Join Demonstration to Save the NHS: 4th March

The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it
Aneurin Bevan

Please join National Demonstration to save our NHS. 

If you are seeing this notification for the first time I know this is rather short notice, but if at all possible please try and support this demonstration. There are also other suggested actions you can take further down. 




Click the following link for more details including route map and transport information. Also Flyers and posters to download.

Visit the Peoples Assembly’s home page for further information:

Celebs, MPs, Trade Unions, Campaigns join biggest NHS demo in history

Other Actions you can take to help ensure the continuation of the NHS

Keep our NHS public (KONP) Suggested actions include joining KONP or a local KONP group, donations,

Sign a petition

Please sign and share the following petition by the People’s Assembly.

URGENT: provide sufficient funding to the NHS NOW!

  • For a fully funded, publicly owned NHS & social care service.
  • No cuts, no closures, no privatisation.
  • End the pay restraint for NHS staff.
We must fight to save the NHS from destruction. The threat is real. It is happening now. Hospitals, GPs, mental health, ambulance and community services are on their knees.

The Red Cross has just declared the impact of the underfunding of A&E wards as a humanitarian crisis. Wards are full because sick people cannot be sent home with no care as they will die. But social care has been cut so home care is rare. People are dying as they wait for a hospital bed. This is an emergency.”

Please read more and sign the petition:
 – Please share widely.

Write to your MP and or the PM.

Contact your MP :

Contact the PM Teresa May:

Save Our NHS guide to lobbying

Lobby your MP – top tips on what to say and how to say it

Since its inception in 1948 the NHS has been the envy of the world, it is the only fair way to ensure that everyone regardless of income gets access to treatment.  But it is under threat from privatisation.

We have to save our NHS from being destroyed by the policies of the conservative party who would prefer a private health care system similar to the USA, and we know don’t we how awful and unfair that would be. We do not want our health to depend on how much money we have, whether we can afford insurance or whether the insurance company would wriggle out of paying for our treatment should the need arise.

This concerns us all. Please take as many of the suggested actions above. If you can, please join the Demonstration on March 4th and help to make it the biggest NHS demo in the history.

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We Stand United With NHS Staff And Patients
“By refusing to properly fund the NHS, the government is making a clear statement of its values, argues Sarah Carpenter“.

NHS Support Federation



Election 2015: Take Action

“We need to fan every flame of resistance—from strikes to housing campaigns, to the People’s Assembly demonstration on 20 June, to the battles against racism, to the mobilisations over climate change. We need to challenge the Labour and trade union leaders who have led us to this disaster.”
Charlie Kimber The socialist Worker

Time to start fanning the flames. Here are a few suggestions

Firstly it is important to realise that the majority of UK citizens did not vote for the Tories.

If yesterday’s election showed anything it is that most people do not want a Tory government.  Just 20% of the public voted Tory – the same proportion of the population the Office for National Statistics estimates have a personal wealth of over £600,000.  The rich are in charge despite what the rest of us want.  As usual.

Note from the above blog the protest this afternoon:

London Black Revs have called a protest (Saturday 9th May) outside the Tory HQ in London.  The sooner we get back out on the streets the better.  Please help spread the word, meet at 3pm, Conservative Campaign Headquarters, 4 Matthew Parker St, London SW1H 9HQ.  Visit and share the facebook page for more details.”

Please demonstrate peacefully.

If this is a bit short notice there is a Peoples Assembly National Demonstration 9th June, and a Boycott Workfare Welfare Action Gathering – scroll down for more details

There are dark days ahead for the majority of the citizens of the UK:

“It’s a disaster for the NHS, for workers’ rights, for people on benefits, for disabled people and for the battle against climate change.

The Tories will feel they can unleash even sharper austerity, and loot even more from working people to hand over to the super-rich. They will intensify their scapegoating of migrants and Muslims.”

Read More:

But we should not give up:

Debbie Jolly of Disabled People Against Cuts said that

“disabled people will be pushed even further into poverty and fear” under the incoming government, campaigners “won’t give up, and must fight harder.”

