Chinese Occupation of Tibet: Please Join a Peaceful Protest

“I am confident I will set foot again in Tibet in my lifetime.”
Dalai Lama

“This is an outrage. There are no freedoms in China. There are no freedoms in Tibet.”
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This is a bit short notice I know, but I did not get the e-mail from Free Tibet until yesterday.

If you are able to join the peaceful protest outside of Downing Street on Tuesday 17th June please do so.

If you can’t attend, please contact your foreign minister to demand they stand up for Tibet. Please edit if you can, but please send:

Please read the details of the protest below:
China’s Premier Li Keqiang is coming to London next week

We can send a message straight to China’s leadership that it must end its occupation of Tibet.

If you can, please join the peaceful protest at Downing Street next Tuesday.

When: Tuesday 17 June, 9am – 2pm
Where: 10 Downing Street, London

The protest is being organised by a coalition of UK-based Tibet support groups:
The Tibetan Community in BritainFree TibetStudents for a Free Tibet UK , and Tibet Society .

Please spread the word

If you use Facebook you can view the event and share with your friends too. Do attend the protest if you can and support the people of Tibet who struggle with oppression day after day.

Tibetans in Tibet never stop resisting China’s occupation of their land. At great risk, they stand up for their rights against the largest dictatorship in the world. Their courage and resilience deserves the support of the global community. China must not be allowed to believe that the world will turn a blind eye to its illegal occupation and shameless abuse of human rights.

Free Tibet

Despite the lack of international support, including the UK, the people of Tibet continue to hope that one day they will be free from the tyranny of Chinese rule.

Please support them in their struggle for freedom by taking the above actions

Free Tibet on Twitter:

Watch the video: What’s China Doing in Tibet?


Very distressing images

Stand in solidarity with the Tibetan people and support the protest.

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