Help Stop Animal Experiments: Please Send Messages and Sign Petitions

“Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called medical research.”
George Bernard Shaw

Scroll down for actions to take including petitions. If you don’t have time to read the information below please at least take some of the suggested actions to help stop the awful suffering inflicted on helpless animals in laboratories.

Recently I noticed the following disturbing article about animal testing which adds more support to the many reasons why this shocking cruelty to animals needs to end once and for all, forever. No exceptions, no excuses. The fact that still today we treat helpless innocent animals so appallingly shames us. There is not one country in the world that does experiment on animals. Yes there has been some progress such as the EU’s ban on cosmetic testing, but animals are still used in experiments and medical research and continue to be tested for cosmetics in many countries such as China and the USA.

According to the Huffington post there have been cases of cannibalism, drowning, starvation, pain and distress such as from the lack of anesthesia as a result of neglect by staff in laboratories in the UK. That is of course in addition to all the other horrors of vivisection which our government and others permit as routine and acceptable.

Cannibalism Among ‘Horrendous’ Cases of Animal Testing Neglect Revealed By Home Office Report

Mice who hadn’t been fed for up to four days ate each other.

Please read the complete article:

The answer of course to such neglect and harmful practices is to discontinue animal testing.

Note: “In 2015 there was a 7% rise in the number of experiments conducted on animals in the UK, which anti-vivisection campaigners said made a “mockery” of the government’s pledge to the ‘3Rs’ – replace, reduce and refine the use of animals in scientific research.”

“The number of completed animal experiments rose from 3.87 million in 2014 to 4.14 million the following year.”

That’s right in 2015 4.14 million animals suffered in ways unimaginable and died. That’s here in the UK alone! Each year, more than 100 million animals are killed in laboratories in the USA 

The use of animals in experiments including medical research should be banned entirely.

Animals have a right to their lives as we do. To an animal his or her life is important. Animals have a brain and a nervous system, so feel pain, experience fear and suffer much as we would if subjected to the same abuses.We have no right to use animals in this way, there is no ethical justification, there never will be.  We set ourselves above the other creatures with whom we share this planet, but in reality we are no better than any other animal, all animals wish to live, all animals try to avoid pain and suffering. All animal experimentation should come to an end, it’s barbarity at its worse, torture beyond our ability to imagine. Look at the picture of a rabbit at the beginning of the video below fitted with a cannulas, I have shown this before in a previous post because it is just so shocking.

The video below is difficult to watch. Vile wicked evil people, shame on them though I doubt they have the decency to feel shame, let alone compassion or empathy, – guilt also has no part to play in the lives of such callous unfeeling people.

Take Action

There are many petitions and other actions you can take to help bring an end to this form of suffering, here are just a few of them.

Please take as many of the actions below as you can to help save animals from the cruelty of vivisection ( animal experimentation)


Send a message Victoria’s Secret



Want to help the countless thousands of animals suffering in laboratories. Click the link below where you can send a message to Victoria’s Secret, which will be selling their products in China where tests on animals are required.  Scroll down to send the mssage


Tell Windex: Stop Animal Testing!  – The list of cruelty by S.C Johnson the makers of Windex in these experiments is utterly sickening

“Windex is a window cleaner company that is manufactured by S.C. Johnson. S.C. Johnson tests the ingredients in Windex on animals in experiments that often result in their death. Each year, more than 100 million animals are abused in the procedures and killed. Please sign this petition to refuse purchasing Windex because the company tests on animals!

S.C. Johnson’s use of animal experimentation is an unethical and inhumane practice where animals such as dogs, rabbits, birds, mice, and monkeys are forced to comply with painful experiments. Some methods that take place during animal testing include:

  • Pouring corrosive chemicals on their bare skin
  • Injecting chemicals into their eyes
  • Repeatedly force fed large substances
  • Forced inhalation of toxic gases”

Please read more, sign and share the petition:


Demand safer medicines, using better science than animal tests (*UK only*)

“Our medicines are killing us! Adverse drug reactions have reached epidemic proportions, sending a million Britons to hospital and killing more than 10,000 every year.

Currently, new medicines are approved for human testing on the basis of animal tests, as required by the government. But 9 out of 10 drugs fail in human trials because they are unsafe or ineffective, despite appearing safe and effective in animal tests.”

