Reasons Not to Vote Tory


If you are in any doubt about who to vote for on June 8th please consider the following reasons why you should not vote for a conservative candidate

Cuts to The NHS

“Cast your vote wisely if you wish our public health service to have any kind of future..” 
John Lister

The NHS has been underfunded since the Tories came into power in 2010. Since that time there have been numerous cuts:

Beds cut by 15,000 beds are cut in six years        – reduction in beds is the equivalent to closing 24 hospitals, amounting to a 10 per cent fall in NHS beds at a time when the health service is under unprecedented pressure and needs them the most.

mental health nursing staff cut by nearly 6,000  There are now 6000 fewer mental health nurses than in 2010 despite Theresa May’s claim the Tories will improve mental health care.

Mental Health beds cut by 44% since 2000, finds BMA

Walk in centres cut by 33 percent

It was Tory cuts to the NHS that left it vulnerable  to hackers  NHS computer support ‘cut one year ago’ by Tories – despite hack warnings

Cuts to funding have resulted in  3.9 million people on NHS waiting lists

One in four patients have to wait a week or more to see their GP      – . 

Cuts to nurses pay
Nurses will see their pay ‘cut by 12% over a decade’
Impact of wage restraints could lead to staffing shortfall of 42,000, says Health Foundation report:

You can read about the detrimental affect to the NHS as a result of Tory polices in a previous entry:

Tories Obliterating the NHS behind the scenes


Child Poverty

 Child poverty in UK at highest level since 2010, official figures show

About 30% of Britain’s children are now classified as poor, of whom two-thirds are from working families



Huge increase in tuition fees, fees set to rise further  as high as £11,697 by 2025 per year

Cuts to school funding     – poorer urban areas are hit harder than Tory shires

“Schools in England will face real-terms funding cuts for years to come if the Conservatives win the general election, according to analyses by two thinktanks. The figures show year-on-year falls over the coming parliamentary term despite a Conservative manifesto promise to redirect £1bn in additional funding to state schools by slashing free school meals for infants.”


Benefit cuts to sick and disabled people

£30-a-week cuts to the sick and disabled     – Disabled people won’t be able to pay for essential items because of government cuts to benefits

Denying disability benefit to 165,000 people   – while slashing inheritance tax for the rich

Anger over Tory cuts to disability benefit payments

Disabled students fear for their future as independence payments cut

500 disabled people loose adapted vehicles       –   900 cars are now being seized every week

The Benefit cap Over 200,000 children hit by benefit cap  

500,000 low income households at risk for poverty by lower benefit  cap

The Bedroom Tax

The bedroom tax has affected  420,000 disabled  people, each of whom lost an average of £728 per year.Note for many disabled people a “spare” room is used for medical equipment, or for carers to sleep in.

Tory policies will deny homes to hundreds of thousands of pensioners and disabled people, warn housing chiefs

Read what life is like for three disabled people in Tory UK
Lying on the floor for hours awaiting help, unable to afford both incontinence pants and food … This is the reality of disability cuts for Stephen, Alex and Elli

Theresa May refuses to rule out more cuts to disability benefits

Benefit Sanctions

More than 40,000 disabled people have had their benefits docked since 2012

The Government have issued over 71,000 sanctions to disabled people on Employment Support Allowance

“shocking to see that the Government have issued over 71,000 sanctions to disabled people on Employment Support Allowance that have been sanctioned since the Tories ramped up the regime in 2012”.

“This problem only seems to be getting increasingly worse, with nearly twice as many people being sanctioned on a monthly basis now than at the start of this year,”
Debbie Abrahams, the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary

Read in previous post concerning the disastrous affects of Tory Benefit cuts:

Stop Punitive Tory Welfare Cuts:Vote Labour


Return of fox hunting and badger culling

A Vote For The Tories is a Vote For Fox Hunting And Badger Culling (Massacre) June 8th Vote Labour!

If the Tories gain power in addition to all the above, they will eventually try to repeal the fox-hunting ban and will most certainly continue their massacre of helpless badgers referred to as culling.


Legal Aid Cuts

Legal aid cuts creating two-tier justice system, says Amnesty


Zero Hours contracts

Record 910,000 UK workers on zero-hours contracts

Labour party pledges to outlaw all zero-hours contracts

Unions say Tories’ zero-hours workers’ review doesn’t go far enough

Review of contracts and gig economy expected to argue that new rules are needed but unions say proposals are weak


Food Banks

Report reveals scale of food bank use in the UK

Project by Independent Food Aid Network finds at least 2,000 food banks giving out parcels, with demand continuing to grow

Shocking rise in the number of food banks


Housing benefit stopped for 18 to 21 year olds

Housing Benefit For 18-21 Year-Olds Axed Under New Rule Slipped Out By Department For Work And Pensions
“Old enough to fight for their country, but not to get housing help”


The article below list other disastrous Tory Polices which you should consider before voting on June 8th such as: Scrapping the human rights bill; Snooping on all your texts, e-mails and browsing records: Crackdown on unions 

Read all 29 reasons why you should not vote Tory

Why should I not vote Conservative? 29 nasty policies you shouldn’t forget in the 2017 general election


The UK has a military budget of  £46 Billion but apparently under the present conservative government there is  not enough money to adequately fund the NHS and Social Services: Cuts to benefits including those for disabled people,who people have experienced vicious cuts in benefits and services and Social services including neighbourhood services . Also cuts to school budgets of 3billion  a small amount compared to the UK’s military budget.

