How to Help Homeless People and Their Animal Companions

Firstly apologies to followers for not visiting or commenting on your posts for a while, I have not been active concerning this blog for a number of reasons. I have several posts (six) ready to publish which have been delayed, some may  seem a little dated now but all the petitions and other actions are still active so if you have not already signed them elsewhere please do so.

The post below in any case concerns an ongoing problem both here in the UK and the US and indeed the world over, though in rich countries it seems more shocking.

In one of the richest countries in the world 3.5 million Americans are homeless, a grave social injustice for people to live in the midst of such affluence and be without a real home or even basic shelter.  In the midst of the loneliness, the isolation from society, the physical hardships of cold and hunger and the anxiety of insecurity many people find comfort and solace in the companionship of an animal, in fact 5 to 10% of homeless people have cats or dogs.

Click the link below to find out how you can help homeless people with their companion animals:

“According to the National Coalition for the Homeless  3.5 million Americans are homeless. Five to 10 percent of   homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country, the rate is as high as 24 percent. Pets of the   Homeless have helped 17,641 animals that included dogs, cats, a pig, ferrets and reptiles.”

Please read the entire article:

While the article refers to the US some of the suggestions may well be applied in any country.

For more ideas check out

Pets of the Homeless

Looking for help? Want to help?

Pets of the Homeless is the only national (U.S) animal organization focused completely on feeding and providing emergency veterinary care to pets of the homeless.

Read about homeless people and their pets in the UK

In the UK the 6th riches economy 300,000 people – equivalent to one in every 200 – are officially recorded as homeless or living in inadequate homes.

It is not known how many have a dog or other pet.

The article below has personal stories about how dogs have changed the lives of homeless people here in the UK.

Free veterinary care for homeless people’s dogs can change lives

“For countless homeless men and women, their dog is a lifeline. Veterinary care can often prove difficult to access and    impossible to afford for people living on the street, or with no steady income.”

Read the entire article:

How to help homeless people and their dogs UK

Check out suggestions and information from Street Vet

Street Vet delivers free care to homeless and their dogs in London, Brighton, Bristol and Cambridge.

Homelessness is a growing problem in the UK and an increasing number of homeless people have dogs. The bond between many homeless people and their dogs is profound and the health and wellbeing of their canine companions is often a major priority for their owners.

It is a disgrace that in so many wealthy countries people are homeless, adequate shelter , food clothing and warmth should be a basic human right. While many charities and caring individuals help both homeless people and their pets it should never become an accepted part of life here in the UK or anywhere else.

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A Christmas Message for Theresa May

A Christmas Message for Theresa May:

Spare a moment over the festive season in your warm centrally heated home with luxury food in abundance for the 300,000 people in Britain who are homeless, including 128,000 children and over 4,000 rough sleepers; the result of Tory policies which have taken money from the most vulnerable in our society and handed it to the better-off. While you enjoy your opulent Christmas sadly it’ll be a different story for homeless people waking up shivering on the pavement, families with children waking on Christmas day in cramped depressing B&Bs or hostel rooms. The children will have few if any new toys for Christmas, their parents having been made destitute as a result of Tory benefit cuts and other austerity measures.

Are you even aware that only last Sunday a thirty-eight year old man died sleeping rough in Birmingham on a bitterly cold night. 

Take time to reflect on the increase in childhood and pensioners poverty which has soared by 400,000 and 300,000 respectively since the Conservatives came to power, the worst decline in decades. Now in the world’s seventh richest country 14 million people currently live in poverty. Shameful.

This Christmas think about the disabled people whose already difficult lives have been detrimentally affected by your so called welfare reforms which the UN have condemned. Vicious attacks on the most vulnerable in our society which have resulted in an increase in poverty and the overall death rate including a high rate of suicides by disabled people after the withdrawal of welfare benefits. This also includes the mentally ill of course who now have to increasingly cope alone as there are 6,700 fewer mental health nurses and 5,000 fewer mental health beds since 2010.

Take time from your hectic schedule to spare a thought for the thousands of people on universal credit who will not receive a payment at Christmas.

