The Price of War

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who are hungry and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Some facts about military budgets

All currency is calculated in US dollars. This is because most of the on-line information is calculated in dollars.

World military spending totaled more than 1.6 trillion dollors in 2015. The U.S. accounted for 37 percent of this total.

List of countries by military expenditures

The US government alone spends over 700 billion dollars annually on its military.

The cost  to end world hunger  is $30 billion  per year — $737 billion per year is the amount Congress spends on Defense

The U.S’s. military expenditures exceeds the following seven nations combined, in order of expenditure: China,( For every dollar China spends the US spends $2.77) Saudi Arabia, Russia, UK, India, France, Japan: US Defence Spending Compared to Other Countires: 

I must say that India being right up there in the top seven military budgets spending a huge 53.6 billion is surprising but shocking with around 170 million people living in poverty.

The UK has a military budget of 55.5 billion dollars  but apparently under the present conservative government not enough money to adequately fund the NHS and Social Services: Cuts to benefits including those for disabled people,who people have experienced vicious cuts in benefits and services and Social services including neighbourhood services . Also cuts to school budgets of 3billion  a small amount compared to the UK’s military budget.

The USA recently dropped on Afghanistan a bomb costing $314 million yet there is not enough money for education, health care, the 50 million people who go hungry in the USA, meals on wheels, housing, the Environmental Protection Agency, Legal aid for the poor and low-income heating assistance – the last four are to be cut in accordance with the latest budget proposals

Is this what most of the world’s people want? Are we happy that our extortionate taxes pay for our governments to massacre and make destitute millions of people, not to forget animals killed in war, and the destruction of the environment. While the rich get richer and profit from the slaughter the poor die in wars, either as combatants or as civilians who readily support such conflicts, willing going to fight like lambs to the slaughter misguided by the warped ideology of patriotism or other supposedly noble notion.

There is one thing for certain wars are rarely fought for noble causes.

“All wars are fought for the acquisition of wealth” said Socrates, throughout history nothing has changed, war continues to benefit the wealthy, who are protected from its immediate effects, at the expense of the poor.  Trump will be sitting in his opulent golden tower or playing golf while tens of thousands of men women and children die in any conflict with Korea. He was playing golf on Good Friday morning at his West Palm Beach golf course in Florida as North Korea threatened to go to war with the US if provoked

I wonder how keen Trump would be if he like the Kings of times past was expected to lead his troops into battle. Would he be so all fired up to go to war if he had to leave his home and his family and put his life on the line? I doubt it. Like the coward he is he sends others to die with the callous indifference typical of a sociopath .

Apparently Pence told the Japanese that the U.S. will confront the North Korean nuclear threat:  “I say on his (Trumps)behalf today to all the people of Japan, in these challenging times, we are with you 100 percent.” Ummm I wonder where Pence will be when the bombs start dropping, in his nuclear bunker I suppose as will be Korea’s murdering sociopathic monster , the so-called Supreme leader Kim Jong-un

“In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.”
Leo Tolstoy

What real say have any of us had concerning the war mongering escapades in recent decades undertaken by the US and it’s ally the UK, yet it is mostly the civilian populations that suffers . Here in the UK the mostly bitterly divided parliament almost always agree when it comes to waging war. Yet if this was put to a referendum the outcome may well be very different.

“A people free to choose will always choose peace.” Ronald Reagan

Most of us wherever we live: Syria, UK, USA, Japan North or South Korea just want to live our lives in peace. Instead our lives are destroyed by power-hungry sociopaths in their quest for power and acquisition. If given a choice most of us want this money spent on enhancing our lives, ridding the world of poverty, hunger and disease. The overwhelming majority would rather this money was spent on providing food, universal health care and services for sick and disabled people, free education, decent housing and… Well a quality of life free from the treat of war and insecurity.

What could the USA better spend 700, million dollars on : how much could that money have helped the American people. 

How about spending some of this money in combating homelessness in the USA rather than make people homeless and destitute in the Middle East and elsewhere.

How about universal health care, America’s health care is one of the most expensive in the world. It’s estimated there are between 20,000 and 45,000 deaths a year due to lack of health insurance

Under a recent proposal Meals on wheels which delivers food to elderly and disabled people and housing assistance part of the $3 billion Community Development programme is set be completely dismantled. Included in the same proposal is increased funding for the military and Trumps border wall. Yet £2.4 billion is a puny amount compared to the US’ military budget.

Among many inhumane proposals in Trump’s new budget ideas, is the cutting of free school lunches by raising the bar for qualification. This will cause at least 18,000 schools to no longer qualify!

There are over 50 million people in the USA who do not have enough to eat, would not this money be better spent ensuring that everyone receives enough food.


India has over 55 billion dollars for its military budget, more than France and is fifth on the list of countries by military expenditure . India also has highest number of people living below poverty line

India has the largest number of urban poor and landless people in the world approximately 65 -70 million people live in urban slums. According to the Hindustan Times The Delhi government is turning a blind eye to the homeless?


In the UK there are almost 14 million people living in poverty

In this time of so called austerity when allegedly there is not enough money to pay for benefits for sick and disabled people or the unemployed, where 3.7 million Children live in poverty and people have to rely on food banks and suffer endless austerity measures, such as cuts to public services, there is always money for war.

