Help to Save Two Death Row Inmates From Execution

“Capital punishment is inconsistent with the mission of the United Nations to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights and the dignity and worth of the human person.”
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

In a weeks time February 26th Paul Howell may face execution if he is not granted clemency and also Frank Walls is in the process of seeking commutation of his death sentence. Just two of the many people on death row living under the shadow of execution in the USA.

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Please help a campaign on behalf of Amnesty International to stop these executions:

Amnesty International unconditionally opposes the death penalty in all cases.

Urgent Action

Anyone from any country may take action

Paul Howell, aged 48, is due to be executed in Florida on 26 February.

According to his current lawyers, Paul Howell “grew up in poverty-stricken conditions in Santa Hill, Jamaica”. Among other things, the children were exposed from a very young age to toxic pesticides in the fields in which they or their parents worked. The parents migrated to Florida when Paul Howell was seven or eight years old, and he and his five siblings joined them about five years later. In those intervening years, the children were left with “highly abusive relatives”, who subjected the children to severe physical punishment.

There is an on-line form letter for you to send, please edit to personalise if you can but if for any reason this is not possible please just it send as it is.


Or write immediately to the following addresses

Please write immediately in English or your own language:
Acknowledging the seriousness of the crime for which Paul Howell was sentenced to death;
Noting the serious questions that have been raised about his legal representation at trial and on appeal;
Calling on the governor to reconsider his denial of clemency and to stop this execution.

Governor Rick Scott, Office of the Governor,
The Capitol,
400 S. Monroe St.
FL 32399-0001, USA


Salutation: Dear Governor

Stop the Execution of Frank Walls in Florida
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Frank Walls, a 46-year-old man who has been on death row in Florida for 25 years, is seeking commutation of his death sentence. If clemency is rejected, the governor will sign an execution warrant. He is a remorseful prisoner with brain disorders that have left him functioning at the level of a 12-year-old.


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Also see the following from where the above information was sourced and were you will find other actions you may take.

There are many social injustices in this world and execution is to my mind one of them, though many would not agree.

Please consider the following:

It may surprise you that the United States executes more people every year than Yemen, Sudan and Afghanistan

And Every 3 hours someone is put to death by their government.

Ten Myths about the death penalty

Listed amongst Reprieves’  Death Penalty: Ten myths and facts about the death penalty and of particular note are

MYTH #1: Innocent people are not executed

“Professionals in the US justice system know that innocent prisoners have been executed. Over 10% of death row prisoners in the US may be innocent, and many more wrongful convictions occur around the world”

One of the most bizarre of the ten death penalty myths  includes the idiotic  notion that executions are humane!:

MYTH #7: Executions are humane

“Nowhere in the world is there a decent way to kill. Hanging, stoning, beheading, electrocuting, injection all constitute cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment.”

Read More if you have not already done so:

Concerning Myth 1
Here is an example of Two Brooklyn men who spent more than two decades behind bars for murders they didn’t commit

Concerning myth 7
No execution can ever be undertaken without causing pain and suffering, besides the fact that death itself is never humane even methods such as lethal injection can be agonising:

“The anaesthesiologist who told a court that a new two-drug protocol used in an execution in Ohio would cause the inmate “agony and horror”, has expressed anger the state pressed ahead with the experiment despite his warnings.”

Read More:

Doctor angry Ohio executed inmate despite ‘horror’ warning

The united states is the only developed nation with the death penalty and you are more likely to receive the death penalty if you are not white or you are poor.

China executes the most people with over three thousand each year.

There is no justice in execution, it is murder by the state and needs to be banned worldwide.

Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders.”
Albert Camus, French philosopher

More information

Reprieve UK – Reprieve delivers justice and saves lives, from death row to Guantánamo Bay. Scroll down for Reprieve USA, Australia and Netherlands

Amnesty International

More information from Amnesty International about the injustice of the death penalty and other serious issues of human rights violations: This is the USA website Amnesty international have website worldwide:

This is Amnesty Internationals website Ireland which has a section for action you can take regarding the death penalty