For the sake of us all including wildlife and the environment Vote Labour 


A Vote For The Tories is a Vote For Fox Hunting And Badger Culling (Massacre) June 8th Vote Labour!

When you list all the reasons why you should not vote Tory it seems inconceivable to me that many people are about to grant them five more years of power to destroy our lives!!!!!

All potential Tory Voters: If you don’t care about losing the NHS to privatisation, or are not concerned about the shocking treatment of disabled people such as denying disability benefit to 165,000 of our sick and disbaled and a £30 cut each week in benefits , the rise in food banks, the bedroom tax, low pay, zero hours, homelessness, cuts to education, increases in tuition fees and limitless austerity please at least think about what the Tories will do concerning our wildlife.

Please consider the following:

If the Tories gain power in addition to all the above, they will eventually try to repeal the fox-hunting ban and will most certainly continue their massacre of helpless badgers referred to as culling.

The Badger Cull (massacre)

Watch this lovely video of these amazing creatures as a mother her keeps an eye on her cub as they walk through a Bluebell carpeted wood.

Surely these creatures are worth saving?

Read More about the badger cull from Team Badger :

Team Badger need your help:

“We are looking for people to help with all aspects of Team Badger”

More information about the badger cull from the League Against Cruel Sports:

See also for regular tweets concerning badgers, also graphics to use in our fight to keep the Tories from murdering these innocent defenceless animals who are a part of the countryside, living feeling sentient beings who enjoy life as much as any other animal including you or your cat or dog. Badgers have a right to life and should not be killed by the Tories or any other person simply because they are perceived as an inconvenience in the exploitation of another species, namely cattle, to satisfy the insatiable greed to acquire wealth and to consume a food – meat and milk – that is not natural.

Fox hunting – hunting with dogs

Along with the continuation of the badger massacre (cull) a Tory government will make another attempt to repeal the fox hunting ban

From the League Against Cruel Sports


“There is a very real danger this election could deliver a pro-hunt majority in the House of Commons. This would be the very first time there has been a clear majority of pro-hunt MPs in Parliament since the Hunting Act was passed in 2004 – if we don’t stop it.

We have a matter of weeks to fight this.

Make no mistake – the hunt lobby will be doing everything they can to get pro-hunt MPs into power and destroy the landmark law protecting UK wildlife. They will stop at nothing to legalise the abhorrent cruelty of chasing terrified animals with packs of dogs and tearing them limb from limb.”

Please continue reading for more information:

Also check out their Twitter stream

A reminder of why fox hunting is a cruel and a wicked so called sport.

How can anyone kill these beautiful defenceless animals.

Do we really want a government comprised of people who wish to continue killing  wild animals for “sport” or profit?

A recent poll shows that 84% of British people want fox hunting to remain illegal. Opposition to hare hunting and deer hunting was even stronger, at 91% and 88% respectively.

The best way to ensure this is not to vote Tory on June 8th.

More information about fox hunting:

The League Against Cruel Sport

Hunt saboteurs Association

If re-elected, how many badgers and foxes will be killed over the next five years.

A few reminder of the horrors of fox hunting

At present Tory politicians and Teresa May are focused on winning the election. There is not much going on to campaign against this barbarity. However right now you can take the most important and most decisive action to stop the repeal of the fox hunting ban and the continued culling of badgers and that is not to vote Tory in the coming election. 

June 8th. VOTE LABOUR!  Our wildlife depends on it!

With the Tories gone the badger cull would be over and the ban on fox hunting would remain in place.

Save badgers, foxes, and other wild life  Vote Labour June 8th

Vote Labour for a more compassionate fair society for us all, both human and non human animals.

Please Sign Petition: Stop the Horrific Ripping-Apart of Baby Foxes in Illegal Fox-Hunt ‘Cubbing’!


Please sign and share the following petition. Despite the fact that fox hunting, hunting with dogs, is outlawed the horrific cruelty of so called cubbing continues it seems regardless of the law. Enforcing this law is ignored and a blind eye is turned concerning this barbaric obscenity. More suggested action to take further down.


” ‘Cubbing’ starts in August and ends in November each year. In the name of hunting, young fox-cubs are used to train young hounds, in a reduced woodland with little to no chance of escape before being ripped apart. Underground holes – fox earths and badger setts – are blocked to prevent the cubs having a safe place to hide. If these poor creatures escape underground, ‘terrier-men’ are on hand to ensure that they dig out the fox-cub. Hunt followers surround the woods to ensure that any terrified fox-cubs trying to escape are ‘flushed out’ and scared back into the mouths of the pack of hounds.

There need to be much tighter controls on ensuring that the illegal act of ‘cubbing’ does not take place and strict sanctions for those whom aid and abet it. 80% of people in the United Kingdom are against hunting in the United Kingdom. Please sign this petition and demand that our government and Defra uphold the law against this cruel and outdated practice, so that ‘cubbing’ is consigned to the history books forever. “

Stop the Horrific Ripping-Apart of Baby Foxes in Illegal Fox-Hunt ‘Cubbing’!     This petition may be signed by anyone worldwide. Please sign and share. 