She said the struggle would go on “until every hardship, every death and every misery has been exposed and accounted for.

“It’s not the end. This is a new beginning and we’re ready, but we need all disabled people and our allies to stand firm and fight back even harder than they have done in the last five years.

“Apathy is not an option any of us can now afford.”

Read More

I only hope that the People of the UK will finally make a stand and take some real action against the conservatives and their unjust polices and secure for themselves a fair and just society for all regardless of ability or disability, employed or unemployed, nationals or immigrants or any of the perceived divisions exploited to divide us.

Take Action

Join the Peoples Assembly National Demonstration 


People’s Assembly demonstration on 20 June,

Saturday 20 June 2015
Assemble 12pm, Bank of England (Queen Victoria St) City of London
Nearest tube: Bank

With the Tories going it alone in government we know exactly what to expect. More nasty, destructive cuts to the things ordinary people care about- the NHS, the welfare state, education and public services.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity is calling a major national demonstration & festival on Saturday 20 to send a clear message to the Tory government; we demand an alternative to austerity and to policies that only benefit those at the top.

More information:

Planned action from Boycott Workfare


Saturday 30th May, 10.00am-5.30pm, London Welsh Centre(10 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross station)

“Faced with policies that are pushing ever more people into precarity and poverty, thousands of us have been coming together to support each other. We are pushing back workfare, standing up to sanctions, challenging the work capability assessment and fighting insecure, unaffordable housing”

More Information:

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General Election 2015: Reasons to be cheerful – One of the most notable reasons is that Ester McVey lost her seat. As employment minister she presided over an unprecedented toughening of benefit sanctions, which caused hardship and misery for jobseekers across the country.

Demonstration To End the Badger Cull

Urgent Action  – if you don’t live in the UK or live too far away from London to attend you could write to David Cameron and or send him a Tweet,  details further down.

Join a demonstration March 13th 2014 to bring and end to the Badger Cull

A House of Commons debate to review the future of the badger cull to be supported by a public demonstration.


This debate is perhaps the most important badger debate in Parliament, and is absolutely critical in the campaign to stop the badger cull, with the possibility that the Government could announce two new cull zones in early April, initiating the national roll out of the badger cull.

Please also write to your MP, details about this can be found further down.

Lets show this government we mean business,  please attend if you can, but at the least please contact your MP. This is a peaceful demonstration which I hope many will attend

Date & Time

13 March 2014
12.00pm – 2.00pm


Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London

“To coincide with an all-day debate on the badger cull on Thursday 13 March, we are going to be attending an anti badger cull Demo at Old Palace Yard, Westminster between 12-2pm.

League Chief Executive, Joe Duckworth and Wildlife Expert and League Vice President, Bill Oddie will be speaking alongside other high profile anti cull campaigners and MPs.

We are hoping to gather a ‘Badger Army’ to show MPs and the media how opposed the public is to this cruel senseless slaughter of Badgers.”

More details including a map

badger cull march 188x20

Click the link above to view and download a larger pdf version of the above which you may use as a poster to display in your window or elsewhere.

Be sure to write to your MP and ask him or her to attend:

There is a similar request and draft letter for you to send from the  IFAW International Fund for Wildlife

Please try to personalise if possible as individual correspondence gets more notice but if you cannot for some reason please just send either of the above as they are.

You can also use the following link to find your MPs contact details if you prefer to use your own e-mail or write a letter:

Contact David Cameron:

Cameron’s Twitter Page: and Facebook

The government need to be reminded about the strength of public opinion on the matter. The majority of people do not want the cull. I don’t care for the use of the word cull as it tends to mitigate the fact that this is a massacre of innocent defenceless animals. It is barbaric cruel inhumane and totally unnecessary and not worthy of any country that wishes to be considered as civilised. Badgers are a  protected species, yet when they are deemed an inconvenience by this callous and undemocratic government it seems they can be murdered regardless.