We should not forget the poverty worldwide in countries such as Africa, wouldn’t the global military budget of  $1.6 trillion be better spent in providing food, clean water and medicine. 

795 million people go hungry worldwide though I rather suspect this is an understatement and the figure is far highter

“The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 795 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world, or one in nine, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2014-2016. Almost all the hungry people, 780 million, live in developing countries, representing 12.9 percent, or one in eight, of the population of developing counties. There are 11 million people undernourished in developed countries”

Read More:

One person every four seconds dies from hunger or hunger related diseases… Sadly, it is children who die most often.

How many people die from lack of access to clean water and life saving/enhancing medicine and health care? Here are some alarming facts: 663 million people in the world don’t have access to safe water and almost 900 children die every day from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water.   Half the worlds Population has no access to healthcare

Here is a shocking statistic

A price has been set and estimated by the United Nations to solve this crisis (world hunger) – $30 billion a year. It may seem like a large sum of money, but when compared to the U.S. defense budget – $737 billion in 2012 – $30 billion seems more attainable.

“The cost to end world hunger…

— $30 billion per year is needed to end world hunger
— $737 billion per year is the amount Congress spends on Defense”

Read More:

The Cost to End World Hunger


China has a military budget of 215.7 billion the second largest after the USA. In China more than 500 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty as China’s poverty rate fell from 88 percent in 1981 to 6.5 percent in 2012,  however still today China is one of the top five poorest countries in the world where one in ten Chinese is poor, there are at least 82 million people in China live below the poverty line. China also has an homeless population of about 2,579,000   According to the following article: There Are One Million Children Living On The Streets In China 

As with the US and UK China’s military budget (over 200 billion dollars) would most certainly improve the lot of millions of poor people.

How about the poorest country in the world which may be the Central African Republic . According to the lastest available data this country spends $54,800,000. While modest in comparison, for a country that is so poor such an amount could well be spent improving the lives of its citizens.

I could continue down the list,  in every country in the world there are poor people,  many desperately so, many go without adequate food and not all of them live in Africa either or other developing countries, though in these countires the problem is more severe of course.People go without food in rich countries such as the UK and the USA

As as a matter of interest North Korea is ranked No. 1 in the world for military expenditures relative to its Gross Domestic Product, an annual State Department report showed between 2004-2014, North Korea spent nearly a quarter of its GDP on the armed forces.

N. Korea ranks No. 1 for military spending relative to GDP: State Department report

Poverty in North Korea is extensive.
“Forty percent of the population, about 24 million people, live below the poverty line. Most workers earn $2 to $3 per month.

“Unlike earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, war is a disaster created entirely by people, against people. It is never an accident: making war is always somebody’s decision. Nations spend vast amounts of money on training soldiers to fight and kill. They spend even more on devising and manufacturing weapons and machinery for fighting and killing. That is not the only expense. Huge sums are also needed for dealing with the damage when a war is officially over. (‘Officially’, because the effects of war continue long after the truce has been signed.)

From this evidence alone, it ought to be clear to everyone that there’s little to be said for war. But little has been done to liberate the world from it. War still fascinates and excites some people, though it fills many others with revulsion and horror. Too many people – and too many of their leaders – still think that war is defensible, and that it’s not actually wrong for people to learn how to kill each other in large numbers. 

For all these reasons, and more, the invention of war is one of humankind’s greatest blunders. It needs to be put right.”

Read More:

Why is War Wrong

“War does not determine who is right – only who is left”
Bertrand Russell

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U.S. military expenditures are roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets around the world, combined.

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How War Effects Animals

“The street dogs, howling in terror were the most accurate indicator of an impending air raid on Baghdad”

Shocking fact: At the beginning of WW2 in the UK pet owners slaughtered 750,000 of their animals – pet owners where told that their pets would not be allowed in air raid shelters

The world is in turmoil with wars raging and the constant threat of war including a nuclear war. How many people have died in conflicts is astronomical in number.During World War 1 military and civilian casualties were more than 38 million: there were over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded,    World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history with over 60 million people killed, which was over 2.5% of the world’s population. In more recent conflicts including Vietnam, a protracted civil war of over twenty years, 2 million civilians on both sides and some 1.1 million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters were killed. The U.S. military has estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died in the war. The Syrian conflict as taken the lives of 470,000  -55,000 children

How many animals died in these conflicts? How about the recent MOAB , the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat, dropped by the USA in Afganistan on what was described as a tunnel complex, which was far from a civilian populated area but which could have nonetheless killed many animals in addition to the human lives taken. No one knows or cares how many animals died in the one mile blast zone?  The following animals are indigenous to Afganistan and include more than 100 mammal species, some of which are nearing extinction. The most seriously endangered are the goitered gazelle, leopard, snow leopard, markor goat, and Bactrian deer. Other wild animals of Afghanistan include Marco Polo sheep, urials, ibex, bears, wolves, foxes, hyenas, jackals, and mongooses. Wild boar, hedgehogs, shrews, hares, mouse hares, bats, and various rodents also occur.

How many of them were killed? Of course all these species may not live in that particular area.  How about rats a likely inhabitant of tunnels, but who cares about rats except rats of course?  What about insects? Sadly few care about insects, is it because they’re tiny or is it as a result of a common innate phobia which many of us share. Yes it is not easy to avoid killing insects and in some cases doing so is a matter of survival, mosquitoes for example, however they’ re casualties of war nonetheless, an insects life is important to the insect. Ever watched an insect struggle for survival if he accidentally falls in water. All creatures have the will to live, for all beings life is precious.