Read More and please sign  At the time of publishing this blog post there were 4,760 signatures, 10,000 are required, so please share widely

The above petition was set up by Safer Medicines:

Animal Defenders International

Immediate action needed to end the use of animals in experiments!

“I believe that it is wrong to carry out experiments on animals when there are better, safer and humane alternatives available.

I urge the government to take action immediately to replace the use of animals in research. Animal experiments are unreliable, unethical and unnecessary.”

Please read more and sign the petition.  This petition may be signed by anyone worldwide.

Ongoing campaigns and organisations fighting to abolish vivisection


Lots of ideas from NEAVS (New England Anti-Vivisection Society)for ways to help animals suffering in labs

Home Page:


Citizens for Alternatives to animal Research and Experimentation

National Anti-vivisection Society

Advancing Science Without Harming Animals.
Home Page:

One Green Planet

5 Awesome Organizations Fighting to End Animal Testing

Cruelty Free International

To finish do watch this moving video about rabbits rescued from a lab.

Six rabbits rescued from lab testing – Seis conejos rescatados de la experimentación animal

A couple of the bunnies are hesitant to leave the confines of the pet carrier, no doubt as a result of being imprisoned in a tiny cage they are not used to their freedom

Its good to know that there are people care about animals and that some abused animals find happiness, love and freedom.

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5 Horrific Animal Experiments Happening NOW  – There is suggested action you can take at the bottom of the webpage

International Rabbit Day: Take Action to Help Rabbits

Patch sitting in the sun throguh the window

Above is a photo by my adopted rabbit Patch.

He is a wonderful little creature so full of life, he has his own personality, his little habits, his likes and dislikes. He loves to be stroked and fussed, he gets lonely if he is left, he enjoys his favourite foods and has his favourite place to sleep. Though a timid animal he is curious and likes exploring new things. He like you and I, like your cat or your dog, feels pain and suffers. In short he is a sentient being, aware of himself, his surroundings, his environment and my family and I.

How could anyone hurt such a sweet and inoffensive creature you might ask,  if you ‘re a normal rational sensitive human being that is .

Yet these animals suffer greatly.

There are just so many ways in which these gentle creatures are harmed including being hunted for pleasure, kept in captivity and confinement for meat production and fur farming or in the case of angora for their wool, which in China, where most angora wool is produced, is plucked from them while alive every three months for five years until they are slaughtered. Rabbits are also used in cruel medical experiments or for cosmetic testing.  Many rabbits are exploited in the pet trade and often left abandoned in tiny hutches in someone’s garden. Unlike a cat or a dog people tend to neglect rabbits, for example rabbits receive less veterinary care than cats or dogs.

International Rabbit Day

Held on the fourth Saturday in September International Rabbit Day promotes the protection of rabbits both domestic and wild, this year it takes place on Saturday September 27th.

International Rabbit day is a time to promote the wellbeing of these often overlooked companion animals. Not only the millions of rabbits kept in hutches throughout the world but also wild rabbits, rabbits in zoos, in laboratories, in factory farms both for meat and fur and indeed suffering rabbits everywhere for indeed the vast majority of these creatures suffer terribly at the hand of human beings.

On International Rabbit Day we are encouraged to consider, not only the companionship offered by these gentle and lovable animals but the various ways in which rabbits are harmed.

International Rabbit Day is a good time to get active for rabbits or get to know rabbits by learning about them.

Suggested Actions to help rabbits – You can read rabbit stories and other information further down.

Please help rabbits by sharing photographs, signing petitions, sending messages and making a pledge. Please take as much action as you can, the petitions require only a few minutes to sign them.

Share a Photo and messages on Twitter or Facebook:

Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign estimates that every year around the world, approximately 500,000 animals suffer and die to test cosmetics. Rabbits are often used in painful eye and skin tests, so this International Rabbit Day, the #BeCrueltyFree campaign is shining a spotlight on their suffering and YOU can help.

Every rabbit who endures cosmetics testing is just as lovable and unique as the rabbits with whom we share our homes. So HSI is asking for supporters to donate a photo of their beloved rabbit companions (or a selfie of you in bunny ears!) with the following message:

Take part on Twitter by tweeting your photo with this message:
I WANT BUNNIES TO #BECRUELTYFREE WITH @HSIGlobal for #InternationalRabbitDay & end cosmetics cruelty!

