogs, a much loved and cared for pet by many of us both here in the west and in China, the fur trade is still a modern-day evil regardless of the species of the animals who are killed to produce any product, be it toys or fur coats. Any animal’s fur belongs to the animal, whether it is a cat, dog, rabbit, fox, mink or whatever, it is as simple as that. Killing another sentient being regardless of species for his or her fur is a heinous crime and should be banned world-wide.

More information and other actions you can take to stop the fur trade in  China.

China’s Shocking Fur Trade  – Take PETA’s pledge to be fur-free today!

Support Last Chance for Animal’s campaign against China’s cruel cat and dog slaughter. Action write to the Chinese Embassy

The above only includes the address of the Chinese embassy in the USA.

If you do not live in the USA you can find the address of your country’s Chinese Embassy Here:


Celebrate the Dalai Lama’s Birthday by Taking Action to Help the People of Tibet

Today is the Dalai Lama’s birthday, at least according the Gregorian calendar, though his birthday according to the Tibetan lunar calendar was June 22nd which is when it was celebrated in Tibet even though the celebration of his birthday is banned by the Chinese authorities who have occupied the country since 1950.

To celebrate the birthday of this man of peace please read the following information and take the suggested actions from “Free Tibet”  Also you will find a selection of quotations at the end of this post.


If you are not familiar with the facts about the Chinese occupation and brutal oppression of the Tibetan people you can read the above, click the link below for interactive links to more detailed information:

Thousands Gather to Celebrate Dalai Lama’s 80th Birthday

DHARAMSALA:  The Dalai Lama marked his 80th birthday on Sunday and vowed to continue to work for promotion of religious harmony as thousands of Tibetans and supporters joined the celebrations at the main temple Tsuglakhang at Mcleod Ganj.
Read More:

The Dalai Lama’s birthday was also celebrated during a visit to Glastonbury where the crowds at the famous music festival sang happy birthday.

Here’s a video of thousands singing Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama with Patti Smith on the Pyramid Stage – an act that would be dangerous in occupied Tibet:

The Dalai Lama speaks at Glastonbury 2015 ahead of his 80th Birthday

A similar celebration would not have happened in Tibet where even owning a photograph of the Dali Lama is banned with serious consequences for non compliance.

See more photos from Glastonbury:
Free Tibet’s photos of the Dalai Lama’s visit to Glastonbury

You can read more about the Dalai Lama and oppression and injustice in occupied Tibet:

Take Action

Please watch and share this short Video

Ask your country’s leaders to meet the Dalai Lama

Both the US and UK fail to support Tibetans’ struggle for freedom. The UK even praises China’s “investment” in Tibet:

China promises “dire consequences” if foreign political leaders meet the Dalai Lama. In giving in to bullying by Beijing, governments are allowing an undemocratic regime which routinely abuses human rights the power to dictate policy to them. They are also turning their backs on the Dalai Lama’s standing as a representative of peace, and the hopes of the Tibetan people.Join our campaign and ask your leaders to meet the Dalai Lama.

For more information and to take action click the link above.

Tell world leaders to meet the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is visiting the UK and USA in the near future.  – note though the deadline for the Dalai Lama’s UK visit is past there is a further visit planned later in the year.

At the present time the Dalai Lama’s schedules include the UK and USA but please visit this page even if you do not live in either of these countries and where possible send e-mail and write to the listed politicians, officials and leaders, sign petitions and please share widely.

Can you help get the truth about Tibet into schools?

It may surprise you to know that cities throughout the UK and worldwide are hosts to the Chinese government’s educational programme called Confucius Classrooms.

In the UK and worldwide Schools and other institutions of education receive thousands of pounds each year in funding from the Chinese government and have even been provided with Chinese teachers who are answerable to Beijing.

The Chinese government’s Confucius educational programme financially supports more than 650 Confucius Classrooms in junior and high schools across the world. The number is growing on a weekly basis. Described by a senior official as “an important part of our overseas propaganda set-up”, the Classrooms provide an opportunity for China’s government to provide a positive image of China and hide the truth about Tibet.

Read more about Confucius classrooms and please take the suggested action:

Visit this page for a map showing the location and website for each UK school and some suggestions for a message you could send, including resources teachers can use.