The affects of war on the other species with whom we share this world is rarely considered. The death toll of these innocent bystanders or enforced participants is staggering and in addition to death their suffering is significant.

Stop for a moment and consider the following

World Wars One and Two resulted in unimaginable loss of life for humans, many of whom just like animals were innocent bystanders or forced participants. During these conflicts countless millions of animals died in an horrific fashion often callously murdered in the most cruel of ways or killed and maimed as a result of indiscriminate booming such as the case of the Dresden Zoo

This next article explains the horror that befell Dresden Zoo during WW2, a harrowing story of the suffering of these innocents confined against their will in zoos or farms.

All Creatures Innocent of Blame

“The bombing toll on domestic pets and farm animals is never spoken of, but it was a slaughter of momentous proportion. Horses burned alive at various stud farms or were simply let loose (see “Horses” on the East Prussia section of site), cattle were blown to pieces, sheep literally cooked in the fields and thousands of pets were lost, lamed, blinded, orphaned and even eaten out of desperation. For zoos it was hellish. Zoo animals were bombed or later slaughtered and plundered at war’s end. The few survivors starved or died of cold.

Famous animal trainer, Otto Sailer-Jackson ran the Dresden Zoo watched in horror as a wave of bombing set the zoo ablaze:

“The elephants gave spine-chilling screams. Their house was still standing but an explosive bomb of terrific force had landed behind it, lifted the dome of the house, turned it round, and put it back on again… The baby cow elephant was lying in the moat on her back with her legs helplessly reaching up toward the sky, suffering severe stomach injuries unable to move. The hippopotamuses were drowned when debris pinned them to the bottom of their water basin. In the ape house, a gibbon reached out to the trainer, only bloody stumps left of its arms. Nearly forty rhesus monkeys escaped to the trees but were dead by the next day from drinking water polluted by the incendiary chemicals. The next day, a U.S. aircraft pilot flew in low, firing at anything he could see was still alive… In this way, our last giraffe met her death. Many stags and others animals which we had saved became victims of this hero.”

Continue reading the complete article

This will shock you as it shocked me. During WW1 eight million working horses lost their lives, along with countless donkeys and mules. Also one million dogs and pigeons and other birds whose numbers are not known. During this war 16 million innocent animals with no say in or understanding of the matter were forced into war. During the  the battle of Verdun in 1916 7,000 horses died in one day alone.

Contrary to the article below they were not willing heroes in this form of human insanity.

The 9 million unsung heroes of WW1: Dogs, horses and carrier pigeons made victory possible:

“A 16 million-strong army of animals including mules, donkeys, cats and even camels was deployed – with the lives of 9m tragically cut short

“With less than 200 men from a 500-strong unit still alive, three messengers were sent on a perilous last-ditch mission to let HQ known their position. It was their only hope.

Two were killed at once. The third was hit too. But blinded in one eye, with a gaping chest wound and one leg hanging by a single tendon, the determined courier managed to struggle a further 25 miles and deliver the message before collapsing.

The plan worked. Allied bombardment ceased at once and 194 men from what became known as the US Army’s Lost Battalion were rescued.

What makes this heroic First World War story all the more astonishing is the fact the messenger was not a soldier. It was a female carrier pigeon called Cher Ami.”

Please continue to read the stories of these animals who although saved many lives were nonetheless exploited and used in a conflict that had nothing to do with them and about which they did not understand.

During more recent times animals are killed deliberately such as Soldiers retreating from Kosovo used cattle as target practice, spraying them with gunfire. Animals also continue to be exploited as service animals, dogs in particular who may even be euthanized after their days of use are over. Recently The UK army have euthanized dozens of dogs who have been put down due to being “old and worn out” after risking their lives serving the country. These dogs were not ill or injured but where simply not able to “carry out their duties” for the British Army. As many as 45 dogs have been killed in the last four years. Another 200 dogs where also euthaniased , these where dogs injured “carry out their duties”.  Hundreds of  these dogs served in Afghanistan and Iraq, sniffing out explosives or protecting troops.

Elisa Allen of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said: “Dogs in military service are conscripted to risk their lives, they’re not volunteers.

“They should have their own Chelsea Pensioners home and, where possible, receive end of service care. For canine recruits who fail to reach a certain standard, a thank you is in order – not a lethal injection.”

Please continue reading this story:

Likewise the USA exploits dogs and other animals in its conflicts, 2,700 dogs on active duty in the American military

Obviously many pets, live stock and other captive animals have died in recent conflicts in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere. There are no records of these casualties. Animals caught up in these conflicts who know nothing of human hatred and aggression or the craving for power or wealth that drives this madness.

Both during a war and the relative peace which follows animals suffer horrendously as a result of land mines. There are reports of herds of elephants, cows and other animals being blown to pieces. As shocking a fact as it may seem hundreds of millions of land mines, even some left from World War2, are hidden from view in the countryside and roadsides waiting to kill or maim the unsuspecting child, adult or animal. Often their location is not known and with the exception of WW2 landmines are difficult to detect.  For both domestic and wild animals the death toll is as much as between ten and twenty times higher than it is for people. The live stock population of some countries has been reduced to half.