Take part on Facebook by posting your photo with the message:
RABBITS SUFFER in cosmetics tests. I WANT BUNNIES TO ‪#‎BECRUELTYFREE! Take the pledge: and help Humane Society International end cosmetics cruelty.

Rabbits are commonly used in painful eye and skin irritation tests for consumer products. Developed in the 1940s, skin and eye irritation tests involve holding rabbits in full body restraints so that chemicals can be dripped in their eye or spread on their shaved skin. These tests are notoriously unreliable as well as extremely cruel, causing eye reddening, swelling, ulceration, even blindness, or skin cracking and bleeding. Unlike humans, rabbits have no tear ducts so they can’t cry out the harmful substances.

#BeCrueltyFree is the largest campaign in the world to end cosmetics animal testing. Globally, Humane Society International and our #BeCrueltyFree partners are leading the charge to end cosmetics cruelty in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, and #BeCrueltyFree USA is spearheaded by The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Legislative Fund.

Follow #BeCrueltyFree on Facebook here.

Original source:   –  Most people don’t click the links included here, however it may be well worth giving this link a click as it is a useful resource for cruelty free cosmetics. One way to stop the abuse of rabbits in the testing of cosmetics of course is to boycott cosmetic manufacturers who test on animals.

Pledge to be cruelty free

Sign Petitions and and write letters

Please sign the following petitions:

Petition to MSD animal Health

Last year British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) uncovered the shocking killing of baby rabbits animals Born To Die in a UK laboratory.

Thirty innocent and defenseless rabbits arrived at the MSD Animal Health laboratory on 1st November 2013. Within just a few days, a number of rabbits were found dead.

During the experiment some of the rabbits suffered with swollen eyes, black tumours on their genitals, eyes and noses, swollen, lumpy ears and laboured breathing. They had to be killed due to the severity of their symptoms.

All 30 rabbits either died or were killed by the laboratory by the 9th December 2013.

Please remember these animals this International Rabbit Day.

Sign the petition:


This is the official MSD Animal Health website: – You could also write a letter or send an e-mail:

MSD Animal Health
Walton Manor
Milton Keynes

Tel: +44 (0)370 060 3380


BUAV website:

This petition is directed to the president of China, asking them to stop cruel angora wool production:

For more information and action you can take concerning the cruel torture of plucking live rabbits in the production of angora wool in china please see the previous entry:

Petition: Justice for Percy! Shaved, Set Fire To, Thrown Out The Window! Demand Jail Time For The Culprits! – you don’t have to have a Facebook account to sign

Ask Brazil to end cosmetic testing:

UK government Petition – Ban the sale of Angora rabbit fur products in the UK

Petition Scottish Parliament & the UK Government as a whole: Implement urgent (pet) Rabbit Specific Welfare Laws in the UK

Petition to: Tell Ralph Lauren to Stop Using Angora Fur From Tortured Rabbits:

Petitioning Walter Robb
Please do not sell rabbit meat in any Whole Foods stores:

Rabbits deserve better, please take as many of the actions above as you can.

Rabbits are not just a bundle of fur, if you have ever met a rabbit you cannot believe he or she is not a little person. Rabbits have their own personalities, like us each individual is different with his or her own little personality traits and ways of being.

Rabbit Stories

Rabbit Stories from Celebrating rabbits

Adventures of Mopsy Bunnytail
by Charmaine Blaisdell

Our Mopsy, a natural entertainer, leaped onto the couch, jumped up on the back, then ran along it and bounced down. Then she eyed my Dad, who wasn’t paying attention to her—he was sitting in his chair, intently reading the newspaper. Mopsy must have wanted him to notice her because she tore across the floor and with one jump was on his lap, knocking the paper out of the way. She put her front feet on his chest and looked up at him with her soulful dark brown eyes. Then she nipped a small hole in his shirt pocket! Just that quick, she bounced down again. Dad laughed so hard, along with the rest of us.

Read the full story – Do at least read this story which shows so clearly that rabbits are sentient animals, little beings who enjoy life, who are inquisitive and sociable just like a cat or dog.

Lucky Jasmine
by Marie Mead

At eight weeks old, the dainty lionhead was so cute. The little girl who saw him exclaimed that the black eye rings and ears made the diminutive bunny look like a panda! And so the rabbit was taken home, a live Easter bunny.