Please consider the overworked and underpaid NHS staff who have seen drastic cuts in their numbers, who struggle to cope with underfunding that has resulted in such outrages as 10,000 patients a week left waiting in ambulances outside A&Es ;  Long waits in A&E which have increased by 557% in seven years  and cancelled surgery for 10s of thousands of people.

Thanks to you Theresa May and your government we are now living in a period of great social injustice of which sadly some people are not aware. You and your predecessor have managed to turn the clock back to a time most of us do not remember and thought had been consigned to history.

Tell me: How do you sleep at night?

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Perhaps Theresa May and other Tories should also consider the following questions:

“It’s like an ordinary day, to be honest”: How the cuts stole Christmas

As foodbanks stockpile and benefits are withheld, Britain faces crisis this festive season.

As a result of conservative policies it is estimated that over 4,000 disabled and vulnerable people may have died, but this figure could be much higher as a result of welfare cuts:

Welfare Reform Deaths – Memorial Page – Please Stop Killing Us

Recent research shows the conservative party’s austerity policies have resulted in the deaths of 120,000 people

Landmark study links Tory austerity to 120,000 deaths

More UK children homeless or in temporary housing than during crash crisis

One in every 200 people in UK are homeless, according to Shelter

I never thought the day would come when the UK would be subject to UN condemnation concerning human rights, particularly in respect to its treatment of disabled and vulnerable people. Anyone reading this please consider the above, Theresa May is not solely responsible.  If you voted Tory and continue to support them you are complicit in this, the greatest social injustice in our country in a long time. It is shameful that so many people either are ignorant of what is happening or simply do not care.

“Stand for what is right even it that means standing alone”
Suzy Kassem



I wrote this back in August, not much has changed for the better.

We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve.
Linda Lingle


Since homelessness has increased by a third since 2010 it is time the government did something about it. It is obvious that the problem of homelessness is much worse since this government came into power, it is time they fixed the problem which they themselves have created or at least made much worse. In the sixth richest country homelessness is a disgrace, an outrage, a grave social injustice that cannot be ignored or tolerated.

In any case in the 21st century no matter where in the world we live no one should be sleeping rough, a home is a basic human right – or at least it should be.

Please sign the following petitions

Parliament: Boost Efforts to Reduce Homelessness in England

Sussex Police: NO to arresting and fining rough sleepers!

Stop housing discrimination against homeless people with pets: email your Council leaders 

Though the petitions relate to the UK please everyone sign. The last petition though may not be available for international signatures.

The latest shocking news below may well not surpise you considering the Tory government’s poor track record on house building, budget cuts which make it more difficult for councils to find suitable homes, and the drastic reduction of benefits leaving many people destitute .

Devastating’ Spike In The Number of Homeless Children In Britain

Over 120,000 children face homeless in Britain, the highest level recorded since 2007, and the equivalent of four children in each school, a new analysis of Government figures shows.

Continue reading

Homelessness a worldwide problem

Homelessness is a world-wide problem not only in so-called developing countries but in some of the richest countries in the world

“The last time a global survey was attempted – by the United Nations in 2005 – an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015).”

By now 11 years on these figures are more than likely much higher of course.

Note:  While the Brazilain government spent millions for the Olympic games Official reports say that there were 5,500 people living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and around 15,000 in São Paulo, in 2013 (P. Rio de Janeiro, 2014; P. São Paulo, 2011). However, estimates of street children in Brazil have ranged from 7 to 30 million (UN Habitat, 2000).

These are shocking statistics worldwide considering the vast resources squandered by countries that sponsor events like the Olympic games.

Information about housing and homelessness worldwide

Consider  the  vast cities in China which have sprung up like mushrooms but rather like ghost towns are empty of inhabbitants.

It is not easy to ascertain the extent of homelessness in China

Here is some information  –

Maybe a little off topic but the last statement in the above article really needs some comment “communist ideologies are made a mockery of every time another picture related to homelessness makes the news”.

I have to say it astounds me concerning the continued ignorance about China’s status as a communist country . China is anything but communist and it is its more capitalist ideologies which has no doubt resulted in an increase in homelessness in relation to its increasing prosperity.

