Quotations and Slogans: Anti Capitalism – Update Two new graphics 22/01/20

Below are graphics with quotations, some with slogans, concerning capitalism which you are welcome to use. All have a public domain license and may be used online or elsewhere for campaigns opposing capitalism.

The photos are either my own or originate from either a Creative Commons licence or are public domain.

More will be added


The main source for public domain photos used below:


Stamp out capitalism
                  End capitalism

Landscape with mountains and trees

For the sake of us all and future generations: end capitalism

Factories with smoke stacks billowing smoke nearby river with ship

Capitalism puts profit before the needs of billions of people, animals and the environment End Capitalism

Smoking industrial chimney stack

Wake Up ! End capitalism before it ends you!

Wall Street

End the misery of captialism

 shanty town

For a just and fair society. End Capitalism


The Solution:End Captialism

Planet Earth from space

Capitalism Kills

London Stock Exchange

Quote Jawaharlal Nehru

Skyscrapers New York

Quote Martin Luther King jr.

US flag New York Stock Exchange Wall Street

Quote Helen Keller