By nine weeks old, the rabbit’s novelty had worn off. He was no longer showered with attention and had lost his status as darling Easter bunny.

When the rabbit was ten weeks old, the young girl’s father took over care of the unnamed bunny, but he didn’t know how to interact with an increasingly defensive and frightened rabbit.

At twelve weeks old, one down-on-his-luck Easter bunny needed a new home.

Read the full story here:

Chester, the Lop-Eared Rabbit:

The first three years of his life were spent in a wire cage in a basement, separated from others. Oh, he had some of the necessary requirements to sustain life: food, water, and shelter. And now and then he was allowed a taste of what lay beyond his confines, if only for a short while. Days, weeks, and finally months secluded from the world beget lethargy, boredom, and depression.

Yes — even in an animal.

Upon entering the murky basement my eyes began to burn from the stench of ammonia that had built in the air from an unclean cage. Lonely, isolated, cold, huddled on wire — this was not how any being should be forced to live.

No — not even an animal.

Read the full story here:

More rabbit Stories from Celebrating Rabbits:

We have looked after three rabbits each of whom was and is very different. Sadly two of our rabbits have died, I have included information about these wonderful little beings in their memorials on my website.

Also information about both Sooty and Joey after we adopted Joey:

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Help Stop a Living Nightmare for Monkeys in EU Lab

“I abhor vivisection’. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty.”
Charles W. Mayo, MD (1961), son of the co-founder of the Mayo Clinic.

Another post concerning more hellish cruel experiments on helpless monkeys


In the previous entry you may have seen a reblog concerning cruel experiments on monkeys by in NIH labs in the USA: heart/ – please take the suggested actions if you have not already done so.

Now please read and take action to stop horrific experiments on Monkeys at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germany, a leading research institute in the EU.

If you don’t have the time to read all the information or watch the video please at least sign the petition below:

Petitioning Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius
Mauritius is one of the world’s largest suppliers of monkeys for the research industry, exporting thousands of animals every year to the USA and the European Union.

And write to the authority in Germany calling for an end to this research and the removal of the laboratory’s licences:

Regierungspräsidium Tübingen (Government of Tübingen),
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 20,
72072 Tübingen,


There are more actions you can take further down.

These excitements which are intended to study basic brain processes are horrific in the extreme. Frankly I am concerned about the brain process of the hideous people who conduct these experiments without remorse, with callous cold indifference and who knows maybe even some measure of perverted enjoyment. Sick individuals – who in their right mind could go to work everyday and torture sentient beings, animals who feel pain and suffer as do you or I? What kind of person here’s the scream of an helpless animal and remains unmoved? One has to ask, what the hell is wrong with them?

The joint investigation by BUAV and Soko-Tierschutz was carried out at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germany and provides a
…“a disturbing insight into the use of primates by the research industry. For the monkeys, it is a nightmare world from which death will be their only escape“.
It also provides a disturbing insight into the mentality of the experimenters who are no doubt respected within their profession but who are despite all their intellectual achievement nothing other than psychopaths, souless individuals who torture sentient beings with no remorse. Such mentality regardless of window-dressing – I am sure they have some argument to justify their cruelty – is incomprehensible to me and to most decent people.

Here is what happens in this Laboratory/ torture chamber in one of the EU’s leading research institutions.

Subjected to major brain surgery to implant devices in their skulls; deliberately deprived of water for days; controlled by a pole attached to a collar around their necks; held in a restraint device (called a primate ‘chair’) with their heads immobilised by a post implanted in their skulls, the monkeys were imprisoned inside dark, silent chambers and forced to carry out mundane tasks over and over for hours at a time, day after day, month after month. It is a living nightmare for the animals and death is their only escape.

Read more:

Now watch the video – Warning absolutely horrific, will break you heart if you like most rational sensitive people have one to break.

A joint BUAV and Soko Tierschutz undercover investigation at a leading research institute in the European Union has revealed the shocking and disturbing use of monkeys in research.

To read the investigation in full please visit:

The investigation carried out at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germany uncovered the brutal way in which the lives of monkeys were controlled and manipulated in cruel experiments.

The monkeys were subjected to immense suffering through the use of severe water deprivation, physical coercion and restraint. They underwent major surgery to have devices implanted in their skulls and were then held rigid for hours in ‘primate chairs’ inside dark chambers to carry out repetitive tests. It is a living nightmare and death will be their only escape.