It is well worth signing this petition even though Cameron himself actively supports the reinstatement of fox-hunting being a keen participant of this barbaric “sport”. It is time he was made aware of the full impact of public opinion and that his own personally warped views on the issue does not negate his responsibility to ensure the law is enforced and prosecutions and penalties enacted.

You have to wonder at the sick mentality of those who derive pleasure from the torment and death of any animal being torn apart by dogs. To allow such barbaric behaviour to continue is not in keeping with any progressive society. Sadly it seems that in recent years in one way or another the UK cannot claim to be a progressive society in regards to improving and reforming unethical and monstrously cruelty treatment of animals.

Further Action

“One way in which you can play an active role in protecting foxes and other wildlife is by supporting The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA). The HSA has a policy of peaceful direct action, placing themselves between the hunters and the hunted. For information telephone 01273 622827 or visit the website at

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“A huntsman who knows his salt knows there is a vixen in a particular cover and that there are five cubs with her. He goes into the cover and soon the hounds pick up the vixen’s scent and speak to her. They rattle around a bit. She’ll try to warn them off and, when the going gets tough, put her cubs to what she considers safety underground, in the earth.

“She will then break cover to take the hounds away from the cubs… never mind that there are 50 frightful people out there making noises and shouting. She’ll run across the fields…The hounds will come out and chase her a bit.

“After a field or field and a half, the huntsman will call them back. Now they go to the earth where the cubs are and they dig them out. And they don’t kill one or two or three but every one of them, after which they congratulate themselves on a beautiful morning’s cubbing.” Former hunter Clifford Pellow.

Cub hunting takes place in the three months prior to the start of the official fox hunting season in November. The hunt gathers in the early morning when the foxes’ scent is strongest or, occasionally, in the evening before the sun sets. Mounted hunters and foot-followers surround the perimeter of a small wood, or covert, where foxes are known to reside. The earth is dug up and any cubs attempting to flee are driven back by the circle of hunters and supporters shouting and clapping their hands.”

Read more:

Watch the video featuring a vixen and her adorable family. How anyone could set dogs onto these helpless animals is beyond my comprehension.

Fox Cubs Born in my Garden



Please Take Action for Bulls Torn Apart in Barbaric Festival


“Just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course.”
Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book

Please read the following from PETA and take action by sending a message to South African officials and urge them to ban the bloody First Fruits Festival “tradition,”.

Please share widely. 

“The First Fruits Festival, which occurs annually on the first Saturday of every December in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is a cultural event to celebrate the coming of age of Zulu warriors. During the festival, teenagers as young as 14 years old are tasked with killing a bull using only their bare hands. During this ghastly attack, approximately 40 young men reportedly force sand or mud down the terrified animal’s throat, gouge his eyes out, and twist his genitals before kicking and beating him to death and manually tearing his flesh apart. Click here for more information.”

Please contact South African officials and urge them to ban this bloody First Fruits Festival “tradition,” then spread this alert far and wide!

Click the following link to send the messages by using the email address included. There is a sample letter. Please edit to personalise if possible but please do send.

I have said it time and time again but there is no place in any modern society for such cruelty. Tradition cannot and is not and never will be an acceptable excuse. The same reasoning could be applied to any of the atrocities that once took place in the name of tradition that now no longer exist: Public pressure has ended the Gadhimai Festival, fox hunting as been banned here in the UK , though the struggle continues to reinstate it, foot binding of young girls in China, a crippling and agonising tradition that went on for thousands of years, was banned in the 1900s.  Cockfighting, which has been around for 6,000 years, as been banned in many countries worldwide including here in the UK where it was banned in 1835, in England and Wales and in 1895,in Scotland. Bullfighting was banned in 2011 in Catalonia Spain and in Mexico a few years later. Wild animals in circuses have been banned in Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, and the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. There are many traditions that have had to give way to what I would call our ethical progress.

Read more about five barbaric treatments of animals which have been banned, many of which were traditions of long-standing.

These 5 Barbaric Animal Uses are Now Banned –– What’s Next?

It is interesting that while trying to find traditions that have been banned I came across many appalling traditions that continue that few of us are aware of. Also it is not easy to find cruel traditions that had been banned entirely, while slavery came up many times as an example in truth this practice continues today though not in the form that most of us recognise as slavery, namely the slavery of Africans.

Kindness and compassion towards animals and indeed other humans along with plain and simple morality is more important than tradition. Many of the former traditions of less enlightened times need to be modified to avoid the involvement of animals or banned altogether in order to avoid animal cruelty.

More information

More festivals using culture as an excuse –  makes disturbing reading.


‘Tradition Is Not an Excuse for Cruelty’

“In Spain, the bullfight is on its way out. In Britain, it was fox hunting, which is now illegal. In the U.S., we have our own shameful traditions, including slavery, to dwell on. And in South Africa, apartheid may be a thing of the past, but another cruel custom persists.”

Tradition is no excuse for cruelty

Of all the useless arguments I’ve heard to defend the carriage horse industry, none is more maddening than the argument of “tradition.” How can anyone think that honoring a tradition can be more important than basic compassion?