If you are not in the UK or have already contacted your minister, write directly to the head of the Confucius Institute in Beijing to demand that China keeps its propaganda out of schools:

Please take as much action as you can, the people of Tibet have lived their lives under the tyranny of China for 65 years and the world’s governments have done little to help them.

Please visit Free Tibet’s website where you will find more information and further actions you may take.

Quotes by the Dalai Lama
“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

“I believe the most important thing for humankind is its own creativity. I further believe that, in order to be able to exercise this creativity, people need to be free.”

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

“Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate kindness and compassion.”

Read the Dalai Lama’s thoughts concerning:

Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom

This year, 2008, marks the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948–2008). This declaration affirms that all human beings have the right to freedom from want and freedom from fear. These human rights are inclusive, interdependent and universal.

Whether we are concerned with suffering born of poverty, with denial of freedom, with armed conflict, or with a reckless attitude to the natural environment everywhere, we should not view these events in isolation. Eventually their repercussions are felt by all of us. We, therefore, need effective international action to address these global issues from the perspective of the oneness of humanity, and from a profound understanding of the deeply interconnected nature of today’s world.

Read More:

Please Take Urgent Action to Stop China Hosting the Olymics Again

“We must do all we can…Use all our powers to help save Tibet! Humanity will regret it…if we don’t!”
Timothy Pina


This might seem a long way off in the future however the decisions concerning the 2022 Olympics are being made very soon so we need to take action now.

Please sign a petition to Stop China hosting the Olympics again. Please read the following from Free Tibet’s website which explains why China needs to be stopped from hosting the 2022 winter Olympic games and take action by signing the petition – there are other actions you can take further down.

Unfamiliar with the situation in Tibet please watch the following video –  rare news report from 2008, containing dramatic footage shot undercover in Tibet –  shows clearly why China should not be selected as host to another Oplympics.

There is less than two months before the international Olympics Committee IOC makes their decision please read the information that follows and sign the global petition now and demand that the IOC rejects China’s bid.

“China will see hosting the Olympic Games again as a signal that the world doesn’t care about Tibet.Please sign this urgent petition and tell the International Olympics Committee to reject Beijing.

Beijing is one of only two cities competing to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. If it were to win the Games, it would be the first city ever to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing saw worldwide attention on Tibet, with daring stunts by Tibet campaigners and enormous controversy resulting from China’s brutal suppression of the Tibetan uprising in March 2008.

When it awarded the Games to China in 2001, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) claimed that the Olympics would improve human rights in China. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since then, repression has deepened in Tibet and in China itself, the government is more intolerant of free speech and opposition to its rule than ever before.

The IOC must not reward China for repression by giving it the Olympic Games again. More than 175 Tibet groups across the globe have joined forces to oppose Beijing’s bid. Please sign the global petition now and demand that the IOC rejects China’s bid.

The decision will be made in less than two months. Please sign the petition now and ask your friends and family do so too.”

Want to do More

Send the IOC a tweet:

Write a letter, send a fax or phone – I am sorry but I can’t find an email address for Thomas Bach president of the IOC

Château de Vidy
Case postale 356
1001 Lausanne
Phone+41 21 621 61 11
Fax +41 21 621 62 16

More information about the situation in Tibet 

Free Tibet Society  Click the link for more actions you can take to help Tibet. Please take as much action as you can, it seems that the nations of the world have turned their back on Tibet, so it’s up to us to keep fighting for the rights of Tibetans.

Regarding the Olympics please read the following from the above website:

Tibet groups warn Olympics Committee over Beijing 2022 bid: – this page has been updated.

Losing the bet on human rights: Beijing, Tibet and the Olympic Games details the IOC’s claims that the Olympic Games would lead to greater respect for human rights by China’s government: in 2001, its president said that it was “taking the bet” that human rights would improve in China.

Human rights have not improved in China , yet the world turns it back too busy sucking up to China, no doubt the motivation as always is profit exploitation and unbridled greed. Sadly in this world human rights take a second place if any place at all. The above action may seem small and insignificant but every action helps to make the world more aware of the plight of the Tibetan people.