To read the investigation in full please visit:

Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:

The above is an introduction to the video:

Please take action to stop this cruelty

Please read all the information but most importantly please take the following actions if you have not already done so:

Write to the authority in Germany calling for an end to this research and the removal of the laboratory’s licences:

Regierungspräsidium Tübingen (Government of Tübingen),
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 20,
72072 Tübingen,


You could also write to the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and tell them what you think of their cruel experiments and ask them to stop experimenting on Monkeys

Mail Address

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
P.O. Box: 21 69
72012 Tübingen
Phone: +49 7071 601-510
Fax: +49 7071 601-520


This is the only e-mail address I could find:

Head of administration – Rainer Hirt:

Please be Polite

I know it’s difficult to be polite in the face of such shocking abuse but nothing much is achieved otherwise. By all means express your disgust and anger in no uncertain terms, but please no abusive language, as such communications are rarely read or responded to.

Please sign the petition

Help expose the plight of these monkeys by watching and sharing the above film.

And or make a donation by clicking

Please also send the message included in the link below to the (NIH) National Institutes of Health, (information included in previous post) if you have not already done so, you will need to scroll down.

“Atrocities are not less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called medical research.”
George Bernard Shaw

I am so angry, the continuing brutal and barbaric abuse of animals seems to get ever more horrific as with each passing day new and more shocking mistreatment of animals is revealed. There is no place in any civilised country or society for the use of cruel experiments on helpless animals. I am ashamed to be human. I often wonder if there is life out there in the vast expanse of the universe and if such life is intelligent in the sense of reaching the highest ideal of ethical treatment towards one another and other sentient beings. If such advanced beings do exist and if they observe us I wonder what they must think of the horrors we impose upon the myriads of sentient beings with whom we share this world simply because we can. Maybe they view us as we view the perpetrators of the many atrocities that we have committed and continue to commit against one another with the disgust and revulsion that many of our species so deserve.

Anti Vivisection Quotations

I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence.
Mohandas Gandhi

“During my medical education – I found vivisection horrible, barbarous and above all unnecessary.”
Carl Jung, MD

“Vivisection has done little for the art of the doctor at the bedside, but it has done immeasurable harm to the character and mind of the rising generation of doctors.”
Dr. Rudolph Hammer, LLD

“By and large students are taught that it is ethically acceptable to perpetrate, in the name of science, what from the point of view of the animals would certainly qualify as torture. By the time [the students] arrive in the labs they have been programmed to accept the suffering around them.”
Jane Goodall, PhD


Tortured Animals: Help Stop the Horror of Vivisection

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn’t…The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further.”

Mark Twain

Please take five  simple actions to help bring and end to animal experimentation. Please take as many actions as you can, most petitions require a  only signature and comments are optional though more effective.


I agree with Mark Twain that there is no justification whatsoever for vivisection – experiments on live animals. Besides many such experiments are scientifically meaningless , such as the barbaric experiments on baby monkeys at the University of Washington. Also these days many cruel experiments can be done by the use of alternative methods that do not involve cruel animals tests

Please sign the following petition:

Stop the atrocities at the baby monkey lab at the University of Washington and shut it down for good.

The University of Washington performs shockingly cruel experiments on monkeys involving the drilling of holes into the skulls of live monkeys and implanting coils on their eyes – I shudder to contemplate the horror of this. Other routine experiments include inducing convulsions, suffocation and torturing babies while still in their mother’s womb causing deformities. Also psychological cruelty,  such as tearing baby monkeys from their mothers to study the resulting psychological damage.

If after all this sickening abuse the babies survive they are killed at one year of age.

Tax payers in the USA paid these vivisectors $18 million between 2010-2011 and another $12 million to other labs to breed baby monkeys.

Please help stop these atrocities now. This lab and others like it are nothing more than places of torture for defenceless animals.

Please sign the petition and share widely, let’s get this lab shut down and end this appalling treatment of these intelligent sentient creatures.

“Other schools, including Harvard University, have been forced to shut down their live animal experiments — if enough of us speak up, we can get the University of Washington to do the same.”