Even more shocking is the use of animals as triggers to clear roads and fields of mines, sheep in Bosnia and pigs in El Slavador. Cattle were pushed forward in Zimbabwe to detonate mines to clear the way for people to return to their villages and farms.

In some cases trained sniffer dogs have been used to detect mines. The ethics of this is debatable, in my opinion the animal has little choice and maybe does not understand the implications of his training and basically has no real choice in the matter. Giant rats are increasingly trained to detect mines because they’ re supposedly better at locating these hidden killers than dogs. In particular the African giant pouched rats who have extraordinary sense of smell. Apparently these rats are light enough to walk over the mines without setting them off, and use their noses to find the explosives quickly. While less awful the use of animals to resolve the problems created by humans cannot be justified. Animals have their own lives, they are not our servants or slaves. Nonetheless a better option than the use of sheep, cattle and dogs who would invariably be killed.

At Sea human conflict results in the death of hundreds of animals even when not located in a war zone. The sonar from navel war ships is killing hundreds of whales and dolphins. To escape the noise created by Sonar whales, dolphins and other sea creatures try to escape the sound and rise to the surface too quickly and die from decompression, more commonly called the Bends.

“While little is known about any direct physiological effects of sonar waves on marine species, evidence shows that whales will swim hundreds of miles, rapidly change their depth (sometime leading to bleeding from the eyes and ears), and even beach themselves to get away from the sounds of sonar.”

Read More about the effects of sonar on marine animals:

As already mentioned earlier, during times of war animals suffer terribly in zoos where they may be abandoned or worse.

One example is the Kabul Zoo in Afghanistan where grenades were thrown into cages, and the animals were left in misery.”

Below are examples of what happens to zoo animals during recent conflicts

Animals starved abandoned in a Syrian zoo.

“Right now animals are starving in a zoo in war-torn Aleppo

Amid the ruins of the civil war-ravaged city of Aleppo, Syria, are the remnants of what was once a zoo – and some animals are still there.

Two skeletal tigers, two bears and several monkeys have been trying to survive in their cages at the zoo known as Aalim al-Sahar, or The Magic World.”

Please continue reading:

Rescuing The Last Two Animal At The Mosul Zoo.

“Mosul’s forlorn little zoo, a collection of rusted cages in a park near the Tigris River, was abandoned by its keepers in October, as the Iraqi Army began to liberate the city from the Islamic State. For three months, the zoo was a staging ground for isis fighters. More than forty of the zoo animals died, either as collateral damage—trapped between warring combatants—or from starvation. By January, when the eastern half of Mosul was freed, only two animals had survived: Lula, a caramel-colored female bear, and Simba, a three-year-old lion.

Animals, like people, suffer from war psychoses, including P.T.S.D. During the most intense urban combat in history, Lula ate her two cubs from hunger and stress. Simba had been one of three lions. Simba’s father, weak and emaciated, was killed by his mate to provide food for herself and Simba. In the wild, lionesses hunt for the entire pride. She, too, soon succumbed.”

Read More:

Animals Starve to Death

“Two Hundred and Sixty-five animals were abandoned in war Torn Yemen to starve to death.

War births refugees. Streaming out of blasted-out cities, civilians are forced to flee their homes, sometimes their families, away from the bombs, into the unknown.

What happens when you can’t leave? That’s the story of abandoned zoos in wartime. It’s the story unfolding now for the animals in Yemen’s Taiz Zoological Gardens, neglected in the cross fire of the country’s civil war.”

Continue reading:

Yemeni zoo animals are starving due to ongoing civil war

“Campaigners urge the government to allow for the evacuation of animals from a zoo in Tiaz after 11 lions and six Arabian leopards reportedly starved to death”

Continue Reading:

Hundreds of dogs and cats were left to fend for themselves in war-torn Ukraine, in the city of Donetsk alone 800 dogs and cats depended on the courage of willing carers who risk death to help the beleaguered animals along with refugees.

Please read the full story:
Extreme Bravery from the Women Saving Ukraine’s Dogs of War

Bird migrations have been effected by war

It is not always the obvious casualties of war who are forgotten but the less well known, including birds who may suffer when their natural behaviours are disrupted. One such disruption is the migratory patterns of come birds.

War in Syria prevents bird migration

War has dire consequences for wildlife conservation and biodiversity,

“The negative impact that war has on the environment and wildlife is typically fuelled by a number of factors, including:

    •A breakdown in law and order, together with disruption of agricultural production and economic trade leads to a lack of income opportunities as a result;
    •A growing dependence on natural resources and wildlife (eg. wood for cooking, wildlife for food) due to lack of other options;
    •An increase in human movement through natural protected areas as a result of a mass exodus of refugees fleeing war torn areas or an insurgency of militants, all of whom require food and shelter;
    •An abundance of trigger happy militia armed with high powered automatic weapons and firearms makes unarmed wildlife an easy target and that much more vulnerable.”

Continue reading:

War and the Effect on Wildlife – The effect on wildlife is well explained in this article.


Stop Putting Down Healthy War Hero Dogs Just Because They’re “Old”

Did you know that the USA abandons its military dogs in conflict zones?