5 Cruel Animal Traditions That Make No Sense Today

Certain customs and practices in our society are passed down from generation to generation. Some stand the test of time like celebrating Thanksgiving or having a groundhog predict the weather in February when we know meteorologists have already determined when Spring will come. Others we outgrow as times change and that’s not always a bad thing.

While we may have a tinge of nostalgia looking at old photos and think, “I wish things were like that still,” we can all agree slavery, a tradition for centuries, is no longer considered one.

Animals have been victims of human traditions for a long time, and in these five cases, it’s about time it stopped:

Lets bring an end to yet another cruel tradition

Please send the following message if you have not already done so:

Animal Abuser: Jeremy John Irons

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.


JEREMY JOHN IRONS is an English actor.

In 2004, Irons publicly declared his support for the COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE, a British organisation promoting issues relating to the countryside such as farming, rural services, small businesses and country sports. This organisation has long defended hunting and shooting, especially hunting with hounds, opposed the HUNTING ACT 2004 and in Scotland campaigned against the PROTECTION OF WILD MAMMALS ACT 2002.

The Hunting Act 2004 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which bans the hunting of wild mammals (foxes, deer, hares and mink) with dogs in England and Wales. Irons referred to this Act as an “outrageous assault on civil liberties” and “one of the two most devastating parliamentary votes in the last century.”

The Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002 was passed by the Scottish Parliament making Scotland the first part of the United Kingdom to ban traditional fox hunting and hare coursing.

When he was asked in an interview by The Guardian on January 2007 about his biggest disappointment, he didn’t hesitate to reply: “When the British government banned fox hunting.”

The actor is also a critic of the death penalty for humans, even though those humans could have committed heinous crimes, but he does support the cruel blood sport of fox hunting in which innocent foxes, many of them being babies, are torn from their underground homes and chased by trained hounds until they are outrun and subsequently ripped to pieces.







Fox Hunting Update: Urgent Petition to the SNP

135463-1436442722-wideThis is an urgent update to the previous post concerning Wednesday’s vote on an amendment to the fox-hunting act.

Please sign the following petition to Nicola Sturgeon leader of the Scottish National Party SNP. Their vote is crucial to help stop the Tories winning the vote. If the SNP do not vote there is a strong risk that hunting foxes will return to the UK after decades of campaigning to end this brutality.


URGENT: Ask SNP to vote against fox hunting next week!

“The UK Government has just announced that MPs will vote NEXT WEEK on whether to relax the ban on hunting wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales – that is, whether to decriminalise fox hunting.

Fox hunting is a cruel bloodsport where poor foxes are chased down with dogs and often torn apart alive before being shot by huntsmen. Foxes control their own numbers and do not need culling.

Keeping fox hunting banned via the vote next week critically depends on whether the Scottish National Party (SNP) MPs vote. The SNP is against fox hunting, and would vote against repealing the Hunting Act. However, because this vote is about laws in England and Wales, and does not affect Scotland where fox hunting will remain banned, the SNP has not yet decided whether it will vote at all.”

Please read more and sign the petition:  – anyone from any country may sing so please everyone do sign.

You can also e-mail Nicola Sturgeon Email:

Other contact details for Nicola Sturgeon :

Also please take the suggested actions included in the previous post if you have not already done so:  – includes contact forms for sending messages to MP,s , MPs e-mail details so you can use or own e-mail – often the most effective way to send a message – and other contact details

You may also write to your MP by sending the following from the International Fund For Animal Welfare IFAW. Please click:  Stop the hunting act from being amended   – Please edit and add your own words if possible but send as it is if you cannot do this.

There are many ways to help and a lot of people who are concerned about animals are campigning with urgency to stop what amounts to bringing back fox hunting by the back door.

Please don’t delay this is urgent the vote takes place this coming Wednesday July 15th

There is no place in a compassionate ethical society for such shocking brutality to any creature. In a progressive society laws should be in place and strictly enforced to prevent such atrocities such as chasing a sentient creature who feels pain and simply wishes to live with a pack of dogs and watching has the poor animal is torn to pieces.

The majority of people in the UK support the hunting ban, 80% say they want the hunting ban to remain, and 85% want deer hunting to stay illegal.

If you are sitting on the fence concerning the above issue be sure to read the following:

Former fox hunter exposes full scale of bloodsport’s barbarity as David Cameron seeks its return.

Petitions to Stop the Reinstatement of Fox hunting


We must expect an attempt very soon by the Tory government to repeal the fox-hunting bill, as it seems these over privileges psychopaths are desperate to resume their sadistic pastime despite the majority of the public being against its reinstatement. The Repeal of the Hunting Act also means a return of hare coursing & hunting hares with dogs. There should be no place in a modern society for setting dogs onto helpless animals for pleasure.

To make matters worse it has been reported that the Scottish National Party SNP may abstain from voting as this is not a Scottish issue the ban already being in place there.

If you read nothing else please be sure to sign the following Petitions:

Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting

David Cameron: For Foxes’ Sake: Don’t Repeal The Fox Hunting Act!

Both petitions may be signed by anyone worldwide.

Also a petition by 38degrees. I am not sure if this petition can be signed by anyone worldwide as some 38 degree petitions are only open to UK residents. However it is worth just filling in the details and see what happens.


Scroll down for more actions you can take to prevent the reinstatement of fox hunting such as writing to MPs including SNP’s and first minister Nicola Sturgeon. Please ask that SNP MPs  take part in the vote and vote against the repeal of the fox hunting act.

