Urgent Petition to Help Save Dogs from Christmas Day Eviction From Serbian Sanctuary

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.
Elie Wiesel


Please sign an urgent petition to stop the eviction of 450 rescued dogs from their sanctuary.

If you wish to include a comment when you sign the petition click the link below rather than sign the petition at the bottom of the following article which appears not to have the usual comments box. Comments add weight to your signature but please do sign with or without commenting.

Massive international pressure could save the sanctuary from closure and consequently the lives of many dogs, so please act now and share widely:


For more information and other action you can take please read the following article:

Dog Catchers to Swarm Beloved Free-Roaming Sanctuary on Christmas

Dog catchers have been told to swarm a cage-free dog sanctuary in Nis, Serbia on Christmas Day. A bitter round up of 450 rescued dogs will take place unless massive international pressure can reverse the decision to descend upon one of the most enchanting dog havens in all of Europe.

Sasa Pesic runs this breathtaking Serbian sanctuary where the dogs eat, play and run together without the traditional confines of a kennel system. At the days’ end, the dogs pitter-patter into the stable to sleep in straw-lined beds. Normally Christmas is a time when the staff prepares special surprises for the dogs, but the peace here is about to be shattered.

Sign the Petition and Receive Breaking News Updates
Animal advocates hope a major show of international condemnation will bring great influence to this crisis.

Step 1:  Please sign the petition below to stop the eviction.

Step 2: You can get breaking news updates on efforts to halt the Christmas Day dog round up. Follow the  Harmony Fund Facebook page  A follow up story will be posted here on Care2.com as soon as there is a major development.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/dog-catchers-to-swarm-beloved-free-roaming-sanctuary-on-christmas.html#ixzz3MEA3NAHX

We have only a week to help save the sanctuary so please share the petition

This is an awful situation. The municipality should be supporting the sanctuary not hindering their work with stray dogs. It is a sad world in which we live when good people devote their lives to helping animals and are thwarted and hindered in their endeavours. Lets hope that enough people sign and bring about a change of heart to government officials.