Please Help Stop The Violence Against The Rohingya

This is desperate. It’s one of the biggest man-made crises and mass movements of people in the region for decades,”

All humanitarian agencies are working nonstop, but in the Cox’s Bazar area the enormous scale of this crisis means that hundreds of thousands of people are living in makeshift camps and spontaneous settlements with next to nothing.

People have no food, water or shelter and they are in desperate need of support. No one should have to live like this,”

Martin Faller, Deputy Regional Director, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

I have said it before and will no doubt say it again but in all my life I have never experienced the world in such a state of turmoil, overflowing it seems with hate, bigotry and violence.

Refugees from Myanmar are pouring into Bangladesh, these people are living in terrible conditions they have no food, water or shelter. Charities are struggling to cope but there is not enough food for everyone. Queues of sick and injured people get longer despite the struggle by doctors and nurses to provide medical care. In short the situation is desperate.

Mounting tragedy for people fleeing Myanmar

Here is the latest tragedy

Rohingya refugee boat capsizes, leaving more than 60 presumed dead

UN migration agency says Rohingya Muslims were trying to escape Myanmar when vessel overturned in rough waters

This is just heartbreaking, when are the international community going to do something to help these people. The world’s governments cannot stand by and do nothing to stop the genocide and continue to fail to provide urgent help to the Rohingyian people.

Sometimes you feel so powerless in such situations and for the most part this is true of course, but there are things that we can do even if it is to only sign a petition or write to our MP.

Yes maybe we feel there is little we can do in any momentous way, but as Margaret Mead said :

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Please take the following actions.


Stop ethnic cleansing Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Myanmar’s military is using murder and mayhem to drive out hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims. France’s President Emmanuel Macron is calling it genocide.

The harrowing stories are all over the news.

But what the media rarely mentions is that governments all around the world are enabling it — allowing arms companies to sell and profit from ethnic cleansing and even providing military training.

Please sign petition to All governments of the UN Stop all arms exports to Myanmar now.

Please sign and share following #petition to UN to bring an end to the genocide in Arakan

Deadly attacks on border posts in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state broke out, resulting in mass civilian casualties. Later, media reports emerged saying Myanmar security forces used disproportionate force and displaced thousands of Rohingya villagers, destroying homes with mortars and machine guns.

Please read more and sign the petition:

Stop Burmese Rohingya Genocide

“Heartbreaking violence is taking place in Myanmar, which was called Burma when it was a British colony. The Rohingya Muslims are being butchered there unceasingly by the Buddhist people and the government of Myanmar ruled by a Nobel Peace laureate, Aung San Kyi.”

Continue reading and please sign petition

Please sign and share all petitions. I know it does not seem much but every signature counts, it’s better than doing nothing.

While it is time governments stepped up and did something, without charities and caring people the situation would be even more horrific.

Write to your MP

Contact your MP

Ask him or her to raise the issue in Parliament, and to ask for the UK to commit funding to the relief effort.


Muslim Hands Org

Save Rohingya Refugees – Volunteer TODAY!

Details how to volunteer and fundraise

One Nation 

In Addition to donations

One Nation seek fundraisers

Fundraise for One Nation

There is always of course the red cross

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, one of the world’s oldest humanitarian organisations:


If you can afford to make a donation here are suggestions,  you don’t have to give a huge amount.

Bangladesh Rohingya Crisis


“Please donate now to our humanitarian response”

Why the hell can’t people just learn to live in peace regardless of race, creed, gender or any other perceived difference. We live in a beautiful world with enough even for the present huge population if only we could learn to get along without harming one another, other animals and the environment. Our lives are short and can be cut shorter at any time. Life is precious to every creature that lives and we should respect that. I am sick of the violence, the hate, the greed, bigotry and intolerance in this world gone mad.

Have things in our world become more insane, though perhaps with WW1 and WW2 there can be little comparison, however such comparisons do not make life any better for those who suffer. Countless millions of died unnecessarily because of hatred and greed and it not getting any better. Perhaps is it that we now have more access to what is happening in the world as a result of the internet without our dependence on the news media which is today biased and may even have been so in the past though few of us ever questioned this possibility, and even today many people take what they read in newspapers and see on TV as the truth without question.

I don’t know what it going on in Myanmar except that people are suffering. Frankly there is so much turmoil in this world you just can’t keep up with all the whys and wherefores. All I know is people are suffering and it has to stop.