Homelessness in Canada

“Housing: Statistics about homelessness and precarious housing in Canada

  • 3 million Canadian households are precariously housed (living in unaffordable, below standards, and/or overcrowded housing conditions).
  • An estimated 235,000 people in Canada experienced homelessness in 2014, with roughly 35,000 people being homeless on any given night.
  • Almost 1 in every 5 households experience serious housing affordability issues (spending over 50% of their low income on rent) which puts them at risk of homelessness.
  • The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has described the lack of a national housing and homelessness strategy in Canada as a “national emergency”.”

Homeless in Australia

There are currently 105,237 people in Australia who are homeless. – notice the under twelves make up 17% that 17,845.  Though a lower statistic I am shocked that 2 percent 2,028 of homeless people are 75 +

Homelessness in the USA
How many homeless people are there in America?

In 2014 , 1.49 million people used homeless shelters and 578,424 were recorded as being without shelter: sleeping on the streets, in tents, in cars, and other exposed places. Cities completed the 2016 point-in-time count in January.

Homelessness in America

Read the Stories of some of America’s homeless

Invisible People

Homelessness in Scandinavian countries

I don’t know why but the statistics below surprise me, though they are lower than the countries above I had thought that Scandinavian countries had a better track record of social progress and the grave social injustice of being homeless would not be quite the problem that it is. I was wrong.

The number of homeless people in Denmark has increased by 23% since 2009. There are now an estimated 6,138 homeless people nationwide compared to 4,998 in 2009.

Number of homeless people in Denmark on the rise

Homelessness In A Welfare State: Perspectives From Copenhagen

Reasons Not to Vote Conservative in the 2015 General Elections: Rise in Homelessness

Homelessness is about more than rooflessness. A home is not just a physical space, it also has a legal and social dimension. A home provides roots, identity, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing. Homelessness is about the loss of all of these. It is an isolating and destructive experience and homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society.
Crisis – The national charity for single homeless people

Since 2010 when the coalition came into power homelessness has risen by as much as 55 percent and in London people sleeping rough has risen even more dramatically by a huge 80 percent since 2010!


Help in to Homelessness

The official figures claim that there are 52,000 homeless and that homelessness has decreased in recent years. Under the circumstances both claims would be nearing the miraculous if they were actually true.

Stagnant or falling wages, rising prices, severe cuts to in-work, out-of-work and disability benefits, the rising costs of living, the implementation of such evils as the bedroom tax and the DWP’s usually fraudulent use of sanctions: how could homelessness be so low, and falling? Of course it isn’t, anything but. The official figures are yet another example of the blatant lies concocted by this government (and governments generally).

Read more and download larger sizes
Flickr user Byzantine_K

Shocking facts

Today in affluent 21st century Britain 90,000 children are homeless

Homeless children ‘at highest level since 2011’

Fifty-two percent of those seeking help with homelessness are under 25.

“…there are more people sleeping on the streets in our city centres than at any point since national records began in 1998.”

“The homeless charity Crisis say the rise has been caused by cuts to benefits, government welfare reform, housing shortages and the legal injustice where homeless people are not a “priority for help.””

“On average homeless people die at just 47 years old.”

There can be few things worse than being homeless. No refuge, no sanctuary, no privacy, no hope.

“We should ask ourselves why it is acceptable that anyone has to sleep rough in Britain today.”
Rick Henderson, chief executive of charity Homeless Link quoted in the Mirror

Indeed here in the UK the tax havan for the super rich and the sixth richest country it is unacceptable – well in actual fact it is unaceptable anywhere in the world that people are homeless or live in substandard accommodation and that only 1 percent own half the wealth of fifty percent of the entire population of the world.

In the UK people sleeping on the streets has risen by 55%  since the current Government came into power. This is an absolute disgrace, while the well off have second homes, such as the eight bedroom mansion that is owned by Lord Freud who is responsible for the bedroom tax,  people have to resort to rough sleeping.

Demand an end to homelessness in the sixth richest country in the world

For the sake of the poorest in our society don’t vote Tory in the coming election.