Please write or email your MP today and ask him or her to support the ban – contact details further down.

With the shocking news the conservatives reelection – shocking at least to those who care about things other than the acquisition of wealth at the expense of other people, other animals and the environment – there is now a real threat that our countryside will be the playground once again for the sociopathic few in our society who enjoy chasing a defenseless animal with a pack of dogs and watch the poor creature being torn apart.

Cameron’s reelection promise to reinstate fox hunting is imminent and may take place in a few months time. We must take action to stop this barbarity not worthy of any modern-day society, not worthy of the UK which supposedly is a nation of animal lovers. Shocking that a few in our country, but not the majority, voted to have both foxes and Badgers killed – fox hunting and hare coursing  are of course not the only attack on your wildlife on the Tory agenda but the massacre of badgers ( Cull/killing) will now continue as promised prior to the election.

Yes that’s right if you voted Tory you will be responsible for the return of the atrocity of fox hunting and the continuation of the badger cull, not forgetting of course the impending £12 billion welfare cuts to vulnerable people, the privatisation of the NHS and the scrapping of the human rights act. More about these in another blog entry.

You can read about these issues here:

Fox hunting back on the agenda says Jeremy Hunt as Tories plan ‘radical blitz’ after election bloodbath

“A free vote on the hunting ban, scrapping the Human Rights Act and finally working out £12bn of welfare cuts are all in the Conservatives’ plans:  – note the poll which shows that 80 percent of people want fox hunting to remain banned. This not only shows you what a cruel and sadistic individual Cameron is but also how he does not respect democracy or the will of the people but pushes on with what appears to be a fixation of his, this fact is apparent if you read the following article written by Cameron back in 2002 which shows what an unbalanced and despicable person he really is. Read the disturbing remarks made by then MP, now unfortunately Prime Minister, David Cameron in the Guardian Newspaper.

“Sitting in parliament involves hours of listening to opinions with which you profoundly disagree. I am usually able to do this without shouting, but as soon as I hear Labour members calling for hunting to be banned, I completely lose it.

When John McFall (Dumbarton) gets to his feet I shout “go back to Scotland, you’ve already banned it.”

Interrupting Gerald Kaufman during one of his lengthy and over-precise questions to the minister, I heard myself baying “shut up, you pompous prat.”

During the hunting debate I sat patiently for five hours without catching the Speaker’s eye. My carefully prepared speech was steadily crumpled and shredded in frustration.””

Read the entire tirade: – Yes I have mentioned this article on many occasions as it offers great insight into the kind of person Cameron is.

Fox hunting, hare coursing and hunting hares with dogs is cruel; it is barbaric and has no place in any modern society. Frankly any hunting is abhorrent and should be banned, but for now we have to fight for the progress we have made and not allow the Torys to reinstate this cruel “sport”.  Fox hunting should be banned permanently and consigned to history where it belongs. The majority of the British public do not want the ban lifted, it is undemocratic for the government to consider its reinstatement.

Please take the following actions.

In the run up to the commons vote to lift the ban on fox hunting I will post as many petitions, notifications of demonstrations and other actions as I come across them. In the meantime please sign the following petitions one of which has been a round awhile but is still relevant of course.  As you will see after signing the avaaz petition  people continue to sign every minute. The Change org petition needs even more signatures than it has at present.

Please sign and share all petitions widely.

Please Sign the following petitions if you have not already signed them and send letters and e-mails to your MP and David Cameron. Also consider writing to Nicola Sturgeon and other SNP MPs asking that they vote on the bill and vote not to repeal the fox hunting act.

David Cameron: For Foxes’ Sake: Don’t Repeal The Fox Hunting Act!

Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting

Also a petition by 38degrees. I am not sure if this petition can be signed by anyone worldwide as some 38 degree petitions are only open to UK residents. However it is worth just filling in the details and see what happens.


You can write to your MP and tell him or her why you oppose lifting the ban on fox hunting.

If you don’t live in the UK can still raise your objections by writing to David Cameron – contact details further down

Letters or e-mail but please try and send send a letter if possible though e-mail if this is easier. Letters can get noticed more but this depends on your MP as does any response you may get. Also tweet them and leave a message on their Facebook page if they have one.

It is Important to note that the bill will put the question to MPs in a free vote, which means they could vote with their consciences and not along party lines. So do not be put off if your MP is a Tory, not all Tories support support this bill, in fact some are opposed:
Conservatives against fox hunting

Don’t forget to also write to Cameron and let him know politely but in no uncertain terms what you think of his plans to bring back fox hunting.

Here are Cameron’s contact details

David Cameron


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 3475
Fax: 020 7219 0918


West Oxfordshire Conservative Association, Waterloo House, 58-60 High Street, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 6HJ
Tel: 01993 702302


10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA
Tel: 020 7270 3000

David Cameron’s websites, Twitter details may also be found by clicking the link below

Contact the Scottish National Party

Please write to Nicola Sturgeon and other SNP MPs asking that they vote on the bill and vote not to repeal the fox hunting act.  According to the following more recent news on the issue there is a possibility that the SNPs may vote:
Having previously suggested SNP MPs wouldn’t vote, the party’s leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson, told Sky News they’d need to see the legislation before making a decision and on Saturday night Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “We certainly don’t agree with repealing the ban.”  – so its well worth writing to Nicola Sturgeon and SNP MPs to encourage them to vote.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon.