The US Military Euthanised or Abandoned Thousands of Their Own Canine Soldiers at the End of the Vietnam War

Animals should never be used for military purposes. Animals are unable to understand the political or moral implications of human conflict. Animals are not equipped to make a free-will choice to participate in such enterprises. For human beings to make use of them in those situations is exploitative and immoral.

This article took some considerable time to research and at the end I wondered why I had done so. The idea came shortly after the Americans dropped the MOAB on Afghanistan and I remembering thinking how many rats or other animals had died in the tunnels or in the mile wide blast zone. It  was the first time I had given any serious thought to the animal casualties of war with the exception of writing a piece once for another blog now no longer on-line about animals used in warfare in ancient times after seeing the film Alexander the Great. I was not prepared for the shock concerning the extent of the suffering of innocent animals during war-time. Frankly quite depressing in view of the continued massacre today of both human and non human animals in the pursuit of power and insatiable greed by the few while millions of people and animals die who neither understand or condone this, one of the greatest tragedies that befalls all living beings and one that seemingly will never end.

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Too often, animals are the forgotten victims of war

Starved to death and left to MUMMIFY in the world’s worst zoo: Once proud animals including lions and crocodiles are now no more than horrifying ‘statues’ after carers had to stop feeding them

“By World War II the role of the dog had morphed into that of Kamikaze Canines. These anti-tank war dogs, intensively trained by the Soviets, carried explosives on their backs, the bombs then detonating upon their impact with German tanks. How do you get a dog to run underneath a tank and detonate a live bomb strapped to their bodies? Keep them hungry and hide food treats beneath enemy tanks. The training routine simulated war conditions, using real tanks with running engines. This made for a seamless transition during real-life battles. The training regimes though had disastrous results, killing many dogs and Soviet soldiers. During the simulated wars, dogs would get spooked by the tanks and run back to their human soldier companion, inadvertently detonating the bomb and killing both themselves and their master. To counter this, any dogs who were seen to be running back towards their human, to their perceived safety, were shot dead. Heart breaking. This Anti-tank dog regime continued until as recently as 1996.”

Continue reading, this is an excellent and informative article concerning the use of animals in warfare.

Military Menageries- they had no choice.

If you happen to travel down London’s Park Lane you may notice a striking landmark. Unveiled a few years ago to much ceremony, the Animals in War Memorial is a powerful tribute to the many animals in conflict that gave their lives in war zones of the 20th century. It’s a fitting memorial to some forgotten victims of war.

Source of some of the above information:

Animals in War


“I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” 
George S. McGovern
Graphic Byzantine_K
Looks like this b****** got what he wanted. Safe in his home in the Cotswolds this Christmas while the young die in a war, not for the sake of the people of Syria, not for the sake of people here in the UK, not for the sake of justice but for the sake of greed and power. 
“All wars are fought for the acquisition of wealth”
Most of us wherever we live, be it in Syria, the UK, France, the USA, Turkey … just want to live out our lives in peace. Instead our lives are destroyed by these power hungry sociopaths, mostly as a result of the insatiable quest for power and acquisition. 
O soldier who is sentenced by man’s cruel law to forsake his mate and his little ones and kin to go out of the field of death for the sake of greed in its guise of duty.
Gibran Kahlil Gibran, from A Tear and a Smile
If this power hungry greed driven sociopath wants air strikes let him be amongst the first. Those who are sent into war, for war is what it is of course, put their lives at risk, it surely goes without saying; these are people whose individual lives matter, not statistics and vagaries but real people. Maybe misguided into joining the armed forces, maybe even willing to do so knowing the full significance of the actions they take. But whatever their reasons their lives are as important as Cameron’s is to him.
Also consider the civilian population, the Syrian people, thousands of innocent people will die. A sad day and a shameful one for the UK.
I wonder how keen Cameron would be if he like the Kings of times past was expected to lead his troops into battle. Would he be so all fired up to go to war if he had to leave his home and his family and put his life on the line? I doubt it. Like the coward he is he sends others to die with the callous indifference typical of the sociopath that he is.
In this time of so called austerity when allegedly there is not enough money to pay for benefits for sick and disabled people or the unemployed, where 3.7 million Children live in poverty and people have to rely on food banks and endless austerity measures such as cuts to public services there is always money for war.
“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who are hungry and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.” 
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Here is what Cameron said in October this year:
The dust had not even settled after the debate –  as the result was announced MPs cheered – as four Tornado jets took off from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, after the vote. 
More quotes 
“No war has ever won in the history, because people died in every single war! Where there are deaths, there is no victory!” 
Mehmet Murat ildan
My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth.”
George Washington
“A people free to choose will always choose peace.”
Ronald Reagan
“In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.” 
Leo Tolstoy 
Colorful demonstrations and weekend marches are vital but alone are not powerful enough to stop wars. Wars will be stopped only when soldiers refuse to fight, when workers refuse to load weapons onto ships and aircraft, when people boycott the economic outposts of Empire that are strung across the globe. ” 
Arundhati Roy, Public Power in the Age of Empire
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Thought provoking Quote: The Only War Worth Fighting is the Class War…

Thought provoking Quotes

the only war worth fighting is the class war...

“The only War which is worth fighting is the Class War. The Working Class of this Country have no quarrel with the Working Class of Germany or any other Country. Socialism stands for Internationalism. If the workers of all countries united and refused to fight, there would be no war.”
Richmond Castle, 1916

The above photograph shows Graffiti from the cells of Richmond Castle, Richmond, Yorkshire where conscientious objectors were incarcerated during WW1.