Ninty Thousand Children in Britain Will be Homeless This Christmas

As incredulous as this may seem in the sixth richest country on earth that is at present boasting about the increase in economic growth,  this Christmas 90,000 children in Britain will be homeless.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas or not the point is the shocking numbers of homeless children and of course their families who are homeless not only at Christmas but all year round.

Christmas or any time the point is that no one should be homeless, shelter is a basic human need and in my opinion a basic human right. Providing housing for people should not be a matter for charity, it is up to governments to provide people with decent homes according to their need.

If you can read no further please at least sign the following petition – more petitions further down:

Tens of thousands of people every year become homeless and are forced to sleep on the streets.
I was once one of them and endured 3 years of sleeping rough to escape long term abuse but there are so many other reasons why people find themselves isolated, vulnerable and scared with no-one to turn to.
This is a national scandal in the 21st century so I’m seeking a national study and allocation of funds to identify and help those currently in need but also to prevent homelessness being seen and chosen as the only alternative.
Please sign the petition so men, women and children no longer have to go through this ordeal.

Homeless at Christmas – one family’s experience of living in a B&B | Shelter

While 90,000 children face homelessness this Christmas the well off in Hampstead are organising a “humanitarian” protest against  the Labour Party’s proposal to levy a mansion tax!  Unbelievable!

Never mind the 600,000 extra children living in absolute poverty since the Coalition came to power, has anyone considered how the hard-pressed residents of NW3 will cope if a Mansion Tax is imposed by Ed Balls?

Millionaires Threaten Protest March If They Have To Pay A Little Bit Of Tax

It’s time the more privileged in our society paid more to support those who are less well off rather than quibble over paying their due share.

Not only is our government not providing housing they are actively making people homeless as a result of austerity measures, measures it seems that only apply to the general population as they themselves with their 10 percent rise, and the rich, with an increase in wealth for the UK’s richest 1000 of £35 billion last year  , are exempt.

Shocking facts:

10.6 million people in the UK Live in relative poverty.

Since 2008 the super rich have seen their wealth double.

Child poverty levels in UK mapped out by new research

One in two children in most deprived areas live below poverty line, while 2.3 million are classified as in relative poverty:

“Homelessness isn’t an accident. It’s the result of a brutal economic system and conscious state policy.”

The above is from an article about homeless in the USA yet this also applies here in the UK:

#OpSafeWinter: UK Anonymous battle austerity with homeless campaign:

Please sign the following petition

The increase in homelessness and poverty evidenced by the rise in food banks as a result of vicious welfare reforms, low wages and zero hours are considered by many myself included as crimes against humanity, violations of human rights. If you agree please sigh the following petition:

Charge David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith for crimes against Humanity

Shelter a charity for homeless people are running a campaign which you can support.

Homelessness is a problem worldwide of course and western countries such as the USA are no exception

In the USA 2.5 million American children were homeless at some point in 2013


Welcome the Legalisation of Cannabis – But Don’t Vote Tory

Conservative think-tank Bright Blue has recommended that a pledge for the partial legalisation of cannabis should be included in the Tory’s general election manifesto. The new proposals by Bright Blue suggest that drug reform would appeal to young and ethnic-minority voters, who are crucial to the Conservative Party’s long-term survival, while saving millions of pounds of public money.
Read more

While I unreservedly welcome the legalisation of cannabis I would never vote Tory to bring it about. This is of course an obvious ploy to win votes from younger people who tend not to vote and is therefore nothing more than devious manipulation of the electorate. This, if included in the manifesto, will in any case be another broken election promise; the Tory’s will never legalise cannabis because it would adversely effect the right-wing conservative vote. Before you vote on a one-policy issue, this or any other, remember the devastation of misery the Tory’s have inflicted on almost everyone except the very rich.

Here is a graphic reminder from Flickr user Byzantine_K of the effects of Tory policy during the last four years.

The conservatives have created unemployment.

One vacancy for every five job applicants and zero working hours, which basically means that a person is counted as employed but may in fact not be working at all. Also People on Workfare placements are counted as “employed” in government statistics.