All the first ministers contact details can be found by clicking the link below including postal and e-mail addresses, an online form, telephone numbers and  links to her Twitter and Facebook pages. There are many ways you can contact the first minister. Please take as much action as you can.


Contact details of SNP MPs

Visit the League Against Cruel Sports to check out for their latest campaigns against fox hunting and other cruelty to animals in the guise of “sport”

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“Supporters of hunting with dogs are confident of overturning the ban imposed 10 years ago, claiming that a majority of MPs in the new House of Commons will vote to lift it.

David Cameron is under mounting pressure from Conservative MPs to honour swiftly the party’s election manifesto pledge to hold a free Commons vote on the ban.  The pro-hunting lobby, which has analysed the views of the MPs elected this month, believes it has achieved the “magic number” of 286 votes it needs to win. The figure is less than half of the 650-member House because the Scottish National Party has said its 56 MPs will not take part.”

The Countryside Alliance calculates that only about 12 of the 330 Conservative MPs will vote to keep the ban imposed by the Blair Government. However, the rival League Against Cruel Sports is also lobbying MPs and is confident that more than 12 Tories will vote to maintain the ban. It believes it can win the critical vote, which could be very close. It accused  the Countryside Alliance of trying to bounce Tory MPs into believing a decision to repeal the Hunting Act 2004 is inevitable, when it is not.

Read More:  –  I don’t give a damn about what the majority of MPs want, it’s not about them is it, it’s about democracy, they know perfectly well that the majority of us oppose the repeal of the ban. They are supposed to represent us not their own self serving agendas. Really it is just so sickening that in a modern society there are people think it is perfectly okay to murder members of other species just for fun! It is cruel, unethical and barbaric and it has to stop.

A message to Fox Hunters

All you fox hunters out there, you are killing a sentient being. Look how playful the fox is in the first video, just like your pet dog upon whom you may lavish your attention – odd but true people who enjoy killing foxes may like any of us have a dog as a companion animal.

Foxes are thinking feeling creatures who wish to live as do you or your dog.

Watch the videos and see for yourself what extraordinary creatures they are

A Fox Steals A Man’s Golf Ball And Has The Time Of His Life!

In this cute animal video, a baby fox has a great time messing with these golfers golfball. Adorable!


Dawn the Fox wags her tail

This is Dawn, one of the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary’s 6 resident foxes that cannot be returned to the wild. The majority of animals we get in is injured wildlife that is aimed to be returned into the wild, however, Dawn was a young fox that was took into a dog rescue centre as the member of public that found her thought she was a dog! When they realised they bought her into us but it was too late, because she was too tame and this meant that she wouldn’t be able to look after herself in the wild. Dawn is not a pet, and we do not recommend any fox or wild animal as a pet.


Jack the Fox – A Day in the Life

Join Jack the Fox on his daily routine including a quick game of football and a shampoo and blow dry!

Fox hunting has been banned here in the UK though no doubt in more isolated areas it continues.

We need to make sure that fox hunting remains banned and is not reinstated:

Fox Hunting Season Starts:

League Against Cruel Sports’ Investigators will be out in force throughout the Season gathering evidence of wildlife crime in order to bring the criminals to justice. The team combines the knowledge and skills of experienced investigators, legal experts including a solicitor and ex police officers.

Read More:

Keep the wildlife crime telephone number handy and report anyone fox hunting or hunting with dogs:

An offical explanation of hunting with dogs: – sadly the barbarous cruelty of hunting rabbits and rats and retrieving hares that have been shot is still allowed as is drag hunting and trail
hunting – this could easily be used as a cover for fox hunting – and the supposed flushing out of pests.

Take Action
The Government is trying to bring back fox hunting

The Government has indicated that they have been considering amending the Hunting Act by using an Affirmative Statutory Instrument (SI), a type of legislation that can be used to push unpopular changes through Parliament with less scrutiny than a full vote on repeal would require.

Read More and send a message. Tell your MP that you don’t want a repeal by the back door.

Not convinced of the cruelty of Fox Hunting? Watch the videos.

Warning desturbing images for those of us who are sensitive to the suffering of another sentient being.


Regarding one of the You Tube comments following the 2nd video:

“David Cameron has promised a free and fair vote on the issue, no party whips, no being told how to vote, its highly democratic.”  Democracy has nothing to do with this issue which is about what is right and what is wrong, what is ethical and what is unethical. The murder of a sentient being for amusement can never be ethical, nor allowed in any country that wishes to make moral progress. The consensus or otherwise of cruelty whether it be hunting or other form of abuse, and there are just so many,  is irrelavant.  The hunting of any creature has no place in any modern civilised society. I find the fact that our prime minister,  who is responsible for the suffering of millions – including thousands of deaths – as a result of welfare reforms, pursues the so-called sport of hunting very disturbing.

If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
St. Francis of Assisi

Regardless of religious affiliation or other wise the above statement is just so true in the case of Cameron and in the case of anyone who mistreats animals. Such people are more likely to mistreat their own species as they have so little regard for the sanctity of life, the right to life.