Here is some background into the situation:

Why are the Rohingya fleeing Burma?

“Last week, the United Nations’ top human rights official called Burma’s ongoing military campaign against the Rohingya Muslim minority group in that country’s Rakhine state “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.”

Myanmar: Who are the Rohingya?

Why are the more than one million Rohingya in Myanmar considered the ‘world’s most persecuted minority’?

Latest news about the Rohinger crisis

Canadian aid workers describe chaos at Rohingya border camp

Some of the How to help information above information was sourced from:

How to help Rohingya Muslims fleeing ‘genocide’ in Burma


The Tory Government is no Longer Accepting Disabled Refugee Children Escaping the War in Syria

Just when you think this government could not get more callous, more cruel, more indifferent.

The Tory Government is on longer accepting disabled refugee children escaping the war in Syria and elsewhere because it says it cannot cope with their needs.


According to the following article in the Independent the Government’sVulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme, which is supposed to rehome 3,000 children with their families from countries including Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq, is not accepting young people with complex needs, including disabilities and learning difficulties.”

Shantha Barriga, director of Human Rights Watch’s disability rights division, said: “Shutting the door on vulnerable children is an affront to British values.

“People with disabilities endure unimaginable hardship during conflict, and many faced huge hurdles in escaping the violence. That the UK now says it’s not prepared to accept refugees with disabilities is unthinkable.

“It’s an indefensible decision and blatant discrimination. The UK is not simply lacking ‘suitable accommodation’ in this case, but seems to be lacking political will.”

Read more:

So many of the comments following the above article are just appalling, how people can say such things so openly, particularly when it concerns the welfare of children is shocking, their selfishness and bigotry is so palpable.

Shame on the government, a new low even by Tory standards. The UK is one of the richest countries in the world, of course we can care for these disabled children. It is just that the government does not want to, they would rather give tax concessions to corporations. The Tories have no humanity, no compassion. These long suffering and very vulnerable children should be taken in and given refuge, we are more than able to provide the care these children need here in the UK as we are the care that our own disabled children and adults need but which they are often denied .

Sadly we do not take care of disabled people already living in this country. In both cases it is not the lack of finances or the inability to provide for disabled people whether refugees or otherwise, it is simply that the government do not want to do so. With cuts in services and to benefits life is a struggle for disabled and sick people here in the UK. This latest decision to deny access to the UK for disabled refugee children confirms the government’s callous uncaring attitude to disabled and sick people.

Not only the government of course it seems that as a country we have become less caring, ignoring the plight of others with callous indifference even outright hostility, not only of people from other countries but at home also. So few have stood against the government’s assault on disabled people, the cuts in  benefits and services which have left disabled people struggling, making already difficult lives more miserable.

If we – as a nation – get used to being mean-spirited to refugees, then we will end up being increasingly mean-spirited to others ‘closer to home’.  The ‘not my problem’ mantra will turn into a habitual mindset, which will eventually include (or exclude) all of us.

The above comment on the independent article sums this up nicely. It is one of the very few supportive compassionate comments.

Also the UK the UK government announced it will end a scheme that allows unaccompanied child refugees to come to the UK.

Action you can take – petition, tweet, send e-mails/letters

Stand up for the right of unaccompanied child refugees to seek a safe home in the UK.

Please sign petitions and take the other actions below, while they do not specifically relate to disabled refugee children they nonetheless concern refugee children the UK had previously promised to allow entry in the UK


UK: Don’t abandon Syrian child refugees

“The Syrian war has left thousands of children without a family. Alone in the world, carrying the trauma of the horrors they have been through, many of these children still have nowhere safe to call home. Please sign this petition to demand that the UK government honour its pledge to give sanctuary to 3,000 Syrian child refugees.

Please read more and sign the petition:

Please read the following from   Global Citizen and take the suggested actions

“On Wednesday, our government announced it will end a scheme that allows unaccompanied child refugees to come to the UK.

I believe this is shameful – and requires immediate public outcry. Click here to send a tweet to Home Secretary Amber Rudd calling for reversal of this decision.

The scheme was devised by a former child refugee – Alfred Dubs – who was rescued from the Nazis and brought to London as a 6-year-old by the ‘Kindertransport’ in 1939. He now says he owes his life to Sir Nicholas Winton, who started the scheme.

We are not talking about terrorists. We are talking about children who are alone, with no family, home, or safe place to go. If we, as one of the richest countries in the world, cannot find the compassion to help, who will?