Read more details and sign the petition:

Experiments on living thinking feeling animals are just so horrendous, so cruel, so inhumane, cold-blooded and callous. One has to ask what kind of person conducts such obviously painful experiments on a living being. These monkeys must scream in agony, there can be no denial surely that animals feel pain. Monkeys are highly intelligent creatures who share 99 percent of our DNA. Even if they were not as intelligent, all animals feel pain and experience fear and consequently suffering. Any creature with a brain and any kind nervous system will suffer pain.

Take Action

Of course monkeys are not the only animals who undergo the agony of vivisection, for example here in the UK over 3118 Beagles were used in over 4693 experiments throughout 2012 and thousands were bred specifically for this purpose.

Please sign the following petition:

More information:

Please read – Baby Animals and Their Nursing Mothers Are Living (and Dying) in Horror at UK Lab

According to the BUAV, some of the many issues the investigation exposed included tests being carried out on puppies as young as four weeks and kittens as young as eight weeks before they were killed and dissected and nursing mothers being senselessly killed after their young were taken away too soon, while some of the other animals who were used were “allowed to suffer the full extent of the symptoms of serious and even deadly diseases.”

One particularly heartbreaking scene shows a tiny beagle puppy who is screaming in distress as a researcher attempts to deliver a lethal injection, but is unable to get a vein because they’ve been so damaged.

Please read more and sign the petition.  If you use the following link to sign the petition rather than the one included in the second link you will be able to add a comment which is more effective.

Read more:


Please don’t overlook the most abused of all lab animals – rodents, such as rats and mice. Sadly there is less sympathy perhaps for these creatures. In the USA alone over 100 million mice and rats are killed in laboratories every year. There are no laws to protect them from any and every kind of painful abuse
imaginable  – for most sensitive caring people unimaginable.

Warning some people may find the following video upsetting.

Please watch if you can, this may make you think differently about mice and rats who need our help to bring about an end to their torture as much as monkeys, cats or dogs. Ninety-five per cent of animal experiments are performed on rats and mice.

“Mice and rats are affectionate and clever and would risk their own lives to save their friends.”

Who Cares About Mice and Rats?

More information

Mice and Rats in Laboratories

Take Action:

Please take the following action which is recommended in the above PETA web Page:

You can help make a difference for these vulnerable animals by urging your members of Congress to amend the Animal Welfare Act to include protection for mice and rats. – scroll down to send an online letter. Please personalise if you can, but send as it is if for some reason this is not possible.

I am not sure if only people living in the USA can take part in the above action.

Rats and mice are sentient beings,  they are mammals like monkeys, dogs and humans; they have a brain and a nervous system so feel pain and suffer like you and I or your pet dog. Such treatment of other living creatures is inexcusable, a crime against a sentient being. What right have humans to torture any creature. Animals exist to live out their own lives in their natural environment, they are not here for our benefit for either our use or abuse.

Gandhi once said:

“I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence.”

Links with more information

BUAV – British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection – “Our vision. To create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals” Lots of action you can take to bring about and end to vivisection.

The National Anti-Vivisection Society – The National Anti-Vivisection Society, founded in 1875, is the world’s first body to challenge the use of animals in research and continues to lead the campaign today. Again many opportunities to take action against animal experimentation

Recent Newspaper articles concerning animal experiments at Universities

Durham University

This prestigious university tortures and murders 8,000 animals

Durham University is facing a call to end animal tests, after using 8,000 in labs last year, an increase of seventy per cent

“Such ill treatment of animals does not reflect a civilised society where other species merit respect.

Sophie Kennerley, the AVC’s director of communications,

The Anti-Vivisection Coalition (AVC) claims animals have died, been seriously injured and mistreated in labs at the North’s leading university.

The campaign says documents obtained under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act reveal rabbits have suffered lacerations, swellings, abscesses, mastitis and obesity, fish have suffered fungal infections and died and vets have expressed concerns over the conditions of rats following surgery.

Read More:

Professor Chris Higgins, the university’s vice-chancellor, said its use of animals in research work is strictly regulated and it strives for the very highest standards of care and wellbeing for all animals.

Torture is still torture regulated or otherwise.

The Anti-Vivisection Coalition

AVC Press release:




Durham one of the UK’s least bloodthirsty universities!

Tab research reveals that over 1 million animals are killed by British universities every year.

More about Mark Twain and Animal Rights

View the entire letter – the source of  the opening quotation –  to the London Anti-Vivisection Society, May 26, 1899 written by Mark Twain  who strongly opposed Vivisection