“There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer

Interesting fact

David Cameron’s local hunt, The Heythrop Hunt, with which the Prime Minister has ridden six times before the law changed was the first to be convicted and fined for illegally killing foxes:

There certainly is little justice in this country and never will be under the dictatorship of someone who has little respect for the rights of other living beings. One should indeed consider the strong possibility that Cameron will try to reinstate Fox hunting if he and his detestable Tory party are elected next year. Yet another reason not to vote Tory

For Fox sake Don’t Vote Tory – To warn people of the risk to wildlife if Tories (or UKIP) are re-elected



Urgent Action:Stop the hunting Amendment

Our humanity isn’t measured by how we treat other people…Our humanity is measured by how we treat animals.
Chuck Palahniuk

What The Fox E-Action banner 2The government is trying to bring back fox hunting, please contact your MP now!

Tell your MP that you don’t want a  repeal by the back door. Click the link below,  there is a template letter for you to sign. – you may personalise and edit, but if this is not possible please just send it as it is.

Click this link and scroll down for details of other actions you can take including tweeting your MP or David Cameron:

Please do Tweet Cameron even if you are not a UK citizen

This is an urgent action the vote could take place on Wednesday 26th March so you need to contact your MP immediately and urge him or her to vote against this devious attempt to bring back this hideous cruelty.

The hunting act has been in force for nine years, yet it is in danger of amendment unless we can put a stop to this. Despite the fact that the majority of people here in the UK oppose hunting with hounds,  the devious Tory government, with no regards as usual to democracy, is doing its utmost to bring back this sadistic pastime.

I urge you to contact your MP and get this stopped now!

Hunting with dogs for sport has been illegal in England and Wales since 2004. Since that time those who have nothing better to enhance their lives except the hunting and slaughter of a defenceless animal have ceaselessly campaigned to repeal or overturn the ban.

Not only do the majority of the public support the ban but so do most MPs including Tory MPs making the possibility of  overturning the ban unlikely. As a consequence these desperate hunters are attempting a different route to getting their own way – amending the bill. The concern is that this amendment will have exactly the same effect as repealing the bill, and that is it will bring back hunting

The Federation of Welsh Farmers’ Packs and the Countryside Alliance are pushing for an amendment to the Hunting Act which would allow a full pack of hounds, rather than just two as allowed at present under an exemption,  to draw out a fox to a waiting gun.

Those in favour of this amendment are selling it to the Government, to MPs, and will ultimately try and sell it to the public, as simply an amendment to ‘help the farmers’. This is far from the truth. The League looked at the argument back in October when the call was first made, and we exposed the myths underpinning the ‘research’ upon. You can read this here.”

Continue reading

And please contact your MP either by using the links above or by using your own e-mail. To find contact details of your MP click the link below and enter your post code: – Please do e-mail Cameron even if you are not a UK citizen, animal cruelty is the concern of every decent caring  person worldwide.

If you have any doubt about the sickening barbarity of this so called “sport” or that foxes are thinking feeling sentient creatures much like your dog watch this video.

Surely any sane compassionate person would not want to chase this defenceless animal with packs of dogs and watch while the poor creature is torn to pieces. You have to ask what is wrong with people who are so determined to bring back this hideous pastime. What kind of mentality enjoys the brutality, the suffering and death of another living being?

Here is the kind of person who really enjoys this sadistic “sport”

“I have spent all week in a state of complete fury.

Like a man possessed with an advanced case of Tourette syndrome, I have been shouting at traffic and assailing my fellow men (and women).

What has brought on this demented state? The hunting debate

It is difficult to explain why this one issue makes me so furious.

Our Prime Minister of course, leader of the so called “compassionate conservatives“, David Cameron
Read more of this insane rant:

They think it’s all over
Tory MP David Cameron sees red during this week’s hunting debate and looks forward to a fierce battle against the introduction of a ban.

Also see dramatic video of the rescue of a fox:

Fox Rescued from the snapping Jaws of Hounds 

Such is the brutality of fox hunting. What a brave women , thankfully there are still caring people in this word who value the lives of the other animals with whom we share this world. Animals who are sentient creatures, who suffer as we do, who fear death and wish to live.

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Is David Cameron trying to bring back fox hunting?

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting:

Sadistic Hunters kill Terrified Fox in Front of Children

Fox Hunting

As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.

A helpless terrified fox was dragged from a badgers’ set,  where she had hidden to escape six men and their dog,  and was viciously slaughtered in front of three children.

As you can see from the photograph below three children look on as the poor animal meets a cruel end at the hands of terrier men and their dog.


A shot was fired and another unfortunate fox was dragged from the hole and laid before the children.

“This horrific incident of animal cruelty shows not only a total disregard for the dogs and foxes but also for the welfare of the ­children. Terrier work is abhorrently cruel.”
Joe Duckworth, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports

The RSPCA is now investigating to see if it breaches the laws which govern huntsmen. The 2004 Hunting Act, which banned hunting foxes with a pack of hounds, doesn’t cover the use of dogs to flush out animals underground.
Read more

Don’t know what a terrier man is:

“Terrier Men – This unsavoury character will ‘dig out’, shoot or ‘bolt’ the fox when it has gone to ground using terriers. Terrier men are recognisable by their flat caps, Landrovers and leers! Many of them double as pest controllers, and have connections with badger digging.”
Read More about this sickening blood “sport”

An unsavoury character indeed though that is putting it mildly,  such persons to my mind are sadistic, cruel and probably sociopaths – really what kind of mentality enjoys killing another living creature for pleasure, hardly normal or rational is it. In this instance the vile deed is compounded further as these reprehensible excuses for human beings allow three young children to watch.