Conscript is one of the greatest of all social injustices. No one has the right to determine the course of your life or demand that you risk your life in the futility and barbarity of war fought for power, greed and sometime downright insanity. I admire the conscientious objectors who had the courage of their convictions. Those imprisoned in Richmond Castle referred to as the Richmond sixteen  were finally honoured in a ceremony at the Castle.

Silence in castle to honour First World War conscientious objectors

More information

“Those who refused to fight for England in WWI were garrisoned at Richmond Castle. Their thoughts and prayers are written on the castle walls. Here is a sampling of their graffiti, which we found very sad, interesting, and moving.”

Read more and view other graffiti:

Richmond Castle Conscientious Objection and the Richmond Sixteen.


The Futility of War: When Will We Ever Learn?

O soldier who is sentenced by man’s cruel law to forsake his mate and his little ones and kin to go out of the field of death for the sake of greed in its guise of duty.
Gibran Kahlil Gibran, from A Tear and a Smile

“All wars are fought for the acquisition of wealth”



Right now it seems that most of the world is embroiled in war or serious conflict. There is no peace to be found anywhere as men struggle against one another in the quest for power, for resources, for wealth and maybe for justice, or at least what they perceive as justice. Yet I firmly believe that most of us just want to live our lives in peace, finding fulfilment in relationships, our families, our pastimes our pleasures and general day to day living. Most of us basically want to get on with our lives not face the horror, the turmoil and terrifying consequence of conflict forced upon us by those who take little part in the actual suffering and misery of war. Many of us feel helpless to stem the tide of violence, disruption and insecurity into which we or our fellow human beings are plunged seemingly at the whim of those who have little regard for our lives.

It goes without saying that if no one participated in war, war could not happen, yet millions join the armed forces for reasons that to my mind are unfathomable, leaving those they love, risking their lives, their health and their security. Why? Torn from their families and their way of life… for what I have to ask?

Here in the UK you may find in your local supermarket a collection point for toiletries, sweets and such like to be sent to solders engaged in conflict in far off places, fighting in wars that most of us do not fully understand. Surely military personal should not need the charity of others, yet increasingly so this is the case. Often service men and women live in unsatisfactory conditions or are not adequately provided for when maimed in a war supposedly fought for their country. Such as the ex soldier who died because his benefits were stopped. Having no income he did not have enough money for the electricity to keep his diabetic medicine cool in his fridge.

I will state now that I am a pacifist and vegan and would not take part in or condone war, particularly modern wars which to my perspective are fought for greed and power under the guise of justice or liberation. Nonetheless this does not prevent me from respecting those who have made sacrifices for what they consider to be a noble cause, nor does it prevent me from protesting the recent treatment of people who have served or are serving in the armed forces here in the UK, were it seems that those who have “served their country” have been discarded and rendered homeless, destitute.

Although, I do not condone or support war under any circumstances, I wholeheartedly condemn the lack of support for veterans. It is not just here in the UK that veterans are thrown on the scrap heap, left homeless without money or compensation for the sacrifices they have made, the same situation occurs in the USA. Who would have thought there would be a click to donate website for homeless veterans in the USA?

In fact in both the USA and the UK there are a growing number of on-line support and charities or non profit organisations for veterans. Here are a few examples:

Veterans Inc

National coalition for homeless veterans

Coats for veterans USA:

A charity for veterans UK:

Shocking but true service men and women are being abandoned to homelessness and all the misery that entails

9,000 ex-service personnel homeless after leaving the military

The Sunday Mirror this week heard harrowing stories from veterans who fought on the front line but now sleep in doorways, graveyards and parks, begging from the passers-by whose freedom they defended.

Why the hell are veterans homeless, after laying their lives on the line they are now left to the vagaries of charities.  Albeit well intentioned charities cannot offer the support that is needed and which should be provided by the country they served.

Many service personal are disabled and unable to support themselves yet here in the UK welfare reforms leave many destitute:

A record number of wounded war veterans have been denied disability benefits in the past year after undergoing tests carried out by the Government’s controversial assessment company.

Hundreds of injured ex-soldiers are being declared fit for work by Atos Healthcare in spite of physical and mental injuries they suffered in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Read more:

Severely wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, who were once entitled to incapacity benefits, are being told they no longer qualify under new assessments carried out by Atos on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Read more:

Former lance corporal wounded in grenade attack in Iraq says he is being accused of faking his injuries:

A similar pattern exists in the USA

  • Between 529,000 and 840,000 veterans are homeless at some time during the year.
  • On any given night, more than 300,000 veterans are living on the streets or in shelters in the U.S.
  • Approx. 33% of homeless males in the U.S. are veterans.
  • Veterans are twice as likely as other Americans to become chronically homeless.
  • Veterans represent 11% of the adult civilian population, but 26% of the homeless population, according to the Homeless Research Institute (2007).
  • Veterans are more at risk of becoming homeless than non-veterans
  • The number of homeless Vietnam-era veterans, male and female, is greater than the number of soldiers who died during the war.
  • Primary causes of homelessness among veterans are:
  1. Lack of income due to limited education and lack of transferable skills from military to civilian life (especially true of younger veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan)
  2. Combat-related physical health issues and disabilities
  3. Combat-related mental health issues and disabilities
  4. Substance abuse problems that interfere with job retention
  5. Weak social networks due to problems adjusting to civilian life
  6. Lack of services.