I believe Britain is better than this. If you agree, click here to tweet Amber Rudd calling on her to keep this scheme running and allow unaccompanied child refugees a safe home in the UK.

With hope,

Zoe and the Global Citizen team

PS. Not on Twitter? Click here to write a letter to a refugee instead.

There are just 3000 children, a small number.

Write to Amber Rudd and Teresa May voicing your concerns about the abandonment of lone refugee children along with the UKs’ recent rejection of disabled children. Both shockingly shameful acts. Please be polite. I know it makes those of us who care about others very angry, we cannot understand the cold indifference to suffering, particularly to vulnerable children, which of course all children are whether able or disabled.

You can contact Amber Rudd here:

You may wish also to send your comments to Teresa May:

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50,000-name petition against the scrapping of asylum scheme for child refugees is delivered to Downing Street  It is so good to see that many people care about this grave social injustice.

The Ballad of Aslan and Rose


Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.


Aslan, a 17-year-old Syrian teenager refugee has walked more than 300 miles (500 kilometers) to the Greek Island of Lesbos in his quest for a new life with Rose, his puppy.

“I love my dog. I need her,” Aslan said.


A teenager walked more than 300 miles to escape war-torn Syria with his puppy. 

Refugee Aslan, 17, took his dog Rose all the way to the Greek island Lesbos as he felt he couldn’t leave his pooch behind.

The Syrian teenager is one of 300,000 migrants who have arrived in Greece this year, even making a passport for Rose.

Read more:

Greece: Syrian Aslan and his puppy Rose


Please Take Action to Help Refugees


Aylan Kurdi (left) and his brother Galip (right), who died fleeing war and persecution.

This made me want to cry. If this does not break your heart you haven’t got one. Imagine if these children were your son or daughter. Young lives lost forever, so tragic, so sad. The UK needs to take action now! All these people want is somewhere for their children and themselves to be safe, to have the opportunity for a peaceful and fulfilled life just as we all do. I don’t fully understand what is happening in the middle east but know we cannot take everything at face value, the only thing any of us can be sure of is that innocent people are suffering and need help, a sanctuary, a safe haven from the turmoil of war.

If you are not familiar with this awful tragedy, though I rather think there are few who aren’t, please read the information from the Huffington Post. Most importantly please take action by signing as many of the following petitions as you can, contacting your MP and David Cameron (contact details further down). Please everyone, including non UK residents, take as much action as you can.  Cameron is rather reluctant to do his part, at least compared to Germany which has taken in over 800,00 , Turkey over 1.8 million, Jordan 600,000 and 1 million to Lebanon – a country whose population is just 4 million.

Please sign the following petitions. These are simple quick sign petitions pleases sign as many as you can.

Britain must accept its fair share of refugees seeking safety in Europe

No more drownings. Immediate sanctuary for those fleeing from war

80 Syrian war refugees are waiting in Calais for their rightful and legal asylum in the UK! Please open the border for them!

We are willing to house Syrian refugees; please rescue more of those fleeing the conflict.

Tell the UK Government to accept a fair share of refugees and migrants

Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK.

Create a compassionate Euro-wide policy to deal with refugee migrants in Calais

Please share petitions widely

Scroll down for Cameron’s and MPs contact details including twitter and e-mail and other ways you can help.

From the Huffington Post

Haunting Image Of Drowned Boy Sums Up Consequences Of ‘The Syrian War In One Photo’


A Turkish gendarmerie soldier moves the body of the Syrian boy who was one of 11 people to die after a boat sunk while trying to reach Greece

“Lying facedown on the shore of a Bodrum beach this haunting image of a drowned Syrian toddler illustrates the perilous risks, and heartbreaking consequences, of the journey tens of thousands of migrant families have undertaken, chasing a better life in countries shuffling responsibility for taking them in.

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, who made a desperate plea on Tuesday for towns and cities up and down the country to each take in ten migrant families, said: “When mothers are desperately trying to stop their babies from drowning when their boat has capsized, when people are being left to suffocate in the backs of lorries by evil gangs of traffickers and when children’s bodies are being washed to shore, Britain needs to act.

“It is heartbreaking what is happening on our continent. We cannot keep turning our backs on this. We can – and must – do more. If every area in the UK took just ten families, we could offer sanctuary to 10,000 refugees. Let’s not look back with shame at our inaction.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron told The Independent “enough is enough”.