Child abuse? In my opinion most defintely. Animal abuse ? Most certainly.

Fox hunting or more precisely hunting with hounds was banned on the 18th February 2005, a day celebrated by most decent people and those who genuinely care about animals. It was a day that many thought would never come when finally decency and morality would prevail and such barbarism would finally be consigned to history where it rightfully belongs, and where future generations would cringe in horror that an advanced civilisation in the twenty-first century should allow those who sadly seek pleasure via the pain of other sentient creatures to have the choice to indulge in their sickening perversion.

Sadly despite the ban fox hunting continues and many Tories would like nothing better than to see the ban rescinded.

This is my no means an isolated occurence. Hunts all over the country have been flouting both the spirit and letter of the law ever since the Hunting Act was passed. Partly because of weaknesses and loopholes in the Act and partly due to weak enforcement they can almost always get away with it. They’re allowed to use a full pack of hounds to ‘search’ for their quarry, then, surprise, surprise, the hounds start chasing it. But they can escape conviction unless it can be proved that one or more of the hunters INTENTIONALLY ‘engaged or participated’ in the chase of the unfortunate wild mammal. This is extraordinarily difficult to do. Their standard get out is to claim that they were ‘trail hunting’ – a ‘sport’ invented after the Hunting Act was passed specifically to make it easy for them to make it look like the hounds are following a pre-laid scent trail when what they’re really doing is hunting live quarry much as they ever did. Then, if the fox goes to ground, the thuggish terrier-men are called in to dig-out and shoot [if it’s lucky] the terrified fox, a process that can take hours [I’ve seen that often pre-ban] with the fox and terrier underground squaring up to, and often biting one another. This is allowed by an exemption in the Hunting Act – all they really require is landowner’s permission. Hunts will continue getting away with bloody murder until the Hunting Act is significantly strengthened to make enforcement easier and increase deterrence. See

Commentor Alan Kirby from Protect Our Wild Animals Mirror comments section

Many Tories want fox hunting reinstated regardless of the overwhelming public support for the ban to continue.

According to RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant “The Prime Minister has said the hunting law is unenforceable and has no place in a civilised society.”

So ripping foxes apart has a place in a civilised society does it Mr Cameron?

The cruel and barbaric pastime of Fox hunting or indeed any hunting has no place in any civilised ethical society. The fact that Cameron seems to think it has says a lot about this man who has brought about such suffering and misery to the lives of many people here in the UK, particularly concerning the vicious welfare reforms and the introduction of Workfare and sanctions plunging people into poverty, driving many to suicide and despair, destroying lives and hope.

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals
Immanuel Kant

What does Cameron’s passion for hunting say about the character of this unpopular prime minister whose callous indifference to the suffering he has caused during his term in office is beyond comprehension for those of us who endeavour to be compassionate.

This article provides good insight into his intense like of this blood “sport”

“I have spent all week in a state of complete fury.

Like a man possessed with an advanced case of Tourette syndrome, I have been shouting at traffic and assailing my fellow men (and women).

What has brought on this demented state? The hunting debate

It is difficult to explain why this one issue makes me so furious.

Read more of this insane rant:

And my entry here on this blog about this tirade:

Action to take
Fox hunting has been banned lets keep it that way

Click the following link to see how you can strengthen the hunt ban:

Read the full story –  Digging Out: the hidden shame of hunting

And  sign up for e-mails to learn about the League of Cruel Sport’s campaigns about how you can help protect animals from cruel sports.–the-hidden-shame-of-hunting#

To report a wildlife crime :
Wildlife Crimewatch Line: 01483 361 108

Support the league of Cruel Sports End Hunting Campaign

A selection of quotations about hunting and animal cruelty 

“Most people accept there is no place for animal cruelty in a civilised society.
Mary Creagh MP

“Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.”
James A. Froude

“Cruelty to animals is contrary to man’s duty to himself, because it deadens in him the feeling of sympathy for their sufferings, and thus a natural tendency that is very useful to morality in relation to other human beings is weakened.

If [man] is not to stifle his human feelings, he must practise kindness towards animals, for he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”
Immanuel Kant

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.

We need a boundless ethics which will include animals also.

The thinking [person] must oppose all cruel customs no matter how deeply rooted in tradition and surrounded by a halo. When we have a choice, we must avoid bringing torment and injury into the life of another…”
Albert Schweitzer

“There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer

“Killing animals for sport, for pleasure, for adventures, and for hides and furs is a phenomenon which is at once disgusting and distressing. There is no justification in indulging in such acts of brutality.”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Whenever I see a photograph of some sportsman grinning over his kill, I am always impressed by the striking moral and esthetic superiority of the dead animal to the live one.
Edward Abbey (1927 – 1989), A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

When I was twelve, I went hunting with my father and we shot a bird. He was laying there and something struck me. Why do we call this fun to kill this creature who was as happy as I was when I woke up this morning.
Marv Levy