Read More:

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 8% being female. The majority are single; live in urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, alcohol and/or substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders. About 12% of the adult homeless population are veterans.
Read more:

Is this the thanks they get? The futility of war enhanced by the callous indifference of the country for which they supposedly served, though these days one has to wonder who is behind war and what the real agendas are. Is so called liberation merely an excuse to plunder the country’s resources as is I firmly believe the real reason for the invasion of Iraq?

Shame on the UK and the USA and any other country that does not care for the needs of veterans

I am appalled at how easily the decision makers start wars – usually the rich and powerful, the global political elite be they presidents, prime ministers, ministers, parliamentarians and dictators . These people who remain in security and safety while sending others to die take from us our precious lives in the meaningless struggles here in our modern world while rarely if ever sacrificing anything. Perhaps some of our war mongering leaders should do as the kings of old and actually participate in their war mongering escapades instead of sending others , mostly the young, to die or be injured.I wonder how keen they would than be to wage war.

It is of course not only soldiers that lose their lives but millions of men, women and children who are caught up in the increasing complex conflicts worldwide with seemingly hidden agendas, such as in the Middle East and more recently Ukraine.

Take time to reflect on the appalling casualties of conflict

Numbers of people killed in various conflicts since and including ww2

It is not easy to acquire statistics of civilian deaths only and some of the links below may include military personnel

World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history. Over 60 million people were killed, which was over 2.5% of the world population:

The United States most likely has been responsible since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world. (often aided and abeted by the UK)

Among the latest conflicts


Death Toll in Syria Estimated at 191,000:   This was the estimate in August 2014, the toll has of course risen.


Between 8 July and 27 August, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, along with 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel.


Civilian death toll in Iraq

Documented civilian deaths from violence

134,712 – 152,068


More than 5,400 people have died since the conflict began

It is not only our fellow humans of course who suffer in our war mongering escapades, animals too bear the brunt of our insanity:

Did you know that the USA abandons its military dogs in conflict zones?

Here is a petition to tell the Defense Department you support the call for service dogs to retire on U.S. soil!:

I wish to live in peace, it is my hope that future generations will live in peace. Sadly though until we take a stand against war it will continue while men and increasing women sign up to the armed forces, while war is glorified there will never be peace.

I would like to present a number of thought provoking quotations, poetry and song concerning the futility of war beginning with the moving poem Disabled by Wilfred Owen


He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark,
And shivered in his ghastly suit of grey,
Legless, sewn short at elbow. Through the park
Voices of boys rang saddening like a hymn,
Voices of play and pleasure after day,
Till gathering sleep had mothered them from him.

About this time Town used to swing so gay
When glow-lamps budded in the light blue trees,
And girls glanced lovelier as the air grew dim,-
In the old times, before he threw away his knees.
Now he will never feel again how slim
Girls’ waists are, or how warm their subtle hands.
All of them touch him like some queer disease.

There was an artist silly for his face,
For it was younger than his youth, last year.
Now, he is old; his back will never brace;
He’s lost his colour very far from here,
Poured it down shell-holes till the veins ran dry,
And half his lifetime lapsed in the hot race
And leap of purple spurted from his thigh.

One time he liked a blood-smear down his leg,
After the matches, carried shoulder-high.
It was after football, when he’d drunk a peg,
He thought he’d better join. – He wonders why.
Someone had said he’d look a god in kilts,
That’s why; and maybe, too, to please his Meg,
Aye, that was it, to please the giddy jilts
He asked to join. He didn’t have to beg;
Smiling they wrote his lie: aged nineteen years.

Germans he scarcely thought of; all their guilt,
And Austria’s, did not move him. And no fears
Of Fear came yet. He drought of jewelled hills
For daggers in plaid socks; of smart salutes;
And care of arms; and leave; and pay arrears;
Esprit de corps; and hints for young recruits.
And soon, he was drafted out with drums and cheers.

Some cheered him home, but not as crowds cheer Goal.
Only a solemn man who brought him fruits
Thanked him; and then enquired about his soul.

Now, he will spend a few sick years in institutes,
And do what things the rules consider wise,
And take whatever pity they may dole.
Tonight he noticed how the women’s eyes
Passed from him to the strong men that were whole.
How cold and late it is! Why don’t they come
And put him into bed? Why don’t they come?

Here is a good analysis of the poem Disabled

The sad fact is no matter how undervalued are their endeavours, or how many have died or have been maimed for their country, or the stark reality of war which can no longer be denied still thousands give their lives and their health to support a country that soon forgets them.

words and music by Pete Seeger

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the young girls gone?
Taken husbands every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the young men gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young men gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the young men gone?
Gone for soldiers every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Gone to graveyards every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Where have all the graveyards gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Covered with flowers every one
When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?

©1961 (Renewed) Fall River Music Inc
All Rights Reserved.

The song above was written in the 1960s by Pete Seeger and made famous by the Kensington trio and used as a protest of war particularly the Vietnam war. The lyrics though have a wider meaning. The song is really about the cycle of history and how impossible it is to break.