He said: “These pictures are beyond horrific. They are the wake-up call David Cameron needs.””

Give Cameron a wake up call

Take Action

Write to your MP and David Cameron

David Cameron – e-mail, telephone, letter or send a tweet

E-mail form

Other contact details


House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 3475
Fax: 020 7219 0918
West Oxfordshire Conservative Association, Waterloo House, 58-60 High Street, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 6HJ
Tel: 01993 702302
10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA
Tel: 020 7270 3000
Web & Social media
Website Website:…

Website Website:…

Twitter Twitter: @david_cameron

Contact your MP

Other ways to help

Five practical ways you can help refugees trying to find safety in Europe

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So David Cameron, is this dead Syrian child one of the ‘swarm’ of migrants you fear so much?

Those who have decided not to care will not be moved – but this should be moment when Britain finally finds its compassion

“He looks asleep, far away in dreamland, as if he dropped off after a long day of play and fun, of tricks and naughtiness. His trainers are still on his feet. Did he pester mum and dad until they bought them? His red T-shirt and trousers have rolled up to reveal his tummy. I want to touch his soft, plump tummy, to hold him, wake him gently and dry him off.

But the boy is dead. He drowned in the foaming, blue sea, just off Bodrum in Turkey, a tourist destination for Europeans seeking sun and fun. The waves delivered him to the beach, gently it seems, so intact is the little body.”

“Look at the picture of the washed up toddler if you can bear to. He is a little person, an innocent, who died before he could grow.  Think of the chances his parents took and why they felt they had no other choice. How frightened they must have been when they got on to the packed, unsafe boat. Did they drown too? They might have seen their child sink. Imagine that. If they survived, they must wish they hadn’t.  We don’t know their names. Maybe we never will. But this is our child now, whoever we are. Even those who support hardline anti-immigration policies, must, I think, feel pity and some urge to help.”

Read More of this moving article:


Please Sign Petitions to Tell Prime Minister David Cameron to Help Refugees


Graphic Home Truths by Flickr user Byzantine_K

There are three petitions for you to sign to help refugees trying to escape with their families to safety from war-torn countries.

Please everyone carefully read and sign the following petitions and please share widely. Anyone worldwide may sign these petitions. Refugees need our support.

Care 2 Petition:

Tell Prime Minister David Cameron to Protect Refugees

“Imagine your country spiralling into violence and warfare. Watching everything around you fall to chaos. Fearing you or your children may be killed at any moment.

This is the devastating reality for millions of refugees around the world. They are faced with an incredibly difficult decision: stay in a war-torn country where their lives are at risk, or flee to safety even though the journey in front of them is equally dangerous.

Which would you choose?

This year, over 2,000 men, women and children have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Just last week, a boat capsized off the coast of Libya. Around 200 people lost their lives.

We call on Prime Minister David Cameron to take action and save lives today by increasing resettlement places for refugees.”

Please read more and sign the petition      This petition needs at least 5,000 signatures, so far only just over 300 so please sign and share widely.

Change Org Petition

Provide urgent medical support to vulnerable people in Calais

“We’ve all seen the news of desperate migrants trying to cross the channel. But few people know about the conditions people are living in. There is no less than a humanitarian crisis on our doorstep and western governments are turning their backs on it.

I know because I’m a nurse out here in Calais, giving medical support to migrants who have fled their countries because of war and persecution and are now living in horrendous conditions. Whole families are crammed into small tents with poor access to food and water, leading to all sorts of terrible health problems. These include serious skin problems, gangrene, breathing difficulties, diarrhoea and scabies. Many have shattered bones after falling from trucks, have been slashed by razor wire climbing fences or have been beaten up.Some are extremely vulnerable, including children and pregnant women.”

Please read more and sign the petition

Tell the UK Government to accept a fair share of migrant refugees

“Thousands of men and women are currently stranded in Calais, Italy and Greece, and across Europe after a treacherous journey from their home countries. These refugees often come from war-torn countries with poor human-rights records. In their home countries they may have suffered or be at risk of torture and rape, and fear for their lives and those of their children. They are desperate to reach safety and they are risking their lives. Many have already died. More than 1,800 perished at sea in the first five months of 2015*.