Source and Read More:

Welfare Reforms

Vicious welfare reforms (benefit cuts)have plunged thousands of people into devastating poverty, including the sick and disabled, driven thousands to commit suicide and left many with insufficient or no income dependant on food banksshivering in unheated homes. These drastic and unfair cuts range from reduction in amount received to a complete cessation of benefits when seriously sick and severely disabled people are told they are fit for work and have their benefits stopped. These cuts include the bedroom tax which since it’s introduction has plunged many deeper into poverty and resulted in an increase in homelessness.

In modern-day UK 13 million people live below the poverty line.


Workfare – getting people to work for nothing

Real unemployment has risen, and the Conservatives method for supposedly tackling the crisis is to take advantage of the situation and provide themselves and their wealthy friends with a growing supply of free workers. Capitalism – and certainly at its extreme; that which we are now enduring – does not work accept for the greed of the few. The government is whittling welfare away to nothing, destroying employee protections in order to make it easier for employers to hire and fire; to generally exploit and mistreat their employees. Work continues to vanish overseas where people can be even more easily and grossly exploited, and more jobs are lost to private and public sector job cuts motivated more by greed than neccessity. And how many 10s of thousands of jobs have been lost to such as the automated/self-service checkouts?

Read More:


Last month began the government’s latest work-for-nothing Workfare scheme Help To Work, which includes the Community Work Placements programme that requires anyone who has been unemployed for over two years to carry out 780 hours of unpaid “voluntary work” – a real oxymoron if ever there was one.

Osborne’s flagship sinking as voluntary sector rejects role in scheme

Community Work Placements are six-month unpaid work placements for unemployed people, part a set measures branded as “Help to Work”. The £300 million Help to Work programme is aimed at 200,000 Jobseekers Allowance claimants. Studies into existing UK workfare schemes in the UK have found them to have zero effect on helping people find work.

read More: – please take the suggested action to help the Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign.

Alternatively unemployed people of two years duration are required to attend the job centre every day to sign on.  This will mean thousands of people hanging about in long queues. Time which could be spent looking for an actual job. What the hell that is supposed to achieve I cannot imagine accept disruption and chaos. More details of these the latest in a long line of
Workfare – work for nothing schemes. Failure to comply will result in sanctions from a minimum of four weeks to as much as three years!

More information:

Chaos At The DWP As Bungled Help To Work Scheme Attempts To Launch

Increase in homelessness 

In the last two years there has been a rise in homelessness of 62%

…the dubious “economic crisis” followed unhelpfully by a swathe of vicious and unjustifiable cuts and so-called reforms by this phony government, plus uncontrolled and often greed driven prices rises and sinking wages has caused poverty to soar to levels unknown since the War, and a dramatic increase in homelessness nationwide. And it needs to be remembered that many of the homeless go unrecorded Homelessness is nothing new – and in more recent time was noticeably bad during the 1980’s and into the 1990’s in the UK. The situation seemed to improve for a while following.

Read More :



The world’s largest tax cut to bankers.

Osborne also spent thousands of the tax payers money fighting an EU ban on bankers’ bonuses.



Tax cuts to the rich and corporations.

Also profit motivated NHS reforms, privatisation of the post office below it’s value and increased funding for councils – but only in affluent areas.


False Promises

8408902519_8419327569_z   We e.

We can’t go on with this government. If they remain in office much longer, little if anything will be left of what was once good about this country.

Read More:

If you vote conservative based on the promise of the legalisation of cannabis or a vote on the EU you are also voting for more of the above. Ask yourself, is it really worth another five years of rule under this vile government who have destroyed millions of lives reducing people to poverty levels not seen this side of world war 2 while feathering the nests of the rich and the elite.

Click the link below for more graphics from Flickr user Byzantine_K . All graphics have a creative commons license, please freely use in anti Tory campaigns during the upcoming election. The public need to be reminded of the devastation and suffering brought about by the most vile, the most callous, the most greedy self-serving and incompetent government in the history of the UK. Do not forget the parasitic Libdems role in the destruction of our welfare system, the NHS and indeed most of the warped Tory policies, all of which, with the exception of Gay marriage, have been a detriment to most of us who are not rich.

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JSA Maximum Sanction Increases To Three Years From October 22nd