Read more about the cycles of history and the fact that awareness of such cycles even one as destructive as war fail to bring about an end to this insanity that takes the lives of the young and serves the purposes of the minority in this world who are greedy only for power and wealth

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Albert Einstein

“Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.”
Herbert Hoover

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

War does not determine who is right – only who is left.”
Bertrand Russell
“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”
Ernest Hemingway

Note this article was written in August some of the statistics will most certainly have changed concerning current deaths as a result of ongoing conflicts.

Take Action to Help the People of Gaza


Like most people world-wide I am shocked by the horror that is unfolding in Garza. The killing of defenceless children who have tasted and enjoyed so little of life and indeed adults who like most of us simply wish to live out their lives in peace. I do not understand fully this complex situation, all I know is that people are dying and it has to stop.

The pictures seen below bear undeniable witness to the horrific suffering taking place in Gaza as a result of Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population. Most of the dead are civilians – men women and children, no one is spared the onslaught of death and destruction raining down on them. Also animals suffer, caught up in the conflict as you will see further down.

The recent weeks of violence has resulted in the deaths of at least 1,922 Palestinian deaths – 448 of them children- with more than 9,000 injured.


Source link and more photos:


Source and more pictures:

Israel Gaza Conflict: The Innocent Children Paying The Terrible Price Of War (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

Names of 373 Children Killed In the Gaza Conflict.

The names of  children killed in Gaza during the past month have been Published In UK Newspapers.

The charity Save the Children has used full-page ads in numerous UK newspapers to name the hundreds of children killed in Gaza over the past month:

“To see the names of the children, some as young as a few months, written in stark black-and-white brings home the tragedy that has befallen Gaza’s children.”
Save the Children’s CEO, Justin Forsyth

Read more and view the ads -Please click this link and take the suggested action and send a message to the UK government calling for a permanent ceasefire.

Please take the time to take as many of the following actions as you can.

Write e-mail or letters

Amnesty International

Please send an e-mail to the foreign secretary


Call on the UK government to halt the supply of arms to Israel. We must not facilitate war crimes.

It began just after four o’clock on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Four young boys, all cousins from the same family, were playing football on a Gaza beach.

The Israeli shelling rained down – killing all four children.

Indiscriminate targeting of civilians and medical facilities is against international law. And if countries, including the UK, continue to supply weapons to Israel they will be potentially facilitating war crimes

Please read more and send the e-mail:

Do edit to personalise if you can but if this is not possible please send it as it is.

You could also write a letter to the foreign secretary :

Contact Details of Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP


Those who have survived death continue to suffer as a result of the lack of adequate medical care and attention.

Please sign the following petition asking The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP to send
Send RFA Argus hospital ship to Gaza

A health crisis is looming in Gaza for trapped civilians, with dire conditions in the main Gaza City El Shifa hospital. Doctors operate on the floor and in corridors. People die untreated. Media reports say only one x-ray machine is working with a lack of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and the most basic equipment. With borders closed, casualties are unable to leave to seek treatment elsewhere.

The hospital ship RFA Argus is moored in Falmouth. She is uniquely designed for this type of necessity. We request that the British Government unilaterally and rapidly deploys RFA Argus to Gaza.

Please read more and sign the petition:

As with the above you could also send a letter or e-mail to the foreign secretary:

Contact details

There are just so many petitions, there can be few people who do not care about the suffering of the people of Gaza.

Here is a petition from Save the Children:

Gaza and Israel conflict: Stop killing children

We must act now to protect children.
Join us in calling on the UN Secretary General to do all he can to put permanent ceasefire in place.

Read more and sign the petition:

The above is a simple click and send petition

Next is a petition from 38 degrees directed to:


Immediate and direct political intervention, with world Leaders political pressure to stop israel killing the people of Gaza, Palastine and to completely quit the terrorisation and illegal occupation of Palastine for good. The UK Government to address the serious War Crimes being carried out by israel in Palastine. The killings of innocent Gaza/Palastinian men, women and children needs to stop immediately and the illegal occupation of the Palastinian land and homes that have been occupied illegally needs to be put right.
Read More and sign the petition



The Disasters Emergency Committee has launched an appeal

The Gaza Crisis Appeal

200,000 people are displaced needing urgent help:

Protests around the world this weekend and the following

More information:

Don’t forget the suffering of animals caught up in this shocking massacre.
Please give a thought to the animal’s killed or harmed on both sides of the border.

Mideast Israel Palestinians

Palestinians walk past a donkey, still alive, as he lays wounded on a debris-filled road in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, Saturday, July 26, 2014.

Link to source of image:

War as practiced by humans is unknown among other animals. But we drag them into all our wars regardless – either actively as conscripts, or just by destroying them and their homes with barely a passing thought.

Reports of animals caught up in the current war between Israel and the Gaza Palestinians are few and far between, but three particular stories did surface this week:

Read More:

Related Information

Never Ask Me About Peace Again

August 07, 2014 “ICH” – “Al-Monitor.” – Tears flowed until my body ran dry of them when I received a telephone call on Aug. 3, informing me that my family had been targeted by two F-16 missiles in the city of Rafah. Such was the fate of our family in a war that still continues, with every family in the Gaza Strip receiving its share of sorrow and pain.

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Gaza protests: tens of thousands gather in London to call for end to conflict
Pro-Palestine groups hold march in hopes of raising more than £4.5m to help victims of attacks on Gaza:

Hospital attack as three day truce ends