Other countries in the EU take on much larger numbers of migrant refugees even when considering capacity to do so**. ”
Please read more and sign the petition

More Action you can take

If you have time please consider contacting David Cameron:


And or your MP:

These people need our help urgently; the UK should not turn its back on people who have been through so much, who are fleeing from war and persecution hoping to find safety not abandonment. The UK government has a moral obligation to direct funds to help refugees, sadly in recent years our governments seem to lack basic morality humanity and compassion. Health care and shelter should be a basic human right, the UK is a rich country and has the resources to supply medical and other aid. It is shameful that there are people seriously ill and not receiving medical care in rich countries such as the UK and France.

There is a lot of anti-immigration feeling among the misguided British Public that is nothing short of monstrous, shocking in the extreme. For an example of the lack of compassion to our fellow human beings from war-torn countries fleeing for their lives read the comments at the end of the article below.

At such times I am ashamed to be British, though a generality we appear to be a nation of xenophobic racists lacking compassion but displaying plenty of stupidity and ignorance fueled by right wing propaganda.

For a more realistic perspective please read the following article

“When you’re facing the world’s biggest refugee crisis since the second world war, it helps to have a sober debate about how to respond. But to do that, you need facts and data – two things that the British migration debate has lacked this summer. Theresa May got the ball rolling in May, when she claimed on Radio 4 that the vast majority of migrants to Europe are Africans travelling for economic reasons. The media has followed suit, one example being the Daily Mail’s unsubstantiated recent assertion that seven in 10 migrants at Calais will reach the UK.

Foreign secretary Philip Hammond this week not only repeated May’s claims about African economic migrants, but portrayed them as marauders who would soon hasten the collapse of European civilisation. Hammond, like many people, could do with some actual statistics about the migration crisis. Here are 10 of the key ones:

Please continue reading the 10 truths about the so-called immigration crisis:

10 truths about Europe’s migrant crisis  – again many of the comments at the end of the article convey public prejudice and lack of compassion. One person writes “You can call them what you like, Europe is being overwhelmed and it is not Europe’s responsibility to take on the world’s troubled.”

Besides the fact that  many of them – especially those from Eritrea, Darfur, and Somalia – have legitimate claims to refugee status don’t we have a moral responsibility?

The fact of the matter is that Cameron is not only not allowing refugees into the country he is actively thwarting their attempts to seek asylum.

Can’t we all learn to live together as one species, one country, one world. I am sick of all the hatred, the prejudice and discrimination. We are all human beings regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation religious persuasion or whatever prejudice misguided ignorant people can conjure up. Make no mistake were we all the same race, colour, gender, age and so on someone would find some difference albeit small to aim their misguided prejudice against.

The biggest enemy comes not from refugees or any one the other scapegoats targeted by government propaganda, even our own citizens if they happen to be unfortunate enough to need benefits,  as a distraction from the real cause of much of the misery in this country and indeed worldwide – namely capitalism and the greed of the one percent. Throughout the world the proliferation of wars, persecutions and increased poverty is a result of the capitalist crisis. Many people are desperate to escape their situation over which they are powerless and seek safety within the EU.

The UK and other rich nations caused the poverty that drives people from Africa and elsewhere to find a better life.

It is not “marauding” African migrants, but the UK and other wealthy nations that are threatening living standards and causing poverty for people in Africa and across the world. Sub-Saharan Africa loses $192bn to the rest of the world each year. In return it receives just $30bn back in aid. Whether it is our network of tax havens that allows the theft of billions from countries in Africa each year, the costs we save by recruiting health workers from the world’s poorest countries, the aid we give as loans which contribute to the looming debt crisis, or our carbon emissions which force African countries to pay out billions to adapt to the climate change we cause, it is the UK and our wealthy allies, not African migrants, doing the marauding.

Read More:

Britain it seems has only welcomed immigrants when required for Labour.

Read a very revealing article about the history of  Britain’s immigration policies
Racism and immigration in Britain

Time to stand up for what is right and speak out for the vulnerable.

Please sign all petitions if you have not already done so

To end on a positive note please read the following which shows that people do care.

How grassroots groups are supporting Calais migrants

The Worldwide Tribe in Calais

What life is like in the Calais migrant ‘jungle’ – by young Brit who visited them

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The real criminals, however, are not immigrant workers, but the corporate chieftains and politicians who, in their insatiable lust for profits, plunder the natural resources of poor countries, set up sweatshops, and wage wars for oil and empire. It is their policies that create the grinding poverty and social breakdown throughout the neo-colonial world which forces millions to flee their home countries in search of work here.

Why refugee deaths in the Mediterranean are a global problem

The New Global Capitalism and the War on Immigrants